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DreaMoving: A Human Video Generation Framework based on Diffusion Models

no code implementations8 Dec 2023 Mengyang Feng, Jinlin Liu, Kai Yu, Yuan YAO, Zheng Hui, Xiefan Guo, Xianhui Lin, Haolan Xue, Chen Shi, Xiaowen Li, Aojie Li, Xiaoyang Kang, Biwen Lei, Miaomiao Cui, Peiran Ren, Xuansong Xie

In this paper, we present DreaMoving, a diffusion-based controllable video generation framework to produce high-quality customized human videos.

Video Generation

Image Aesthetics Assessment via Learnable Queries

no code implementations6 Sep 2023 Zhiwei Xiong, Yunfan Zhang, Zhiqi Shen, Peiran Ren, Han Yu

Image aesthetics assessment (IAA) aims to estimate the aesthetics of images.

Pixel-Aware Stable Diffusion for Realistic Image Super-resolution and Personalized Stylization

1 code implementation28 Aug 2023 Tao Yang, Peiran Ren, Xuansong Xie, Lei Zhang

However, the existing methods along this line either fail to keep faithful pixel-wise image structures or resort to extra skipped connections to reproduce details, which requires additional training in image space and limits their extension to other related tasks in latent space such as image stylization.

Image Stylization Image Super-Resolution

FastLLVE: Real-Time Low-Light Video Enhancement with Intensity-Aware Lookup Table

1 code implementation13 Aug 2023 Wenhao Li, Guangyang Wu, Wenyi Wang, Peiran Ren, Xiaohong Liu

Experimental results on benchmark datasets demonstrate that our method achieves the State-Of-The-Art (SOTA) performance in terms of both image quality and inter-frame brightness consistency.

Video Enhancement

RSFNet: A White-Box Image Retouching Approach using Region-Specific Color Filters

1 code implementation ICCV 2023 Wenqi Ouyang, Yi Dong, Xiaoyang Kang, Peiran Ren, Xin Xu, Xuansong Xie

Therefore, there is a need for white-box approaches that produce satisfying results and enable users to conveniently edit their images simultaneously.

Image Retouching Photo Retouching

Synthesizing Realistic Image Restoration Training Pairs: A Diffusion Approach

no code implementations13 Mar 2023 Tao Yang, Peiran Ren, Xuansong Xie, Lei Zhang

In supervised image restoration tasks, one key issue is how to obtain the aligned high-quality (HQ) and low-quality (LQ) training image pairs.

Denoising Image Restoration +1

NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results

2 code implementations11 May 2022 Yawei Li, Kai Zhang, Radu Timofte, Luc van Gool, Fangyuan Kong, Mingxi Li, Songwei Liu, Zongcai Du, Ding Liu, Chenhui Zhou, Jingyi Chen, Qingrui Han, Zheyuan Li, Yingqi Liu, Xiangyu Chen, Haoming Cai, Yu Qiao, Chao Dong, Long Sun, Jinshan Pan, Yi Zhu, Zhikai Zong, Xiaoxiao Liu, Zheng Hui, Tao Yang, Peiran Ren, Xuansong Xie, Xian-Sheng Hua, Yanbo Wang, Xiaozhong Ji, Chuming Lin, Donghao Luo, Ying Tai, Chengjie Wang, Zhizhong Zhang, Yuan Xie, Shen Cheng, Ziwei Luo, Lei Yu, Zhihong Wen, Qi Wu1, Youwei Li, Haoqiang Fan, Jian Sun, Shuaicheng Liu, Yuanfei Huang, Meiguang Jin, Hua Huang, Jing Liu, Xinjian Zhang, Yan Wang, Lingshun Long, Gen Li, Yuanfan Zhang, Zuowei Cao, Lei Sun, Panaetov Alexander, Yucong Wang, Minjie Cai, Li Wang, Lu Tian, Zheyuan Wang, Hongbing Ma, Jie Liu, Chao Chen, Yidong Cai, Jie Tang, Gangshan Wu, Weiran Wang, Shirui Huang, Honglei Lu, Huan Liu, Keyan Wang, Jun Chen, Shi Chen, Yuchun Miao, Zimo Huang, Lefei Zhang, Mustafa Ayazoğlu, Wei Xiong, Chengyi Xiong, Fei Wang, Hao Li, Ruimian Wen, Zhijing Yang, Wenbin Zou, Weixin Zheng, Tian Ye, Yuncheng Zhang, Xiangzhen Kong, Aditya Arora, Syed Waqas Zamir, Salman Khan, Munawar Hayat, Fahad Shahbaz Khan, Dandan Gaoand Dengwen Zhouand Qian Ning, Jingzhu Tang, Han Huang, YuFei Wang, Zhangheng Peng, Haobo Li, Wenxue Guan, Shenghua Gong, Xin Li, Jun Liu, Wanjun Wang, Dengwen Zhou, Kun Zeng, Hanjiang Lin, Xinyu Chen, Jinsheng Fang

The aim was to design a network for single image super-resolution that achieved improvement of efficiency measured according to several metrics including runtime, parameters, FLOPs, activations, and memory consumption while at least maintaining the PSNR of 29. 00dB on DIV2K validation set.

Image Super-Resolution

Beyond a Video Frame Interpolator: A Space Decoupled Learning Approach to Continuous Image Transition

1 code implementation18 Mar 2022 Tao Yang, Peiran Ren, Xuansong Xie, Xiansheng Hua, Lei Zhang

Most of the existing deep learning based VFI methods adopt off-the-shelf optical flow algorithms to estimate the bidirectional flows and interpolate the missing frames accordingly.

Image Generation Image Morphing +3

Noise-Resistant Deep Metric Learning with Probabilistic Instance Filtering

no code implementations3 Aug 2021 Chang Liu, Han Yu, Boyang Li, Zhiqi Shen, Zhanning Gao, Peiran Ren, Xuansong Xie, Lizhen Cui, Chunyan Miao

Noisy labels are commonly found in real-world data, which cause performance degradation of deep neural networks.

Metric Learning

Attention-guided Temporally Coherent Video Object Matting

1 code implementation24 May 2021 Yunke Zhang, Chi Wang, Miaomiao Cui, Peiran Ren, Xuansong Xie, Xian-Sheng Hua, Hujun Bao, QiXing Huang, Weiwei Xu

Experimental results show that our method can generate high-quality alpha mattes for various videos featuring appearance change, occlusion, and fast motion.

Image Matting Object +4

Intrinsic Temporal Regularization for High-resolution Human Video Synthesis

no code implementations11 Dec 2020 Lingbo Yang, Zhanning Gao, Peiran Ren, Siwei Ma, Wen Gao

Temporal consistency is crucial for extending image processing pipelines to the video domain, which is often enforced with flow-based warping error over adjacent frames.

Motion Estimation Vocal Bursts Intensity Prediction

Implicit Subspace Prior Learning for Dual-Blind Face Restoration

1 code implementation12 Oct 2020 Lingbo Yang, Pan Wang, Zhanning Gao, Shanshe Wang, Peiran Ren, Siwei Ma, Wen Gao

Face restoration is an inherently ill-posed problem, where additional prior constraints are typically considered crucial for mitigating such pathology.

Blind Face Restoration

Towards Fine-grained Human Pose Transfer with Detail Replenishing Network

no code implementations26 May 2020 Lingbo Yang, Pan Wang, Chang Liu, Zhanning Gao, Peiran Ren, Xinfeng Zhang, Shanshe Wang, Siwei Ma, Xian-Sheng Hua, Wen Gao

Human pose transfer (HPT) is an emerging research topic with huge potential in fashion design, media production, online advertising and virtual reality.

Pose Transfer Retrieval

HiFaceGAN: Face Renovation via Collaborative Suppression and Replenishment

5 code implementations11 May 2020 Lingbo Yang, Chang Liu, Pan Wang, Shanshe Wang, Peiran Ren, Siwei Ma, Wen Gao

Existing face restoration researches typically relies on either the degradation prior or explicit guidance labels for training, which often results in limited generalization ability over real-world images with heterogeneous degradations and rich background contents.

Blind Face Restoration Face Hallucination +3

Neural Aggregation Network for Video Face Recognition

no code implementations CVPR 2017 Jiaolong Yang, Peiran Ren, Dong-Qing Zhang, Dong Chen, Fang Wen, Hongdong Li, Gang Hua

The network takes a face video or face image set of a person with a variable number of face images as its input, and produces a compact, fixed-dimension feature representation for recognition.

Face Recognition Face Verification

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