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Energy Management of Multi-mode Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle using Multi-agent Deep Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations16 Mar 2023 Min Hua, Cetengfei Zhang, Fanggang Zhang, Zhi Li, Xiaoli Yu, Hongming Xu, Quan Zhou

Using the unified DDPG settings and a relevance ratio of 0. 2, the proposed MADRL method can save up to 4% energy compared to the single-agent method.

energy management Management

Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment for in-the-Wild Computer Graphics Images

no code implementations14 Mar 2023 ZiCheng Zhang, Wei Sun, Tao Wang, Wei Lu, Quan Zhou, Jun He, Qiyuan Wang, Xiongkuo Min, Guangtao Zhai

Computer graphics images (CGIs) are artificially generated by means of computer programs and are widely perceived under various scenarios, such as games, streaming media, etc.

Image Quality Assessment

CoRTX: Contrastive Framework for Real-time Explanation

1 code implementation5 Mar 2023 Yu-Neng Chuang, Guanchu Wang, Fan Yang, Quan Zhou, Pushkar Tripathi, Xuanting Cai, Xia Hu

In this work, we propose a COntrastive Real-Time eXplanation (CoRTX) framework to learn the explanation-oriented representation and relieve the intensive dependence of explainer training on explanation labels.

Contrastive Learning

Short-term and long-term memory self-attention network for segmentation of tumours in 3D medical images

no code implementations CAAI 2023 Mingwei Wen, Quan Zhou, Bo Tao, Pavel Shcherbakov, Yang Xu, Xuming Zhang

Tumour segmentation in medical images (especially 3D tumour segmentation) is highly challenging due to the possible similarity between tumours and adjacent tissues, occurrence of multiple tumours and variable tumour shapes and sizes.

Inductive Bias

Rate-Perception Optimized Preprocessing for Video Coding

no code implementations25 Jan 2023 Chengqian Ma, Zhiqiang Wu, Chunlei Cai, Pengwei Zhang, Yi Wang, Long Zheng, Chao Chen, Quan Zhou

In the past decades, lots of progress have been done in the video compression field including traditional video codec and learning-based video codec.

Image Quality Assessment Video Compression

DPNet: Dual-Path Network for Real-time Object Detection with Lightweight Attention

1 code implementation28 Sep 2022 Quan Zhou, Huimin Shi, Weikang Xiang, Bin Kang, Xiaofu Wu, Longin Jan Latecki

The recent advances of compressing high-accuracy convolution neural networks (CNNs) have witnessed remarkable progress for real-time object detection.

object-detection Real-Time Object Detection

Fairness in Forecasting of Observations of Linear Dynamical Systems

1 code implementation12 Sep 2022 Quan Zhou, Jakub Marecek, Robert N. Shorten

In machine learning, training data often capture the behaviour of multiple subgroups of some underlying human population.

Fairness Time Series Forecasting

Energy Management of Multi-mode Hybrid Electric Vehicles based on Hand-shaking Multi-agent Learning

no code implementations6 Sep 2022 Min Hua, Zhi Li, Quan Zhou

The study suggested that the MADRL with an independence ratio of 0. 2 is the best, and more than 2. 4% of energy can be saved over the conventional DRL framework.

energy management Management +2

Closed-Loop View of the Regulation of AI: Equal Impact across Repeated Interactions

no code implementations3 Sep 2022 Quan Zhou, Ramen Ghosh, Robert Shorten, Jakub Marecek

In a closed-loop view of the AI system and its users, the equal treatment concerns one pass through the loop.

MM-PCQA: Multi-Modal Learning for No-reference Point Cloud Quality Assessment

no code implementations1 Sep 2022 ZiCheng Zhang, Wei Sun, Xiongkuo Min, Quan Zhou, Jun He, Qiyuan Wang, Guangtao Zhai

In specific, we split the point clouds into sub-models to represent local geometry distortions such as point shift and down-sampling.

Point Cloud Quality Assessment

Accelerating Shapley Explanation via Contributive Cooperator Selection

1 code implementation17 Jun 2022 Guanchu Wang, Yu-Neng Chuang, Mengnan Du, Fan Yang, Quan Zhou, Pushkar Tripathi, Xuanting Cai, Xia Hu

Even though Shapley value provides an effective explanation for a DNN model prediction, the computation relies on the enumeration of all possible input feature coalitions, which leads to the exponentially growing complexity.

Deep Neural Network for Blind Visual Quality Assessment of 4K Content

no code implementations9 Jun 2022 Wei Lu, Wei Sun, Xiongkuo Min, Wenhan Zhu, Quan Zhou, Jun He, Qiyuan Wang, ZiCheng Zhang, Tao Wang, Guangtao Zhai

In this paper, we propose a deep learning-based BIQA model for 4K content, which on one hand can recognize true and pseudo 4K content and on the other hand can evaluate their perceptual visual quality.

Blind Image Quality Assessment Multi-Task Learning

DPNET: Dual-Path Network for Efficient Object Detectioj with Lightweight Self-Attention

no code implementations31 Oct 2021 Huimin Shi, Quan Zhou, Yinghao Ni, Xiaofu Wu, Longin Jan Latecki

Object detection often costs a considerable amount of computation to get satisfied performance, which is unfriendly to be deployed in edge devices.

object-detection Object Detection

DRBANET: A Lightweight Dual-Resolution Network for Semantic Segmentation with Boundary Auxiliary

no code implementations31 Oct 2021 Linjie Wang, Quan Zhou, Chenfeng Jiang, Xiaofu Wu, Longin Jan Latecki

Due to the powerful ability to encode image details and semantics, many lightweight dual-resolution networks have been proposed in recent years.

Semantic Segmentation

Apache Submarine: A Unified Machine Learning Platform Made Simple

1 code implementation22 Aug 2021 Kai-Hsun Chen, Huan-Ping Su, Wei-Chiu Chuang, Hung-Chang Hsiao, Wangda Tan, Zhankun Tang, Xun Liu, Yanbo Liang, Wen-Chih Lo, Wanqiang Ji, Byron Hsu, Keqiu Hu, HuiYang Jian, Quan Zhou, Chien-Min Wang

As machine learning is applied more widely, it is necessary to have a machine learning platform for both infrastructure administrators and users including expert data scientists and citizen data scientists to improve their productivity.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

FPB: Feature Pyramid Branch for Person Re-Identification

1 code implementation4 Aug 2021 Suofei Zhang, Zirui Yin, Xiofu Wu, Kun Wang, Quan Zhou, Bin Kang

In this paper, we propose a lightweight Feature Pyramid Branch (FPB) to extract features from different layers of networks and aggregate them in a bidirectional pyramid structure.

object-detection Object Detection +1

Subgroup Fairness in Two-Sided Markets

1 code implementation4 Jun 2021 Quan Zhou, Jakub Marecek, Robert N. Shorten

In the process, we introduce a novel notion of subgroup fairness (which we call Inter-fairness), which can be combined with other notions of fairness within each subgroup (called Intra-fairness), and the utility for the customers (Customer-Care) in the objective of the market-clearing problem.


BubbleNet: Inferring micro-bubble dynamics with semi-physics-informed deep learning

1 code implementation15 May 2021 Hanfeng Zhai, Quan Zhou, Guohui Hu

We apply the traditional DNN and our BubbleNet to train the coarsened simulation data and predict the physics fields of both the two bubbly flow cases.

Complexity analysis of Bayesian learning of high-dimensional DAG models and their equivalence classes

no code implementations11 Jan 2021 Quan Zhou, Hyunwoong Chang

Structure learning via MCMC sampling is known to be very challenging because of the enormous search space and the existence of Markov equivalent DAGs.

Statistics Theory Computation Statistics Theory 62F15, 62J05

Fairness in Forecasting and Learning Linear Dynamical Systems

no code implementations12 Jun 2020 Quan Zhou, Jakub Marecek, Robert N. Shorten

In machine learning, training data often capture the behaviour of multiple subgroups of some underlying human population.

Fairness Time Series Forecasting

BiCANet: Bi-directional Contextual Aggregating Network for Image Semantic Segmentation

1 code implementation21 Mar 2020 Quan Zhou, Dechun Cong, Bin Kang, Xiaofu Wu, Baoyu Zheng, Huimin Lu, Longin Jan Latecki

Exploring contextual information in convolution neural networks (CNNs) has gained substantial attention in recent years for semantic segmentation.

Semantic Segmentation

Tighter Bound Estimation of Sensitivity Analysis for Incremental and Decremental Data Modification

no code implementations6 Mar 2020 Kaichen Zhou, Shiji Song, Gao Huang, Wu Cheng, Quan Zhou

Specifically, the proposed algorithm can be used to estimate the upper and lower bounds of the updated classifier's coefficient matrix with a low computational complexity related to the size of the updated dataset.

Incremental Learning L2 Regularization

Proper Learning of Linear Dynamical Systems as a Non-Commutative Polynomial Optimisation Problem

1 code implementation4 Feb 2020 Quan Zhou, Jakub Marecek

There has been much recent progress in forecasting the next observation of a linear dynamical system (LDS), which is known as the improper learning, as well as in the estimation of its system matrices, which is known as the proper learning of LDS.

FDDWNet: A Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network for Real-time Sementic Segmentation

no code implementations2 Nov 2019 Jia Liu, Quan Zhou, Yong Qiang, Bin Kang, Xiaofu Wu, Baoyu Zheng

The comprehensive experiments demonstrate that our model achieves state-of-the-art results in terms of available speed and accuracy trade-off on CityScapes and CamVid datasets.

Semantic Segmentation

ESNet: An Efficient Symmetric Network for Real-time Semantic Segmentation

1 code implementation24 Jun 2019 Yu Wang, Quan Zhou, Xiaofu Wu

The whole network has nearly symmetric architecture, which is mainly composed of a series of factorized convolution unit (FCU) and its parallel counterparts (PFCU).

Real-Time Semantic Segmentation

A lossless data hiding scheme in JPEG images with segment coding

no code implementations31 Jan 2019 Mingming Zhang, Quan Zhou, Yanlang Hu

In this paper, we propose a lossless data hiding scheme in JPEG images.

Fast Dynamic Routing Based on Weighted Kernel Density Estimation

3 code implementations28 May 2018 Suofei Zhang, Wei Zhao, Xiaofu Wu, Quan Zhou

Capsules as well as dynamic routing between them are most recently proposed structures for deep neural networks.

Density Estimation Image Classification

Multi-level Chaotic Maps for 3D Textured Model Encryption

no code implementations25 Sep 2017 Xin Jin, Shuyun Zhu, Le Wu, Geng Zhao, Xiao-Dong Li, Quan Zhou, Huimin Lu

In this work, a multi-level chaotic maps models for 3D textured encryption was presented by observing the different contributions for recognizing cipher 3D models between vertices (point cloud), polygons and textures.

Multiple types of topological fermions in transition metal silicides

no code implementations12 Jun 2017 Peizhe Tang, Quan Zhou, Shou-Cheng Zhang

Exotic massless fermionic excitations with non-zero Berry flux, other than Dirac and Weyl fermions, could exist in condensed matter systems under the protection of crystalline symmetries, such as spin-1 excitations with 3-fold degeneracy and spin-3/2 Rarita-Schwinger-Weyl fermions.

Materials Science Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Applied Physics

Fiscal stimulus as an optimal control problem

no code implementations22 Oct 2014 Philip A. Ernst, Michael B. Imerman, Larry Shepp, Quan Zhou

During the Great Recession, Democrats in the United States argued that government spending could be utilized to "grease the wheels" of the economy in order to create wealth and to increase employment; Republicans, on the other hand, contended that government spending is wasteful and discouraged investment, thereby increasing unemployment.

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