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Layout2Rendering: AI-aided Greenspace design

no code implementations21 Apr 2024 Ran Chen, Zeke Lian, Yueheng He, Xiao Ling, Fuyu Yang, Xueqi Yao, Xingjian Yi, Jing Zhao

Experimental results show that: (1) the system, with the aid of AI-assisted technology, can rapidly generate space green space schemes that meet the designer's perspective based on site conditions; (2) this study has vectorized and three-dimensionalized various types of landscape design elements based on semantic information; (3) the analysis and visualization module constructed in this study can perform landscape analysis on the generated three-dimensional models and produce node effect diagrams, allowing users to modify the design in real time based on the effects, thus enhancing the system's interactivity.

Research on the Laws of Multimodal Perception and Cognition from a Cross-cultural Perspective -- Taking Overseas Chinese Gardens as an Example

no code implementations29 Dec 2023 Ran Chen, Xueqi Yao, Jing Zhao, Shuhan Xu, Sirui Zhang, Yijun Mao

This study aims to explore the complex relationship between perceptual and cognitive interactions in multimodal data analysis, with a specific emphasis on spatial experience design in overseas Chinese gardens.

Exploring the Impacts of Land Use/Cover Change on Ecosystem Services in Multiple Scenarios --The Case of Sichuan-Chongqing Region, China

no code implementations19 Dec 2023 Ran Chen, Jing Zhao, Xiaomin Luo, Xinxue Yan, Xi Zheng, Yijun Mao, Xiaoping Fu, Xueqi Yao, Sijia Jiang

This study focuses on the "ecology-food" imbalance problem. taking Sichuan-Chongqing Region as an example, to set up future scenarios topredicate the distribution of ESs.

A Framework of Full-Process Generation Design for Park Green Spaces Based on Remote Sensing Segmentation-GAN-Diffusion

no code implementations17 Dec 2023 Ran Chen, Xingjian Yi, Jing Zhao, Yueheng He, Bainian Chen, Xueqi Yao, Fangjun Liu, Haoran Li, Zeke Lian

There are two research gaps in the current research: 1) Most studies only focus on the relationship between design elements and pay little attention to the external information of the site; 2) GAN and other traditional generative algorithms generate results with low resolution and insufficient details.

Doubly High-Dimensional Contextual Bandits: An Interpretable Model for Joint Assortment-Pricing

no code implementations14 Sep 2023 Junhui Cai, Ran Chen, Martin J. Wainwright, Linda Zhao

In each case, we show at least three-fold gains in revenue or profit by our bandit method, as well as the interpretability of the latent factor models that are learned.

Multi-Armed Bandits

Two-stream Hierarchical Similarity Reasoning for Image-text Matching

no code implementations10 Mar 2022 Ran Chen, Hanli Wang, Lei Wang, Sam Kwong

Second, previous approaches only consider learning single-stream similarity alignment (i. e., image-to-text level or text-to-image level), which is inadequate to fully use similarity information for image-text matching.

Image-text matching Text Matching +1

Balanced Graph Structure Learning for Multivariate Time Series Forecasting

1 code implementation24 Jan 2022 Weijun Chen, Yanze Wang, Chengshuo Du, Zhenglong Jia, Feng Liu, Ran Chen

However, current models do not incorporate the trade-off between efficiency and flexibility and lack the guidance of domain knowledge in the design of graph structure learning algorithms.

Graph Generation Graph Learning +3

PCL: Proxy-Based Contrastive Learning for Domain Generalization

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Xufeng Yao, Yang Bai, Xinyun Zhang, Yuechen Zhang, Qi Sun, Ran Chen, Ruiyu Li, Bei Yu

Domain generalization refers to the problem of training a model from a collection of different source domains that can directly generalize to the unseen target domains.

Contrastive Learning Domain Generalization

HELMHOLTZ: A Verifier for Tezos Smart Contracts Based on Refinement Types

no code implementations30 Aug 2021 Yuki Nishida, Hiromasa Saito, Ran Chen, Akira Kawata, Jun Furuse, Kohei Suenaga, Atsushi Igarashi

Due to the large amount of money that smart contracts deal with, there is a surging demand for a method that can statically and formally verify them.

Vocal Bursts Type Prediction

Dive Deeper Into Box for Object Detection

no code implementations ECCV 2020 Ran Chen, Yong liu, Mengdan Zhang, Shu Liu, Bei Yu, Yu-Wing Tai

Anchor free methods have defined the new frontier in state-of-the-art object detection researches where accurate bounding box estimation is the key to the success of these methods.

Object object-detection +1

VLSI Mask Optimization: From Shallow To Deep Learning

no code implementations16 Dec 2019 Haoyu Yang, Wei Zhong, Yuzhe ma, Hao Geng, Ran Chen, Wanli Chen, Bei Yu

VLSI mask optimization is one of the most critical stages in manufacturability aware design, which is costly due to the complicated mask optimization and lithography simulation.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

A Unified Approximation Framework for Compressing and Accelerating Deep Neural Networks

no code implementations26 Jul 2018 Yuzhe Ma, Ran Chen, Wei Li, Fanhua Shang, Wenjian Yu, Minsik Cho, Bei Yu

To address this issue, various approximation techniques have been investigated, which seek for a light weighted network with little performance degradation in exchange of smaller model size or faster inference.

General Classification Image Classification +1

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