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Data Augmentation for Rare Symptoms in Vaccine Side-Effect Detection

no code implementations BioNLP (ACL) 2022 Bosung Kim, Ndapa Nakashole

We study the problem of entity detection and normalization applied to patient self-reports of symptoms that arise as side-effects of vaccines.

Data Augmentation

Joint Summarization-Entailment Optimization for Consumer Health Question Understanding

1 code implementation NAACL (NLPMC) 2021 Khalil Mrini, Franck Dernoncourt, Walter Chang, Emilia Farcas, Ndapa Nakashole

Understanding the intent of medical questions asked by patients, or Consumer Health Questions, is an essential skill for medical Conversational AI systems.

Data Augmentation

On Linearizing Structured Data in Encoder-Decoder Language Models: Insights from Text-to-SQL

no code implementations3 Apr 2024 Yutong Shao, Ndapa Nakashole

Structured data, prevalent in tables, databases, and knowledge graphs, poses a significant challenge in its representation.

Knowledge Graphs Model Compression +1

Zero-shot Triplet Extraction by Template Infilling

1 code implementation21 Dec 2022 Bosung Kim, Hayate Iso, Nikita Bhutani, Estevam Hruschka, Ndapa Nakashole, Tom Mitchell

We propose a novel framework, ZETT (ZEro-shot Triplet extraction by Template infilling), that aligns the task objective to the pre-training objective of generative transformers to generalize to unseen relations.

Data Augmentation Language Modelling +2

Medical Question Understanding and Answering with Knowledge Grounding and Semantic Self-Supervision

1 code implementation COLING 2022 Khalil Mrini, Harpreet Singh, Franck Dernoncourt, Seunghyun Yoon, Trung Bui, Walter Chang, Emilia Farcas, Ndapa Nakashole

The system first matches the summarized user question with an FAQ from a trusted medical knowledge base, and then retrieves a fixed number of relevant sentences from the corresponding answer document.

Question Answering Retrieval

A Grounded Well-being Conversational Agent with Multiple Interaction Modes: Preliminary Results

no code implementations ACL (NLP4PosImpact) 2021 Xinxin Yan, Ndapa Nakashole

Additionally, our agent has multiple interaction modes, that may give more options for the patient to use the agent, not just for medical question answering, but also to engage in conversations about general topics and current events.

Question Answering

Recursive Tree-Structured Self-Attention for Answer Sentence Selection

no code implementations ACL 2021 Khalil Mrini, Emilia Farcas, Ndapa Nakashole

The recursive nature of our model is able to represent all levels of syntactic parse trees with only one additional self-attention layer.

Community Question Answering Sentence +1

Interactive Plot Manipulation using Natural Language

no code implementations NAACL 2021 Yihan Wang, Yutong Shao, Ndapa Nakashole

This plotting model while accurate in most cases, still makes errors, therefore, the system allows a feedback mode, wherein the user is presented with a top-k list of plots, among which the user can pick the desired one.

Extracting the Unknown from Long Math Problems

no code implementations22 Mar 2021 Ndapa Nakashole

In problem solving, understanding the problem that one seeks to solve is an essential initial step.


ChartDialogs: Plotting from Natural Language Instructions

no code implementations ACL 2020 Yutong Shao, Ndapa Nakashole

This paper presents the problem of conversational plotting agents that carry out plotting actions from natural language instructions.

Commonsense about Human Senses: Labeled Data Collection Processes

no code implementations WS 2019 Ndapa Nakashole

We consider the problem of extracting from text commonsense knowledge pertaining to human senses such as sound and smell.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Common Sense Reasoning

Fine-Grained Spoiler Detection from Large-Scale Review Corpora

no code implementations ACL 2019 Mengting Wan, Rishabh Misra, Ndapa Nakashole, Julian McAuley

This paper presents computational approaches for automatically detecting critical plot twists in reviews of media products.


Sense Perception Common Sense Relationships

no code implementations17 Nov 2018 Ndapa Nakashole

Often missing in existing knowledge bases of facts, are relationships that encode common sense knowledge about unnamed entities.

Common Sense Reasoning

Bilingual Dictionary Induction for Bantu Languages

no code implementations17 Nov 2018 Ndapa Nakashole

We present a method for learning bilingual translation dictionaries between English and Bantu languages.


Unnamed Entity Recognition of Sense Mentions

no code implementations17 Nov 2018 Ndapa Nakashole

We consider the problem of recognizing mentions of human senses in text.

NORMA: Neighborhood Sensitive Maps for Multilingual Word Embeddings

no code implementations EMNLP 2018 Ndapa Nakashole

Inducing multilingual word embeddings by learning a linear map between embedding spaces of different languages achieves remarkable accuracy on related languages.

Machine Translation Multilingual Word Embeddings +2

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