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Soundness of Data-Aware Processes with Arithmetic Conditions

no code implementations28 Mar 2022 Paolo Felli, Marco Montali, Sarah Winkler

The implementation is validated on a collection of examples from the literature, and on synthetic variants constructed from such examples.

Linear-Time Verification of Data-Aware Dynamic Systems with Arithmetic

no code implementations15 Mar 2022 Paolo Felli, Marco Montali, Sarah Winkler

Combined modeling and verification of dynamic systems and the data they operate on has gained momentum in AI and in several application domains.

Efficient Multi-agent Epistemic Planning: Teaching Planners About Nested Belief

no code implementations6 Oct 2021 Christian Muise, Vaishak Belle, Paolo Felli, Sheila Mcilraith, Tim Miller, Adrian R. Pearce, Liz Sonenberg

Many AI applications involve the interaction of multiple autonomous agents, requiring those agents to reason about their own beliefs, as well as those of other agents.

CoCoMoT: Conformance Checking of Multi-Perspective Processes via SMT (Extended Version)

no code implementations18 Mar 2021 Paolo Felli, Alessandro Gianola, Marco Montali, Andrey Rivkin, Sarah Winkler

Conformance checking is a key process mining task for comparing the expected behavior captured in a process model and the actual behavior recorded in a log.

SMT-based Safety Verification of Parameterised Multi-Agent Systems

no code implementations11 Aug 2020 Paolo Felli, Alessandro Gianola, Marco Montali

In this paper we study the verification of parameterised multi-agent systems (MASs), and in particular the task of verifying whether unwanted states, characterised as a given state formula, are reachable in a given MAS, i. e., whether the MAS is unsafe.

Situation Calculus for Synthesis of Manufacturing Controllers

no code implementations12 Jul 2018 Giuseppe De Giacomo, Brian Logan, Paolo Felli, Fabio Patrizi, Sebastian Sardina

Manufacturing is transitioning from a mass production model to a manufacturing as a service model in which manufacturing facilities 'bid' to produce products.

Supervisory Control for Behavior Composition

no code implementations29 Apr 2016 Paolo Felli, Nitin Yadav, Sebastian Sardina

We relate behavior composition, a synthesis task studied in AI, to supervisory control theory from the discrete event systems field.

Social planning for social HRI

no code implementations21 Feb 2016 Liz Sonenberg, Tim Miller, Adrian Pearce, Paolo Felli, Christian Muise, Frank Dignum

Making a computational agent 'social' has implications for how it perceives itself and the environment in which it is situated, including the ability to recognise the behaviours of others.

Description Logic Knowledge and Action Bases

no code implementations4 Feb 2014 Babak Bagheri Hariri, Diego Calvanese, Marco Montali, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Riccardo De Masellis, Paolo Felli

Description logic Knowledge and Action Bases (KAB) are a mechanism for providing both a semantically rich representation of the information on the domain of interest in terms of a description logic knowledge base and actions to change such information over time, possibly introducing new objects.

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