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Benchmarking Quality-Dependent and Cost-Sensitive Score-Level Multimodal Biometric Fusion Algorithms

no code implementations17 Nov 2021 Norman Poh, Thirimachos Bourlai, Josef Kittler, Lorene Allano, Fernando Alonso-Fernandez, Onkar Ambekar, John Baker, Bernadette Dorizzi, Omolara Fatukasi, Julian Fierrez, Harald Ganster, Javier Ortega-Garcia, Donald Maurer, Albert Ali Salah, Tobias Scheidat, Claus Vielhauer

The cost-sensitive evaluation, on the other hand, investigates how well a fusion algorithm can perform given restricted computation and in the presence of software and hardware failures, resulting in errors such as failure-to-acquire and failure-to-match.

Automatic Delineation of Kidney Region in DCE-MRI

no code implementations26 May 2019 Santosh Tirunagari, Norman Poh, Kevin Wells, Miroslaw Bober, Isky Gorden, David Windridge

To address this issue, we present Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD) coupled with thresholding and blob analysis as a framework for automatic delineation of the kidney region.

"Flow Size Difference" Can Make a Difference: Detecting Malicious TCP Network Flows Based on Benford's Law

no code implementations14 Sep 2016 Aamo Iorliam, Santosh Tirunagari, Anthony T. S. Ho, Shujun Li, Adrian Waller, Norman Poh

In this paper, we present the application of Benford's law to a new network flow metric "flow size difference", which have not been studied before by other researchers, to build an unsupervised flow-based intrusion detection system (IDS).

Network Intrusion Detection

Visualisation of Survey Responses using Self-Organising Maps: A Case Study on Diabetes Self-care Factors

no code implementations30 Aug 2016 Santosh Tirunagari, Simon Bull, Samaneh Kouchaki, Deborah Cooke, Norman Poh

Due to the chronic nature of diabetes, patient self-care factors play an important role in any treatment plan.

Can DMD obtain a Scene Background in Color?

no code implementations22 Jul 2016 Santosh Tirunagari, Norman Poh, Miroslaw Bober, David Windridge

A background model describes a scene without any foreground objects and has a number of applications, ranging from video surveillance to computational photography.

Automatic Classification of Irregularly Sampled Time Series with Unequal Lengths: A Case Study on Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate

no code implementations17 May 2016 Santosh Tirunagari, Simon Bull, Norman Poh

While this approach works for individual patients, the time consuming nature of it precludes the quick evaluation of risk in large numbers of patients.

General Classification GPR +2

Identifying Similar Patients Using Self-Organising Maps: A Case Study on Type-1 Diabetes Self-care Survey Responses

no code implementations21 Mar 2015 Santosh Tirunagari, Norman Poh, Guosheng Hu, David Windridge

Diabetes is considered a lifestyle disease and a well managed self-care plays an important role in the treatment.

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