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Full-Time Monocular Road Detection Using Zero-Distribution Prior of Angle of Polarization

1 code implementation ECCV 2020 Ning Li, Yongqiang Zhao, Quan Pan, Seong G. Kong, Jonathan Cheung-Wai Chan

Zero-distribution prior embodies the zero-distribution of Angle of Polarization (AoP) of a road scene image, which provides a significant contrast between the road and the background.

Autonomous Navigation

Data Augmentation and Classification of Sea-Land Clutter for Over-the-Horizon Radar Using AC-VAEGAN

no code implementations3 Jan 2023 Xiaoxuan Zhang, Zengfu Wang, Kun Lu, Quan Pan

Using a dataset of OTHR sea-land clutter, both the quality of the synthetic samples and the performance of data augmentation of AC-VAEGAN are verified.

Classification Data Augmentation

Robust Multitarget Tracking in Interference Environments: A Message-Passing Approach

no code implementations14 Dec 2022 Xianglong Bai, Hua Lan, Zengfu Wang, Quan Pan, Yuhang Hao, Can Li

Then, a unified MP algorithm is used to infer the marginal posterior probability distributions of targets, clutter, and data association by splitting the joint probability distribution into a mean-field approximate part and a belief propagation part.


Deep-Attack over the Deep Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations2 May 2022 Yang Li, Quan Pan, Erik Cambria

Recent adversarial attack developments have made reinforcement learning more vulnerable, and different approaches exist to deploy attacks against it, where the key is how to choose the right timing of the attack.

Adversarial Attack reinforcement-learning +1

TECM: Transfer Learning-based Evidential C-Means Clustering

no code implementations19 Dec 2021 Lianmeng Jiao, Feng Wang, Zhun-Ga Liu, Quan Pan

As a representative evidential clustering algorithm, evidential c-means (ECM) provides a deeper insight into the data by allowing an object to belong not only to a single class, but also to any subset of a collection of classes, which generalizes the hard, fuzzy, possibilistic, and rough partitions.

Image Segmentation Semantic Segmentation +1

Pose Discrepancy Spatial Transformer Based Feature Disentangling for Partial Aspect Angles SAR Target Recognition

no code implementations7 Mar 2021 Zaidao Wen, Jiaxiang Liu, ZhunGa Liu, Quan Pan

This letter presents a novel framework termed DistSTN for the task of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) automatic target recognition (ATR).

EGMM: an Evidential Version of the Gaussian Mixture Model for Clustering

no code implementations3 Oct 2020 Lianmeng Jiao, Thierry Denoeux, Zhun-Ga Liu, Quan Pan

The Gaussian mixture model (GMM) provides a simple yet principled framework for clustering, with properties suitable for statistical inference.

Brain Image Segmentation Image Segmentation +1

OTHR multitarget tracking with a GMRF model of ionospheric parameters

no code implementations5 May 2020 Zhen Guo, Zengfu Wang, Hua Lan, Quan Pan, Kun Lu

Therefore, to improve the localization accuracy of OTHR, it is important to develop accurate models and estimation methods of ionospheric parameters and the corresponding target tracking algorithms.


Joint Stereo Video Deblurring, Scene Flow Estimation and Moving Object Segmentation

no code implementations6 Oct 2019 Liyuan Pan, Yuchao Dai, Miaomiao Liu, Fatih Porikli, Quan Pan

Under our model, these three tasks are naturally connected and expressed as the parameter estimation of 3D scene structure and camera motion (structure and motion for the dynamic scenes).

Deblurring Scene Flow Estimation +1

Evidential community detection based on density peaks

no code implementations28 Sep 2018 Kuang Zhou, Quan Pan, Arnaud Martin

Credal partitions in the framework of belief functions can give us a better understanding of the analyzed data set.

Community Detection

Disentangled Variational Auto-Encoder for Semi-supervised Learning

no code implementations15 Sep 2017 Yang Li, Quan Pan, Suhang Wang, Haiyun Peng, Tao Yang, Erik Cambria

The majority of existing semi-supervised VAEs utilize a classifier to exploit label information, where the parameters of the classifier are introduced to the VAE.

Evidence combination for a large number of sources

no code implementations25 Jul 2017 Kuang Zhou, Arnaud Martin, Quan Pan

It will keep the spirit of the conjunctive rule to reinforce the belief on the focal elements with which the sources are in agreement.

Joint Target Detection and Tracking in Multipath Environment: A Variational Bayesian Approach

no code implementations27 Oct 2016 Hua Lan, Shuai Sun, Zengfu Wang, Quan Pan, Zhishan Zhang

We consider multitarget detection and tracking problem for a class of multipath detection system where one target may generate multiple measurements via multiple propagation paths, and the association relationship among targets, measurements and propagation paths is unknown.

Association Bayesian Inference

Semi-supervised evidential label propagation algorithm for graph data

no code implementations29 Jul 2016 Kuang Zhou, Arnaud Martin, Quan Pan

In the task of community detection, there often exists some useful prior information.

Community Detection

Evidential Label Propagation Algorithm for Graphs

no code implementations13 Jun 2016 Kuang Zhou, Arnaud Martin, Quan Pan, Zhun-Ga Liu

With the increasing size of social networks in real world, community detection approaches should be fast and accurate.

Community Detection

ECMdd: Evidential c-medoids clustering with multiple prototypes

no code implementations3 Jun 2016 Kuang Zhou, Arnaud Martin, Quan Pan, Zhun-Ga Liu

In the application of FCMdd and original ECMdd, a single medoid (prototype), which is supposed to belong to the object set, is utilized to represent one class.

The belief noisy-or model applied to network reliability analysis

no code implementations3 Jun 2016 Kuang Zhou, Arnaud Martin, Quan Pan

In this paper, an extension of NOR model based on the theory of belief functions, named Belief Noisy-OR (BNOR), is proposed.

Adaptive imputation of missing values for incomplete pattern classification

no code implementations8 Feb 2016 Zhun-Ga Liu, Quan Pan, Jean Dezert, Arnaud Martin

We propose a credal classification method for incomplete pattern with adaptive imputation of missing values based on belief function theory.

Classification General Classification +1

Evidential relational clustering using medoids

no code implementations15 Jul 2015 Kuang Zhou, Arnaud Martin, Quan Pan, Zhun-Ga Liu

Medoid-based clustering algorithms, which assume the prototypes of classes are objects, are of great value for partitioning relational data sets.

Evidential-EM Algorithm Applied to Progressively Censored Observations

no code implementations7 Jan 2015 Kuang Zhou, Arnaud Martin, Quan Pan

Evidential-EM (E2M) algorithm is an effective approach for computing maximum likelihood estimations under finite mixture models, especially when there is uncertain information about data.

Median evidential c-means algorithm and its application to community detection

no code implementations7 Jan 2015 Kuang Zhou, Arnaud Martin, Quan Pan, Zhun-Ga Liu

In this paper, a new prototype-based clustering method, called Median Evidential C-Means (MECM), which is an extension of median c-means and median fuzzy c-means on the theoretical framework of belief functions is proposed.

Community Detection Graph Clustering +1

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