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Self-Supervised Robust Scene Flow Estimation via the Alignment of Probability Density Functions

no code implementations23 Mar 2022 Pan He, Patrick Emami, Sanjay Ranka, Anand Rangarajan

Scene flow estimation is therefore converted into the problem of recovering motion from the alignment of probability density functions, which we achieve using a closed-form expression of the classic Cauchy-Schwarz divergence.

Scene Flow Estimation Self-Supervised Learning

Protum: A New Method For Prompt Tuning Based on "[MASK]"

no code implementations28 Jan 2022 Pan He, Yuxi Chen, Yan Wang, Yanru Zhang

In response to the above issue, we propose a new \textbf{Pro}mpt \textbf{Tu}ning based on "[\textbf{M}ASK]" (\textbf{Protum}) method in this paper, which constructs a classification task through the information carried by the hidden layer of "[MASK]" tokens and then predicts the labels directly rather than the answer tokens.

Language Modelling

Learning Scene Dynamics from Point Cloud Sequences

no code implementations16 Nov 2021 Pan He, Patrick Emami, Sanjay Ranka, Anand Rangarajan

Our experimental evaluation confirms that recurrent processing of point cloud sequences results in significantly better SSFE compared to using only two frames.

Scene Flow Estimation

Generating Scenes with Latent Object Models

no code implementations29 Sep 2021 Patrick Emami, Pan He, Sanjay Ranka, Anand Rangarajan

We introduce a structured latent variable model that learns the underlying data-generating process for a dataset of scenes.

Re-Ranking Scene Generation +1

Efficient Iterative Amortized Inference for Learning Symmetric and Disentangled Multi-Object Representations

1 code implementation7 Jun 2021 Patrick Emami, Pan He, Sanjay Ranka, Anand Rangarajan

Unsupervised multi-object representation learning depends on inductive biases to guide the discovery of object-centric representations that generalize.


SparsePipe: Parallel Deep Learning for 3D Point Clouds

no code implementations27 Dec 2020 Keke Zhai, Pan He, Tania Banerjee, Anand Rangarajan, Sanjay Ranka

Besides, it suitably partitions the model when the GPUs are heterogeneous such that the computing is load-balanced with reduced communication overhead.

Quantum frequency doubling in the topological insulator Bi2Se3

no code implementations24 Dec 2020 Pan He, Hiroki Isobe, Dapeng Zhu, Chuang-Han Hsu, Liang Fu, Hyunsoo Yang

We introduce the Berry curvature triple, a high-order moment of the Berry curvature, to explain skew scattering under the threefold rotational symmetry.

Materials Science

Intelligent Intersection: Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Real-time Near Accident Detection in Traffic Video

no code implementations4 Jan 2019 Xiaohui Huang, Pan He, Anand Rangarajan, Sanjay Ranka

In this paper, we propose a two-stream Convolutional Network architecture that performs real-time detection, tracking, and near accident detection of road users in traffic video data.

Multiple Object Tracking Object Detection

Adaptive Adversarial Attack on Scene Text Recognition

no code implementations9 Jul 2018 Xiaoyong Yuan, Pan He, Xiaolin Andy Li, Dapeng Oliver Wu

We observe two critical obstacles in adversarial examples: (i) Strong adversarial attacks (e. g., C&W attack) require manually tuning hyper-parameters and take a long time to construct an adversarial example, making it impractical to attack real-time systems; (ii) Most of the studies focus on non-sequential tasks, such as image classification, yet only a few consider sequential tasks.

Adversarial Attack Image Classification +3

Adversarial Examples: Attacks and Defenses for Deep Learning

1 code implementation19 Dec 2017 Xiaoyong Yuan, Pan He, Qile Zhu, Xiaolin Li

In this paper, we review recent findings on adversarial examples for deep neural networks, summarize the methods for generating adversarial examples, and propose a taxonomy of these methods.

Learning Fast and Slow: PROPEDEUTICA for Real-time Malware Detection

no code implementations4 Dec 2017 Ruimin Sun, Xiaoyong Yuan, Pan He, Qile Zhu, Aokun Chen, Andre Gregio, Daniela Oliveira, Xiaolin Li

Existing malware detectors on safety-critical devices have difficulties in runtime detection due to the performance overhead.

General Classification Malware Detection

Single Shot Text Detector with Regional Attention

1 code implementation ICCV 2017 Pan He, Weilin Huang, Tong He, Qile Zhu, Yu Qiao, Xiaolin Li

Our text detector achieves an F-measure of 77% on the ICDAR 2015 bench- mark, advancing the state-of-the-art results in [18, 28].

Scene Text Detection

Detecting Text in Natural Image with Connectionist Text Proposal Network

17 code implementations12 Sep 2016 Zhi Tian, Weilin Huang, Tong He, Pan He, Yu Qiao

We propose a novel Connectionist Text Proposal Network (CTPN) that accurately localizes text lines in natural image.

Scene Text Detection

Reading Scene Text in Deep Convolutional Sequences

1 code implementation14 Jun 2015 Pan He, Weilin Huang, Yu Qiao, Chen Change Loy, Xiaoou Tang

We develop a Deep-Text Recurrent Network (DTRN) that regards scene text reading as a sequence labelling problem.

Scene Text Recognition

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