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Human-Centered Planning

no code implementations8 Nov 2023 Yuliang Li, Nitin Kamra, Ruta Desai, Alon Halevy

The vision of creating AI-powered personal assistants also involves creating structured outputs, such as a plan for one's day, or for an overseas trip.

Pretrained Language Models as Visual Planners for Human Assistance

1 code implementation ICCV 2023 Dhruvesh Patel, Hamid Eghbalzadeh, Nitin Kamra, Michael Louis Iuzzolino, Unnat Jain, Ruta Desai

Given a succinct natural language goal, e. g., "make a shelf", and a video of the user's progress so far, the aim of VPA is to devise a plan, i. e., a sequence of actions such as "sand shelf", "paint shelf", etc.

Action Segmentation Language Modelling

EgoTV: Egocentric Task Verification from Natural Language Task Descriptions

1 code implementation ICCV 2023 Rishi Hazra, Brian Chen, Akshara Rai, Nitin Kamra, Ruta Desai

The goal in EgoTV is to verify the execution of tasks from egocentric videos based on the natural language description of these tasks.

Effective Baselines for Multiple Object Rearrangement Planning in Partially Observable Mapped Environments

no code implementations24 Jan 2023 Engin Tekin, Elaheh Barati, Nitin Kamra, Ruta Desai

This requires efficient trade-offs between exploration of the environment and planning for rearrangement, which is challenging because of long-horizon nature of the problem.

Object Recognition

Action Dynamics Task Graphs for Learning Plannable Representations of Procedural Tasks

no code implementations11 Jan 2023 Weichao Mao, Ruta Desai, Michael Louis Iuzzolino, Nitin Kamra

Given video demonstrations and paired narrations of an at-home procedural task such as changing a tire, we present an approach to extract the underlying task structure -- relevant actions and their temporal dependencies -- via action-centric task graphs.

Task 2

Differentiable Approximations for Multi-resource Spatial Coverage Problems

no code implementations1 Jan 2021 Nitin Kamra, Yan Liu

Resource allocation for coverage of physical spaces is a challenging problem in robotic surveillance, mobile sensor networks and security domains.

An Examination of Preference-based Reinforcement Learning for Treatment Recommendation

no code implementations1 Jan 2021 Nan Xu, Nitin Kamra, Yan Liu

Treatment recommendation is a complex multi-faceted problem with many conflicting objectives, e. g., optimizing the survival rate (or expected lifetime), mitigating negative impacts, reducing financial expenses and time costs, avoiding over-treatment, etc.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Multi-agent Trajectory Prediction with Fuzzy Query Attention

1 code implementation NeurIPS 2020 Nitin Kamra, Hao Zhu, Dweep Trivedi, Ming Zhang, Yan Liu

Trajectory prediction for scenes with multiple agents and entities is a challenging problem in numerous domains such as traffic prediction, pedestrian tracking and path planning.

Decision Making Traffic Prediction +1

PolSIRD: Modeling Epidemic Spread under Intervention Policies

no code implementations3 Sep 2020 Nitin Kamra, Yizhou Zhang, Sirisha Rambhatla, Chuizheng Meng, Yan Liu

Epidemic spread in a population is traditionally modeled via compartmentalized models which represent the free evolution of disease in absence of any intervention policies.


DynGEM: Deep Embedding Method for Dynamic Graphs

1 code implementation29 May 2018 Palash Goyal, Nitin Kamra, Xinran He, Yan Liu

The major advantages of DynGEM include: (1) the embedding is stable over time, (2) it can handle growing dynamic graphs, and (3) it has better running time than using static embedding methods on each snapshot of a dynamic graph.

Social and Information Networks

Deep Generative Dual Memory Network for Continual Learning

no code implementations ICLR 2018 Nitin Kamra, Umang Gupta, Yan Liu

This phenomenon called catastrophic forgetting is a fundamental challenge to overcome before neural networks can learn continually from incoming data.

Continual Learning Hippocampus

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