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OutFin, a multi-device and multi-modal dataset for outdoor localization based on the fingerprinting approach

no code implementations30 May 2022 Fahad Alhomayani, Mohammad H. Mahoor

In recent years, fingerprint-based positioning has gained researchers attention since it is a promising alternative to the Global Navigation Satellite System and cellular network-based localization in urban areas.

ACR Loss: Adaptive Coordinate-based Regression Loss for Face Alignment

1 code implementation29 Mar 2022 Ali Pourramezan Fard, Mohammad H. Mahoor

Heatmap-based Regression (HBR) and Coordinate-based Regression (CBR) are among the two mainly used methods for face alignment.

Face Alignment Facial Landmark Detection +1

Ad-Corre: Adaptive Correlation-Based Loss for Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild

1 code implementation IEEE Access 2022 Ali Pourramezan Fard, Mohammad H. Mahoor

In addition, the Mean Discriminator component leads the network to make the mean embedded feature vectors of different classes to be less similar to each other. We use Xception network as the backbone of our model, and contrary to previous work, we propose an embedding feature space that contains k feature vectors.

Facial Expression Recognition Metric Learning

XnODR and XnIDR: Two Accurate and Fast Fully Connected Layers For Convolutional Neural Networks

1 code implementation21 Nov 2021 Jian Sun, Ali Pourramezan Fard, Mohammad H. Mahoor

To address the computational burdens of the Dynamic Routing mechanism, this paper proposes new Fully Connected (FC) layers by xnorizing the linear projector outside or inside the Dynamic Routing within the CapsFC layer.

Ranked #12 on Image Classification on MNIST (Accuracy metric)

Binarization Image Classification

RyanSpeech: A Corpus for Conversational Text-to-Speech Synthesis

1 code implementation15 Jun 2021 Rohola Zandie, Mohammad H. Mahoor, Julia Madsen, Eshrat S. Emamian

In order to meet the need for a high quality, publicly available male speech corpus within the field of speech recognition, we have designed and created RyanSpeech which contains textual materials from real-world conversational settings.

speech-recognition Speech Recognition +2

Topical Language Generation using Transformers

1 code implementation11 Mar 2021 Rohola Zandie, Mohammad H. Mahoor

We cast the problem using Bayesian probability formulation with topic probabilities as a prior, LM probabilities as the likelihood, and topical language generation probability as the posterior.

Text Generation

BReG-NeXt: Facial Affect Computing Using Adaptive Residual Networks With Bounded Gradient

1 code implementation18 Apr 2020 Behzad Hasani, Pooran Singh Negi, Mohammad H. Mahoor

We conducted comprehensive experiments on the categorical and dimensional models of affect on the challenging in-the-wild databases of AffectNet, FER2013, and Affect-in-Wild.

Facial Expression Recognition

EmpTransfo: A Multi-head Transformer Architecture for Creating Empathetic Dialog Systems

1 code implementation5 Mar 2020 Rohola Zandie, Mohammad H. Mahoor

Understanding emotions and responding accordingly is one of the biggest challenges of dialog systems.

Text Generation

Delivering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Using A Conversational SocialRobot

no code implementations14 Sep 2019 Francesca Dino, Rohola Zandie, Hojjat Abdollahi, Sarah Schoeder, Mohammad H. Mahoor

Social robots are becoming an integrated part of our daily life due to their ability to provide companionship and entertainment.

Dialogue Management Management +1

Bounded Residual Gradient Networks (BReG-Net) for Facial Affect Computing

no code implementations5 Mar 2019 Behzad Hasani, Pooran Singh Negi, Mohammad H. Mahoor

This paper introduces Bounded Residual Gradient Networks (BReG-Net) for facial expression recognition, in which the shortcut connection between the input and the output of the ResNet module is replaced with a differentiable function with a bounded gradient.

Facial Expression Recognition

Studying the Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation and Medication on the Dynamics of STN-LFP Signals for Human Behavior Analysis

no code implementations9 Apr 2018 Hosein M. Golshan, Adam O. Hebb, Joshua Nedrud, Mohammad H. Mahoor

This paper discovers how the performance and accuracy of automated behavior recognition from the LFP signals are affected under different paradigms of stimulation on/off.

AffectNet: A Database for Facial Expression, Valence, and Arousal Computing in the Wild

1 code implementation14 Aug 2017 Ali Mollahosseini, Behzad Hasani, Mohammad H. Mahoor

AffectNet is by far the largest database of facial expression, valence, and arousal in the wild enabling research in automated facial expression recognition in two different emotion models.

Facial Expression Recognition

Facial Expression Recognition Using Enhanced Deep 3D Convolutional Neural Networks

no code implementations22 May 2017 Behzad Hasani, Mohammad H. Mahoor

Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) have shown to outperform traditional methods in various visual recognition tasks including Facial Expression Recognition (FER).

Facial Expression Recognition

Facial Affect Estimation in the Wild Using Deep Residual and Convolutional Networks

no code implementations22 May 2017 Behzad Hasani, Mohammad H. Mahoor

Automated affective computing in the wild is a challenging task in the field of computer vision.

Spatio-Temporal Facial Expression Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Conditional Random Fields

no code implementations20 Mar 2017 Behzad Hasani, Mohammad H. Mahoor

Our experimental results show that cascading the deep network architecture with the CRF module considerably increases the recognition of facial expressions in videos and in particular it outperforms the state-of-the-art methods in the cross-database experiments and yields comparable results in the subject-independent experiments.

Facial Expression Recognition Object Recognition +1

An FFT-based Synchronization Approach to Recognize Human Behaviors using STN-LFP Signal

no code implementations28 Dec 2016 Hosein M. Golshan, Adam O. Hebb, Sara J. Hanrahan, Joshua Nedrud, Mohammad H. Mahoor

Classification of human behavior is key to developing closed-loop Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) systems, which may be able to decrease the power consumption and side effects of the existing systems.

General Classification

Bidirectional Warping of Active Appearance Model

no code implementations20 Nov 2015 Ali Mollahosseini, Mohammad H. Mahoor

Active Appearance Model (AAM) is a commonly used method for facial image analysis with applications in face identification and facial expression recognition.

Face Identification Facial Expression Recognition

Going Deeper in Facial Expression Recognition using Deep Neural Networks

no code implementations12 Nov 2015 Ali Mollahosseini, David Chan, Mohammad H. Mahoor

Despite efforts made in developing various methods for FER, existing approaches traditionally lack generalizability when applied to unseen images or those that are captured in wild setting.

Facial Expression Recognition

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