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Improving Generalization in Meta-Learning via Meta-Gradient Augmentation

1 code implementation14 Jun 2023 Ren Wang, Haoliang Sun, Qi Wei, Xiushan Nie, Yuling Ma, Yilong Yin

The key idea is to first break the rote memories by network pruning to address memorization overfitting in the inner loop, and then the gradients of pruned sub-networks naturally form the high-quality augmentation of the meta-gradient to alleviate learner overfitting in the outer loop.

Few-Shot Learning Memorization +1

Fine-Grained Classification with Noisy Labels

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Qi Wei, Lei Feng, Haoliang Sun, Ren Wang, Chenhui Guo, Yilong Yin

To this end, we propose a novel framework called stochastic noise-tolerated supervised contrastive learning (SNSCL) that confronts label noise by encouraging distinguishable representation.

Classification Contrastive Learning +1

Self-Filtering: A Noise-Aware Sample Selection for Label Noise with Confidence Penalization

1 code implementation24 Aug 2022 Qi Wei, Haoliang Sun, Xiankai Lu, Yilong Yin

Sample selection is an effective strategy to mitigate the effect of label noise in robust learning.

Learning with noisy labels

Imputing Missing Observations with Time Sliced Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique

no code implementations14 Jan 2022 Andrew Baumgartner, Sevda Molani, Qi Wei, Jennifer Hadlock

We present a simple yet novel time series imputation technique with the goal of constructing an irregular time series that is uniform across every sample in a data set.

Imputation Irregular Time Series +3

Learning to Rectify for Robust Learning with Noisy Labels

1 code implementation8 Nov 2021 Haoliang Sun, Chenhui Guo, Qi Wei, Zhongyi Han, Yilong Yin

In this paper, we propose warped probabilistic inference (WarPI) to achieve adaptively rectifying the training procedure for the classification network within the meta-learning scenario.

Learning with noisy labels Meta-Learning

RaP-Net: A Region-wise and Point-wise Weighting Network to Extract Robust Features for Indoor Localization

1 code implementation1 Dec 2020 Dongjiang Li, Jinyu Miao, Xuesong Shi, Yuxin Tian, Qiwei Long, Tianyu Cai, Ping Guo, Hongfei Yu, Wei Yang, Haosong Yue, Qi Wei, Fei Qiao

Experimental results show that the proposed RaP-Net trained with OpenLORIS-Location dataset achieves excellent performance in the feature matching task and significantly outperforms state-of-the-arts feature algorithms in indoor localization.

Indoor Localization Visual Localization

Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution via Deep Prior Regularization with Parameter Estimation

1 code implementation9 Sep 2020 Xiuheng Wang, Jie Chen, Qi Wei, Cédric Richard

Furthermore, the regularization parameter is simultaneously estimated to automatically adjust contribution of the physical model and {the} learned prior to reconstruct the final HR HSI.

Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution Image Super-Resolution

DXSLAM: A Robust and Efficient Visual SLAM System with Deep Features

3 code implementations12 Aug 2020 Dongjiang Li, Xuesong Shi, Qiwei Long, Shenghui Liu, Wei Yang, Fangshi Wang, Qi Wei, Fei Qiao

For visual SLAM algorithms, though the theoretical framework has been well established for most aspects, feature extraction and association is still empirically designed in most cases, and can be vulnerable in complex environments.

Loop Closure Detection Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

LMVP: Video Predictor with Leaked Motion Information

no code implementations24 Jun 2019 Dong Wang, Yitong Li, Wei Cao, Liqun Chen, Qi Wei, Lawrence Carin

We propose a Leaked Motion Video Predictor (LMVP) to predict future frames by capturing the spatial and temporal dependencies from given inputs.

DS-SLAM: A Semantic Visual SLAM towards Dynamic Environments

2 code implementations22 Sep 2018 Chao Yu, Zuxin Liu, Xinjun Liu, Fugui Xie, Yi Yang, Qi Wei, Qiao Fei

It is one of the state-of-the-art SLAM systems in high-dynamic environments.


Hu-Fu: Hardware and Software Collaborative Attack Framework against Neural Networks

no code implementations14 May 2018 Wenshuo Li, Jincheng Yu, Xuefei Ning, Pengjun Wang, Qi Wei, Yu Wang, Huazhong Yang

So, in this paper, we propose a hardware-software collaborative attack framework to inject hidden neural network Trojans, which works as a back-door without requiring manipulating input images and is flexible for different scenarios.

Autonomous Driving Cloud Computing +6

A Fast Algorithm Based on a Sylvester-like Equation for LS Regression with GMRF Prior

no code implementations18 Sep 2017 Qi Wei, Emilie Chouzenoux, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Jean-Christophe Pesquet

This paper presents a fast approach for penalized least squares (LS) regression problems using a 2D Gaussian Markov random field (GMRF) prior.


An inner-loop free solution to inverse problems using deep neural networks

no code implementations NeurIPS 2017 Qi Wei, Kai Fan, Lawrence Carin, Katherine A. Heller

For matrix inversion in the second sub-problem, we learn a convolutional neural network to approximate the matrix inversion, i. e., the inverse mapping is learned by feeding the input through the learned forward network.


Robust Fusion of Multi-Band Images with Different Spatial and Spectral Resolutions for Change Detection

no code implementations20 Sep 2016 Vinicius Ferraris, Nicolas Dobigeon, Qi Wei, Marie Chabert

To alleviate these issues, classical change detection methods are applied after independent preprocessing steps (e. g., resampling) used to get the same spatial and spectral resolutions for the pair of observed images.

Change Detection

Unsupervised Nonlinear Spectral Unmixing based on a Multilinear Mixing Model

no code implementations14 Apr 2016 Qi Wei, Marcus Chen, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Simon Godsill

In the community of remote sensing, nonlinear mixing models have recently received particular attention in hyperspectral image processing.

R-FUSE: Robust Fast Fusion of Multi-Band Images Based on Solving a Sylvester Equation

no code implementations6 Apr 2016 Qi Wei, Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Jose Bioucas-Dias, Simon Godsill

This paper proposes a robust fast multi-band image fusion method to merge a high-spatial low-spectral resolution image and a low-spatial high-spectral resolution image.

Multi-Band Image Fusion Based on Spectral Unmixing

no code implementations29 Mar 2016 Qi Wei, Jose Bioucas-Dias, Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Marcus Chen, Simon Godsill

The non-negativity and sum-to-one constraints resulting from the intrinsic physical properties of the abundances are introduced as prior information to regularize this ill-posed problem.

Fast Single Image Super-Resolution

no code implementations1 Oct 2015 Ningning Zhao, Qi Wei, Adrian Basarab, Nicolas Dobigeon, Denis Kouame, Jean-Yves Tourneret

Specifically, an analytical solution can be obtained and implemented efficiently for the Gaussian prior or any other regularization that can be formulated into an $\ell_2$-regularized quadratic model, i. e., an $\ell_2$-$\ell_2$ optimization problem.

Image Super-Resolution

Fast Spectral Unmixing based on Dykstra's Alternating Projection

no code implementations7 May 2015 Qi Wei, Jose Bioucas-Dias, Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret

This paper presents a fast spectral unmixing algorithm based on Dykstra's alternating projection.

Hyperspectral pansharpening: a review

no code implementations17 Apr 2015 Laetitia Loncan, Luis B. Almeida, José M. Bioucas-Dias, Xavier Briottet, Jocelyn Chanussot, Nicolas Dobigeon, Sophie Fabre, Wenzhi Liao, Giorgio A. Licciardi, Miguel Simões, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Miguel A. Veganzones, Gemine Vivone, Qi Wei, Naoto Yokoya

In this work, we compare new pansharpening techniques designed for hyperspectral data with some of the state of the art methods for multispectral pansharpening, which have been adapted for hyperspectral data.


Fast Fusion of Multi-Band Images Based on Solving a Sylvester Equation

no code implementations10 Feb 2015 Qi Wei, Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret

This paper proposes a fast multi-band image fusion algorithm, which combines a high-spatial low-spectral resolution image and a low-spatial high-spectral resolution image.

Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion based on a Sparse Representation

no code implementations19 Sep 2014 Qi Wei, José Bioucas-Dias, Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret

This paper presents a variational based approach to fusing hyperspectral and multispectral images.

Physical Computing With No Clock to Implement the Gaussian Pyramid of SIFT Algorithm

no code implementations11 Aug 2014 Yi Li, Qi Wei, Fei Qiao, Huazhong Yang

In this paper, we propose an active circuit network to implement multi-scale Gaussian filter, which is also called Gaussian Pyramid in image preprocessing.

Bayesian Fusion of Multi-Band Images

no code implementations23 Jul 2013 Qi Wei, Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret

In this paper, a Bayesian fusion technique for remotely sensed multi-band images is presented.

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