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Non-contact Lung Disease Classification via OFDM-based Passive 6G ISAC Sensing

no code implementations15 May 2024 Hasan Mujtaba Buttar, Muhammad Mahboob Ur Rahman, Muhammad Wasim Nawaz, Adnan Noor Mian, Adnan Zahid, Qammer H. Abbasi

This points to the feasibility of 6G integrated sensing and communication (ISAC) systems of future where 89. 07% of bandwidth still remains available for information exchange amidst on-demand health sensing.

Lung Disease Classification

Cuff-less Arterial Blood Pressure Waveform Synthesis from Single-site PPG using Transformer & Frequency-domain Learning

no code implementations9 Jan 2024 Muhammad Ahmad Tahir, Ahsan Mehmood, Muhammad Mahboob Ur Rahman, Muhammad Wasim Nawaz, Kashif Riaz, Qammer H. Abbasi

We propose two novel purpose-built deep learning (DL) models for synthesis of the arterial blood pressure (ABP) waveform in a cuff-less manner, using a single-site photoplethysmography (PPG) signal.

Photoplethysmography (PPG) regression

Vascular Ageing and Smoking Habit Prediction via a Low-Cost Single-Lead ECG Module

no code implementations8 Aug 2023 S. Anas Ali, M. Saqib Niaz, Mubashir Rehman, Ahsan Mehmood, M. Mahboob Ur Rahman, Kashif Riaz, Qammer H. Abbasi

For the binary classification problem that aims to differentiate between a smoker and a non-smoker, XGBoost method stands out with an accuracy of 96. 5%.

Binary Classification Denoising +1

Pathloss-based non-Line-of-Sight Identification in an Indoor Environment: An Experimental Study

no code implementations29 Jul 2023 Muhammad Asim, Muhammad Ozair Iqbal, Waqas Aman, Muhammad Mahboob Ur Rahman, Qammer H. Abbasi

It turns out that the performance of the ML algorithms is only slightly superior to the Neyman-Pearson-based binary hypothesis test (BHT).

Non-Contact Monitoring of Dehydration using RF Data Collected off the Chest and the Hand

no code implementations16 Jun 2023 Hasan Mujtaba Buttar, Kawish Pervez, M. Mahboob Ur Rahman, Kashif Riaz, Qammer H. Abbasi

Compared to prior work where the reported accuracy is 97. 83%, our proposed non-contact method is slightly inferior (as we report a maximum accuracy of 96. 15%); nevertheless, the advantages of our non-contact dehydration method speak for themselves.

Contactless Human Activity Recognition using Deep Learning with Flexible and Scalable Software Define Radio

no code implementations18 Apr 2023 Muhammad Zakir Khan, Jawad Ahmad, Wadii Boulila, Matthew Broadbent, Syed Aziz Shah, Anis Koubaa, Qammer H. Abbasi

Specifically, this study investigates the use of Wi-Fi channel state information (CSI) as a novel method of ambient sensing that can be employed as a contactless means of recognizing human activity in indoor environments.

Human Activity Recognition

Towards a Sustainable Internet-of-Underwater-Things based on AUVs, SWIPT, and Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations21 Feb 2023 Kenechi G. Omeke, Michael Mollel, Syed T. Shah, Lei Zhang, Qammer H. Abbasi, Muhammad Ali Imran

In this paper, we propose a sustainable scheme to improve the throughput and lifetime of underwater networks, enabling them to potentially operate indefinitely.

Decision Making Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Multi-Objective Optimization Approach Using Deep Reinforcement Learning for Energy Efficiency in Heterogeneous Computing System

no code implementations1 Feb 2023 Zheqi Yu, Chao Zhang, Pedro Machado, Adnan Zahid, Tim. Fernandez-Hart, Muhammad A. Imran, Qammer H. Abbasi

The growing demand for optimal and low-power energy consumption paradigms for Internet of Things (IoT) devices has garnered significant attention due to their cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and intelligibility.


Energy Disaggregation & Appliance Identification in a Smart Home: Transfer Learning enables Edge Computing

no code implementations8 Jan 2023 M. Hashim Shahab, Hasan Mujtaba Buttar, Ahsan Mehmood, Waqas Aman, M. Mahboob Ur Rahman, M. Wasim Nawaz, Haris Pervaiz, Qammer H. Abbasi

Non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) or energy disaggregation aims to extract the load profiles of individual consumer electronic appliances, given an aggregate load profile of the mains of a smart home.

Edge-computing Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring +1

Hand-breathe: Non-Contact Monitoring of Breathing Abnormalities from Hand Palm

no code implementations12 Dec 2022 Kawish Pervez, Waqas Aman, M. Mahboob Ur Rahman, M. Wasim Nawaz, Qammer H. Abbasi

In post-covid19 world, radio frequency (RF)-based non-contact methods, e. g., software-defined radios (SDR)-based methods have emerged as promising candidates for intelligent remote sensing of human vitals, and could help in containment of contagious viruses like covid19.

Secure and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence-Extended Reality (AI-XR) for Metaverses

no code implementations24 Oct 2022 Adnan Qayyum, Muhammad Atif Butt, Hassan Ali, Muhammad Usman, Osama Halabi, Ala Al-Fuqaha, Qammer H. Abbasi, Muhammad Ali Imran, Junaid Qadir

Metaverse is expected to emerge as a new paradigm for the next-generation Internet, providing fully immersive and personalised experiences to socialize, work, and play in self-sustaining and hyper-spatio-temporal virtual world(s).

A Survey on Energy Optimization Techniques in UAV-Based Cellular Networks: From Conventional to Machine Learning Approaches

no code implementations17 Apr 2022 Attai Ibrahim Abubakar, Iftikhar Ahmad, Kenechi G. Omeke, Metin Ozturk, Cihat Ozturk, Ali Makine Abdel-Salam, Michael S. Mollel, Qammer H. Abbasi, Sajjad Hussain, Muhammad Ali Imran

In this survey, we investigate different energy optimization techniques with a top-level classification in terms of the optimization algorithm employed; conventional and machine learning (ML).

Novel Concepts

Countering Active Attacks on RAFT-based IoT Blockchain Networks

no code implementations2 Apr 2022 Hasan Mujtaba Buttar, Waqas Aman, M. Mahboob Ur Rahman, Qammer H. Abbasi

When the IoT network is under the jamming attack, we utilize the stochastic geometry tool to derive the closed-form expressions for the coverage probabilities for both uplink and downlink IoT transmissions.

Design of Flexible Meander Line Antenna for Healthcare for Wireless Medical Body Area Networks

no code implementations8 Feb 2022 Shahid M Ali, Cheab Sovuthy, Sima Noghanian, Qammer H. Abbasi, Tatjana Asenova, Peter Derleth, Alex Casson, Tughrul Arslan, Amir Hussain

The MMA design shows a bandwidth of up to 1282. 4 (450. 5) MHz and provides gains of 3. 03 (4. 85) dBi in the lower and upper operating bands, respectively, showing omnidirectional radiation patterns in free space.

A Nano-Architecture for Fertility Monitoring via Intra-body Communication

no code implementations4 Feb 2022 Shama Siddiqui, Anwar Ahmed Khan, Qammer H. Abbasi, Muhammad Ali Imran, Indrakshi Dey

The architecture combines intra-body nano-sensor network for detecting Fallopian tube activity, with body-area network for receiving information from the intra-body network and communicating the same over-the-air to the involved personnel (physician/nurse/patient).

High-Resolution Programmable Scattering for Wireless Coverage Enhancement: An Indoor Field Trial Campaign

no code implementations10 Dec 2021 James Rains, Jalil ur Rehman Kazim, Anvar Tukmanov, Tie Jun Cui, Lei Zhang, Qammer H. Abbasi, Muhammad Ali Imran

This paper presents a multi-bit reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) with a high phase resolution, capable of beam-steering in the azimuthal plane at sub-6 Gigahertz (GHz).

Preventing Identity Attacks in RFID Backscatter Communication Systems: A Physical-Layer Approach

no code implementations1 Sep 2020 Ahsan Mehmood, Waqas Aman, M. Mahboob Ur Rahman, M. A. Imran, Qammer H. Abbasi

This work considers identity attack on a radio-frequency identification (RFID)-based backscatter communication system.


An Intelligent Non-Invasive Real Time Human Activity Recognition System for Next-Generation Healthcare

no code implementations6 Aug 2020 William Taylor, Syed Aziz Shah, Kia Dashtipour, Adnan Zahid, Qammer H. Abbasi, Muhammad Ali Imran

The dataset was used to create a machine learning model, which was used in a developed application to provide a quasi-real-time classification of standing or sitting state.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Human Activity Recognition +1

Securing the Insecure: A First-Line-of-Defense for Nanoscale Communication Systems Operating in THz Band

no code implementations14 Jul 2020 Waqas Aman, M. Mahboob Ur Rahman, Hassan T. Abbas, Muhammad Arslan Khalid, Muhammad A. Imran, Akram Alomainy, Qammer H. Abbasi

Nanoscale communication systems operating in Ter-ahertz (THz) band are anticipated to revolutionise the healthcaresystems of the future.

Revolutionizing Future Healthcare using Wireless on the Walls (WoW)

no code implementations11 Jun 2020 Jalil ur Rehman Kazim, Tie Jun Cui, Ahmed Zoha, Lianlin Li, Syed Aziz Shah, Akram Alomainy, Muhammad Ali Imran, Qammer H. Abbasi

These intelligent surfaces mounted and/or coated on walls aka - Intelligent Walls are planar and active surfaces, which will be a key element in beyond 5G and 6G communication.

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