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Dimension Reduction in Quantum Key Distribution for Continuous- and Discrete-Variable Protocols

no code implementations14 Jan 2021 Twesh Upadhyaya, Thomas van Himbeeck, Jie Lin, Norbert Lütkenhaus

We develop a method to connect the infinite-dimensional description of optical continuous-variable quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols to a finite-dimensional formulation.

Dimensionality Reduction Quantum Physics

Demonstration of a 6 State-4 State Reference Frame Independent channel for Quantum Key Distribution

no code implementations22 May 2019 Ramy Tannous, Zhangdong Ye, Jeongwan Jin, Katanya B. Kuntz, Norbert Lütkenhaus, Thomas Jennewein

We study a novel protocol for reference frame independent (RFI) quantum key distribution (QKD) using six states for Alice and four states for Bob, while previous RFI protocols require a six state analyzer for Bob.

Quantum Physics

Simple security analysis of phase-matching measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution

no code implementations26 Jul 2018 Jie Lin, Norbert Lütkenhaus

Variations of phase-matching measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (PM-MDI QKD) protocols have been investigated before, but it was recently discovered that this type of protocol (under the name of twin-field QKD) can beat the linear scaling of the repeaterless bound on secret key rate capacity.

Quantum Physics

The Engineering of a Scalable Multi-Site Communications System Utilizing Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

no code implementations7 Dec 2017 Piotr K. Tysowski, Xinhua Ling, Norbert Lütkenhaus, Michele Mosca

A network layer provides key generation across a network of nodes connected by quantum links.

Cryptography and Security Networking and Internet Architecture Quantum Physics

Reliable numerical key rates for quantum key distribution

no code implementations16 Oct 2017 Adam Winick, Norbert Lütkenhaus, Patrick J. Coles

In this work, we present a reliable, efficient, and tight numerical method for calculating key rates for finite-dimensional quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols.

Quantum Physics

Sifting attacks in finite-size quantum key distribution

no code implementations24 Jun 2015 Corsin Pfister, Norbert Lütkenhaus, Stephanie Wehner, Patrick J. Coles

Here we show that this assumption is violated for iterative sifting, a sifting procedure that has been employed in some (but not all) of the recently suggested QKD protocols in order to increase their efficiency.

Quantum Physics

Efficient Heralding of Photonic Qubits with Apllications to Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution

no code implementations13 May 2011 David Pitkänen, Xiongfeng Ma, Ricardo Wickert, Peter van Loock, Norbert Lütkenhaus

First we show that one can obtain asymptotically perfect heralding and unit success probability with growing resources.

Quantum Physics

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