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Efficient Transfer Learning for Quality Estimation with Bottleneck Adapter Layer

no code implementations EAMT 2020 Hao Yang, Minghan Wang, Ning Xie, Ying Qin, Yao Deng

Compared with the commonly used NuQE baseline, BAL-QE achieves 47% (En-Ru) and 75% (En-De) of performance promotions.

NMT Transfer Learning

TLEX: An Efficient Method for Extracting Exact Timelines from TimeML Temporal Graphs

no code implementations7 Jun 2024 Mustafa Ocal, Ning Xie, Mark Finlayson

A sampling evaluation showed that TLEX is 98--100% accurate with 95% confidence along five dimensions: the ordering of time-points, the number of main timelines, the placement of time-points on main versus subordinate timelines, the connecting point of branch timelines, and the location of the indeterminate sections.

Natural Language Understanding

Collective Human Opinions in Semantic Textual Similarity

1 code implementation8 Aug 2023 Yuxia Wang, Shimin Tao, Ning Xie, Hao Yang, Timothy Baldwin, Karin Verspoor

Despite the subjective nature of semantic textual similarity (STS) and pervasive disagreements in STS annotation, existing benchmarks have used averaged human ratings as the gold standard.

Semantic Textual Similarity Sentence +1

Instance-Variant Loss with Gaussian RBF Kernel for 3D Cross-modal Retriveal

no code implementations7 May 2023 Zhitao Liu, Zengyu Liu, Jiwei Wei, Guan Wang, Zhenjiang Du, Ning Xie, Heng Tao Shen

Hence, the performance of cross-modal retrieval methods heavily depends on the representational capacity of this embedding space.

Cross-Modal Retrieval Retrieval

FederatedTrust: A Solution for Trustworthy Federated Learning

no code implementations20 Feb 2023 Pedro Miguel Sánchez Sánchez, Alberto Huertas Celdrán, Ning Xie, Gérôme Bovet, Gregorio Martínez Pérez, Burkhard Stiller

Subsequently, an algorithm named FederatedTrust is designed based on the pillars and metrics identified in the taxonomy to compute the trustworthiness score of FL models.

Edge-computing Fairness +2

Hardness of Maximum Likelihood Learning of DPPs

no code implementations24 May 2022 Elena Grigorescu, Brendan Juba, Karl Wimmer, Ning Xie

In seminal work on DPPs in Machine Learning, Kulesza conjectured in his PhD Thesis (2011) that the problem of finding a maximum likelihood DPP model for a given data set is NP-complete.

graph construction Point Processes

CMA-CLIP: Cross-Modality Attention CLIP for Image-Text Classification

no code implementations7 Dec 2021 Huidong Liu, Shaoyuan Xu, Jinmiao Fu, Yang Liu, Ning Xie, Chien-Chih Wang, Bryan Wang, Yi Sun

In this paper, we propose the Cross-Modality Attention Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training (CMA-CLIP), a new framework which unifies two types of cross-modality attentions, sequence-wise attention and modality-wise attention, to effectively fuse information from image and text pairs.

Attribute Image-text Classification +3

A Novel Interactive Two-stage Joint Retail Electricity Market for Multiple Microgrids

no code implementations27 Jul 2021 Chunyi Huang, Mingzhi Zhang, Chengmin Wang, Ning Xie, Jian Wang, Shi Peng

To accommodate the advent of microgrids (MG) managing distributed energy resources (DER) in distribution systems, an interactive two-stage joint retail electricity market mechanism is proposed to provide an effective platform for these prosumers to proactively join in retail transactions.

energy trading

CoV-Spectrum: Analysis of globally shared SARS-CoV-2 data to Identify and Characterize New Variants

1 code implementation15 Jun 2021 Chaoran Chen, Sarah Nadeau, Michael Yared, Philippe Voinov, Ning Xie, Cornelius Roemer, Tanja Stadler

Summary: The CoV-Spectrum website supports the identification of new SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and the tracking of known variants.

Application of Deep Self-Attention in Knowledge Tracing

2 code implementations17 May 2021 Junhao Zeng, Qingchun Zhang, Ning Xie, Bochun Yang

The development of intelligent tutoring system has greatly influenced the way students learn and practice, which increases their learning efficiency.

Knowledge Tracing

Deep-VFX: Deep Action Recognition Driven VFX for Short Video

no code implementations22 Jul 2020 Ao Luo, Ning Xie, Zhijia Tao, Feng Jiang

In the application, short-form mobile video is so popular all over the world such as Tik Tok.

Action Recognition Template Matching

Explainable Deep Learning: A Field Guide for the Uninitiated

no code implementations30 Apr 2020 Gabrielle Ras, Ning Xie, Marcel van Gerven, Derek Doran

The field guide: i) Introduces three simple dimensions defining the space of foundational methods that contribute to explainable deep learning, ii) discusses the evaluations for model explanations, iii) places explainability in the context of other related deep learning research areas, and iv) finally elaborates on user-oriented explanation designing and potential future directions on explainable deep learning.

Decision Making

Improving Target-driven Visual Navigation with Attention on 3D Spatial Relationships

no code implementations29 Apr 2020 Yunlian Lv, Ning Xie, Yimin Shi, Zijiao Wang, Heng Tao Shen

On the other hand, TSE module is used to generate sub-targets which allow agent to learn from failures.

Visual Navigation

Detection of Information Hiding at Anti-Copying 2D Barcodes

no code implementations20 Mar 2020 Ning Xie, Ji Hu, Junjie Chen, Qiqi Zhang, Changsheng chen

Our experimental results show that the PVBD scheme can correctly detect the existence of the hidden information at both the 2LQR code and the LCAC 2D barcode.

Contextual Grounding of Natural Language Entities in Images

1 code implementation5 Nov 2019 Farley Lai, Ning Xie, Derek Doran, Asim Kadav

Next, the model learns the contextual representations of the text tokens and image objects through layers of high-order interaction respectively.

Language Modelling Masked Language Modeling

Visual Entailment: A Novel Task for Fine-Grained Image Understanding

1 code implementation20 Jan 2019 Ning Xie, Farley Lai, Derek Doran, Asim Kadav

We evaluate various existing VQA baselines and build a model called Explainable Visual Entailment (EVE) system to address the VE task.

Question Answering Sentence +3

Visual Entailment Task for Visually-Grounded Language Learning

1 code implementation26 Nov 2018 Ning Xie, Farley Lai, Derek Doran, Asim Kadav

We introduce a new inference task - Visual Entailment (VE) - which differs from traditional Textual Entailment (TE) tasks whereby a premise is defined by an image, rather than a natural language sentence as in TE tasks.

Grounded language learning Question Answering +3

Reasoning over RDF Knowledge Bases using Deep Learning

2 code implementations9 Nov 2018 Monireh Ebrahimi, Md. Kamruzzaman Sarker, Federico Bianchi, Ning Xie, Derek Doran, Pascal Hitzler

Semantic Web knowledge representation standards, and in particular RDF and OWL, often come endowed with a formal semantics which is considered to be of fundamental importance for the field.

Knowledge Graphs

Relating Input Concepts to Convolutional Neural Network Decisions

no code implementations21 Nov 2017 Ning Xie, Md. Kamruzzaman Sarker, Derek Doran, Pascal Hitzler, Michael Raymer

Many current methods to interpret convolutional neural networks (CNNs) use visualization techniques and words to highlight concepts of the input seemingly relevant to a CNN's decision.

Decision Making Scene Recognition

Explaining Trained Neural Networks with Semantic Web Technologies: First Steps

no code implementations11 Oct 2017 Md. Kamruzzaman Sarker, Ning Xie, Derek Doran, Michael Raymer, Pascal Hitzler

The ever increasing prevalence of publicly available structured data on the World Wide Web enables new applications in a variety of domains.

Parallel Integer Polynomial Multiplication

no code implementations17 Dec 2016 Changbo Chen, Svyatoslav Covanov, Farnam Mansouri, Marc Moreno Maza, Ning Xie, Yuzhen Xie

We propose a new algorithm for multiplying dense polynomials with integer coefficients in a parallel fashion, targeting multi-core processor architectures.

Symbolic Computation Mathematical Software

Conditional Density Estimation with Dimensionality Reduction via Squared-Loss Conditional Entropy Minimization

no code implementations28 Apr 2014 Voot Tangkaratt, Ning Xie, Masashi Sugiyama

In such a case, estimating the conditional density itself is preferable, but conditional density estimation (CDE) is challenging in high-dimensional space.

Density Estimation Dimensionality Reduction +1

Artist Agent: A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Automatic Stroke Generation in Oriental Ink Painting

1 code implementation18 Jun 2012 Ning Xie, Hirotaka Hachiya, Masashi Sugiyama

Oriental ink painting, called Sumi-e, is one of the most appealing painting styles that has attracted artists around the world.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

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