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From Pixels to Insights: A Survey on Automatic Chart Understanding in the Era of Large Foundation Models

1 code implementation18 Mar 2024 Kung-Hsiang Huang, Hou Pong Chan, Yi R. Fung, Haoyi Qiu, Mingyang Zhou, Shafiq Joty, Shih-Fu Chang, Heng Ji

This survey paper serves as a comprehensive resource for researchers and practitioners in the fields of natural language processing, computer vision, and data analysis, providing valuable insights and directions for future research in chart understanding leveraging large foundation models.

Data Visualization

Aligning Large Language Models for Controllable Recommendations

no code implementations8 Mar 2024 Wensheng Lu, Jianxun Lian, Wei zhang, Guanghua Li, Mingyang Zhou, Hao Liao, Xing Xie

Inspired by the exceptional general intelligence of Large Language Models (LLMs), researchers have begun to explore their application in pioneering the next generation of recommender systems - systems that are conversational, explainable, and controllable.

Recommendation Systems

Do LVLMs Understand Charts? Analyzing and Correcting Factual Errors in Chart Captioning

2 code implementations15 Dec 2023 Kung-Hsiang Huang, Mingyang Zhou, Hou Pong Chan, Yi R. Fung, Zhenhailong Wang, Lingyu Zhang, Shih-Fu Chang, Heng Ji

This work inaugurates a new domain in factual error correction for chart captions, presenting a novel evaluation mechanism, and demonstrating an effective approach to ensuring the factuality of generated chart captions.

Factual Inconsistency Detection in Chart Captioning Image Captioning +1

PhyloGFN: Phylogenetic inference with generative flow networks

1 code implementation12 Oct 2023 Mingyang Zhou, Zichao Yan, Elliot Layne, Nikolay Malkin, Dinghuai Zhang, Moksh Jain, Mathieu Blanchette, Yoshua Bengio

Phylogenetics is a branch of computational biology that studies the evolutionary relationships among biological entities.

Variational Inference

Enhanced Chart Understanding in Vision and Language Task via Cross-modal Pre-training on Plot Table Pairs

no code implementations29 May 2023 Mingyang Zhou, Yi R. Fung, Long Chen, Christopher Thomas, Heng Ji, Shih-Fu Chang

Building cross-model intelligence that can understand charts and communicate the salient information hidden behind them is an appealing challenge in the vision and language(V+L) community.

Chart Question Answering Question Answering +1

Focus! Relevant and Sufficient Context Selection for News Image Captioning

no code implementations1 Dec 2022 Mingyang Zhou, Grace Luo, Anna Rohrbach, Zhou Yu

In our paper, we first demonstrate that by combining more fine-grained context that captures the key named entities (obtained via an oracle) and the global context that summarizes the news, we can dramatically improve the model's ability to generate accurate news captions.

Image Captioning Relation Extraction +1

Insta-VAX: A Multimodal Benchmark for Anti-Vaccine and Misinformation Posts Detection on Social Media

no code implementations15 Dec 2021 Mingyang Zhou, Mahasweta Chakraborti, Sijia Qian, Zhou Yu, Jingwen Zhang

The dataset and classifiers contribute to monitoring and tracking of vaccine discussions for social scientific and public health efforts in combating the problem of vaccine misinformation.


Addressing Time Bias in Bipartite Graph Ranking for Important Node Identification

no code implementations28 Nov 2019 Hao Liao, Jiao Wu, Mingyang Zhou, Alexandre Vidmer

The problem of ranking the nodes in bipartite networks is valuable for many real-world applications.

Graph Ranking

Reflexive Regular Equivalence for Bipartite Data

no code implementations16 Feb 2017 Aaron Gerow, Mingyang Zhou, Stan Matwin, Feng Shi

Reflexive regular equivalence can also use the structure of transitivities -- in a network sense -- the contribution of which is controlled by the algorithm's only free-parameter, $\alpha$.


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