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KRNet: Towards Efficient Knowledge Replay

no code implementations23 May 2022 Yingying Zhang, Qiaoyong Zhong, Di Xie, ShiLiang Pu

However, the number of stored latent codes in autoencoder increases linearly with the scale of data and the trained encoder is redundant for the replaying stage.

Continual Learning Domain Adaptation

Self-distilled Knowledge Delegator for Exemplar-free Class Incremental Learning

no code implementations23 May 2022 Fanfan Ye, Liang Ma, Qiaoyong Zhong, Di Xie, ShiLiang Pu

The knowledge extracted by the delegator is then utilized to maintain the performance of the model on old tasks in incremental learning.

Class Incremental Learning Incremental Learning

Topology-aware Convolutional Neural Network for Efficient Skeleton-based Action Recognition

1 code implementation8 Dec 2021 Kailin Xu, Fanfan Ye, Qiaoyong Zhong, Di Xie

In particular, we develop a novel cross-channel feature augmentation module, which is a combo of map-attend-group-map operations.

Action Recognition Skeleton Based Action Recognition

Divide-and-Assemble: Learning Block-wise Memory for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection

no code implementations ICCV 2021 Jinlei Hou, Yingying Zhang, Qiaoyong Zhong, Di Xie, ShiLiang Pu, Hong Zhou

Surprisingly, by varying the granularity of division on feature maps, we are able to modulate the reconstruction capability of the model for both normal and abnormal samples.

Unsupervised Anomaly Detection

Modulating Localization and Classification for Harmonized Object Detection

no code implementations16 Mar 2021 Taiheng Zhang, Qiaoyong Zhong, ShiLiang Pu, Di Xie

Object detection involves two sub-tasks, i. e. localizing objects in an image and classifying them into various categories.

Classification General Classification +3

Fast Task Adaptation for Few-Shot Learning

no code implementations25 Sep 2019 Yingying Zhang, Qiaoyong Zhong, Di Xie, ShiLiang Pu

The key lies in generalization of prior knowledge learned from large-scale base classes and fast adaptation of the classifier to novel classes.

Few-Shot Learning

Collaborative Spatio-temporal Feature Learning for Video Action Recognition

1 code implementation4 Mar 2019 Chao Li, Qiaoyong Zhong, Di Xie, ShiLiang Pu

By sharing the convolution kernels of different views, spatial and temporal features are collaboratively learned and thus benefit from each other.

Action Recognition In Videos Temporal Action Localization +1

Learning Incremental Triplet Margin for Person Re-identification

no code implementations17 Dec 2018 Yingying Zhang, Qiaoyong Zhong, Liang Ma, Di Xie, ShiLiang Pu

In particular, we propose a novel multi-stage training strategy which learns incremental triplet margin and improves triplet loss effectively.

Metric Learning Person Re-Identification

Cascade Region Proposal and Global Context for Deep Object Detection

no code implementations30 Oct 2017 Qiaoyong Zhong, Chao Li, Yingying Zhang, Di Xie, Shicai Yang, ShiLiang Pu

Deep region-based object detector consists of a region proposal step and a deep object recognition step.

Object object-detection +4

Skeleton-based Action Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks

1 code implementation25 Apr 2017 Chao Li, Qiaoyong Zhong, Di Xie, ShiLiang Pu

Current state-of-the-art approaches to skeleton-based action recognition are mostly based on recurrent neural networks (RNN).

Action Classification Action Recognition +3

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