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FrameNeRF: A Simple and Efficient Framework for Few-shot Novel View Synthesis

no code implementations22 Feb 2024 Yan Xing, Pan Wang, Ligang Liu, Daolun Li, Li Zhang

We present a novel framework, called FrameNeRF, designed to apply off-the-shelf fast high-fidelity NeRF models with fast training speed and high rendering quality for few-shot novel view synthesis tasks.

Novel View Synthesis

RadOcc: Learning Cross-Modality Occupancy Knowledge through Rendering Assisted Distillation

no code implementations19 Dec 2023 Haiming Zhang, Xu Yan, Dongfeng Bai, Jiantao Gao, Pan Wang, Bingbing Liu, Shuguang Cui, Zhen Li

3D occupancy prediction is an emerging task that aims to estimate the occupancy states and semantics of 3D scenes using multi-view images.

Knowledge Distillation

FedEdge AI-TC: A Semi-supervised Traffic Classification Method based on Trusted Federated Deep Learning for Mobile Edge Computing

no code implementations14 Aug 2023 Pan Wang, Zeyi Li, Mengyi Fu, Zixuan Wang, Ze Zhang, MinYao Liu

The framework enhances user privacy and model credibility, offering a comprehensive solution for dependable and transparent Network TC in 5G CPE, thus enhancing service quality and security.

Edge-computing Federated Learning +2

Contrast-augmented Diffusion Model with Fine-grained Sequence Alignment for Markup-to-Image Generation

1 code implementation2 Aug 2023 Guojin Zhong, Jin Yuan, Pan Wang, Kailun Yang, Weili Guan, Zhiyong Li

The recently rising markup-to-image generation poses greater challenges as compared to natural image generation, due to its low tolerance for errors as well as the complex sequence and context correlations between markup and rendered image.

cross-modal alignment Denoising +1

Multi-scale multi-modal micro-expression recognition algorithm based on transformer

no code implementations8 Jan 2023 Fengping Wang, Jie Li, Chun Qi, Lin Wang, Pan Wang

A micro-expression is a spontaneous unconscious facial muscle movement that can reveal the true emotions people attempt to hide.

Contrastive Learning Micro Expression Recognition +2

Reconstruction of compressed spectral imaging based on global structure and spectral correlation

no code implementations27 Oct 2022 Pan Wang, Jie Li, Jieru Chen, Lin Wang, Chun Qi

To take full exploration of the constraints between spectra, the coefficients corresponding to the convolution kernel are constrained by the L_(2, 1)norm to improve spectral accuracy.


Product semantics translation from brain activity via adversarial learning

no code implementations29 Mar 2021 Pan Wang, Zhifeng Gong, Shuo Wang, Hao Dong, Jialu Fan, Ling Li, Peter Childs, Yike Guo

To modify a design semantic of a given product from personalised brain activity via adversarial learning, in this work, we propose a deep generative transformation model to modify product semantics from the brain signal.

EEG Translation

Verifying Design through Generative Visualization of Neural Activities

no code implementations28 Mar 2021 Pan Wang, Danlin Peng, Simiao Yu, Chao Wu, Peter Childs, Yike Guo, Ling Li

A recurrent neural network is used as the encoder to learn latent representation from electroencephalogram (EEG) signals, recorded while subjects looked at 50 categories of images.

EEG Generative Adversarial Network

A General Framework for Revealing Human Mind with auto-encoding GANs

no code implementations10 Feb 2021 Pan Wang, Rui Zhou, Shuo Wang, Ling Li, Wenjia Bai, Jialu Fan, Chunlin Li, Peter Childs, Yike Guo

For this reason, we propose an end-to-end brain decoding framework which translates brain activity into an image by latent space alignment.

Brain Decoding

Implicit Subspace Prior Learning for Dual-Blind Face Restoration

1 code implementation12 Oct 2020 Lingbo Yang, Pan Wang, Zhanning Gao, Shanshe Wang, Peiran Ren, Siwei Ma, Wen Gao

Face restoration is an inherently ill-posed problem, where additional prior constraints are typically considered crucial for mitigating such pathology.

Blind Face Restoration

Towards Fine-grained Human Pose Transfer with Detail Replenishing Network

no code implementations26 May 2020 Lingbo Yang, Pan Wang, Chang Liu, Zhanning Gao, Peiran Ren, Xinfeng Zhang, Shanshe Wang, Siwei Ma, Xian-Sheng Hua, Wen Gao

Human pose transfer (HPT) is an emerging research topic with huge potential in fashion design, media production, online advertising and virtual reality.

Pose Transfer Retrieval

HiFaceGAN: Face Renovation via Collaborative Suppression and Replenishment

5 code implementations11 May 2020 Lingbo Yang, Chang Liu, Pan Wang, Shanshe Wang, Peiran Ren, Siwei Ma, Wen Gao

Existing face restoration researches typically relies on either the degradation prior or explicit guidance labels for training, which often results in limited generalization ability over real-world images with heterogeneous degradations and rich background contents.

Blind Face Restoration Face Hallucination +3

Generative Creativity: Adversarial Learning for Bionic Design

no code implementations19 May 2018 Simiao Yu, Hao Dong, Pan Wang, Chao Wu, Yike Guo

Bionic design refers to an approach of generative creativity in which a target object (e. g. a floor lamp) is designed to contain features of biological source objects (e. g. flowers), resulting in creative biologically-inspired design.

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