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Estimation of Global Building Stocks by 2070: Unlocking Renovation Potential

no code implementations6 Jun 2024 Shufan Zhang, Minda Ma, Nan Zhou, Jinyue Yan, Wei Feng, Ran Yan, Kairui You, Jingjing Zhang, Jing Ke

Buildings produce one-third of carbon emissions globally, however, data absence regarding global floorspace poses challenges in advancing building carbon neutrality.

RFLPA: A Robust Federated Learning Framework against Poisoning Attacks with Secure Aggregation

no code implementations24 May 2024 Peihua Mai, Ran Yan, Yan Pang

To reconcile the conflicts, we propose a robust federated learning framework against poisoning attacks (RFLPA) based on SecAgg protocol.

Federated Learning

ConfusionPrompt: Practical Private Inference for Online Large Language Models

no code implementations30 Dec 2023 Peihua Mai, Ran Yan, Rui Ye, Youjia Yang, Yinchuan Li, Yan Pang

In response, we present ConfusionPrompt, a novel private LLM inference framework designed to obfuscate the server by: (i) decomposing the prompt into sub-prompts, and (ii) generating pseudo prompts along with the genuine sub-prompts as input to the online LLM.

Privacy Preserving Zero-shot Generalization

Split-and-Denoise: Protect large language model inference with local differential privacy

1 code implementation13 Oct 2023 Peihua Mai, Ran Yan, Zhe Huang, Youjia Yang, Yan Pang

Large Language Models (LLMs) excel in natural language understanding by capturing hidden semantics in vector space.

Language Modelling Large Language Model +2

Decarbonization patterns of residential building operations in China and India

no code implementations24 Jun 2023 Ran Yan, Nan Zhou, Wei Feng, Minda Ma, Xiwang Xiang, Chao Mao

(2) Building electrification played a significant role in decarbonizing space cooling (-87. 7 in China and -130. 2 kilograms of carbon dioxide (kgCO2) per household in India) and appliances (-169. 7 in China and -43. 4 kgCO2 per household in India).

SuperGF: Unifying Local and Global Features for Visual Localization

no code implementations23 Dec 2022 Wenzheng Song, Ran Yan, Boshu Lei, Takayuki Okatani

In this study, we present a novel method called SuperGF, which effectively unifies local and global features for visual localization, leading to a higher trade-off between localization accuracy and computational efficiency.

Computational Efficiency Image Retrieval +4

MegBA: A GPU-Based Distributed Library for Large-Scale Bundle Adjustment

1 code implementation2 Dec 2021 Jie Ren, Wenteng Liang, Ran Yan, Luo Mai, Shiwen Liu, Xiao Liu

Large-scale Bundle Adjustment (BA) requires massive memory and computation resources which are difficult to be fulfilled by existing BA libraries.

MegLoc: A Robust and Accurate Visual Localization Pipeline

no code implementations25 Nov 2021 Shuxue Peng, Zihang He, Haotian Zhang, Ran Yan, Chuting Wang, Qingtian Zhu, Xiao Liu

In this paper, we present a visual localization pipeline, namely MegLoc, for robust and accurate 6-DoF pose estimation under varying scenarios, including indoor and outdoor scenes, different time across a day, different seasons across a year, and even across years.

Autonomous Driving Pose Estimation +1

Method Towards CVPR 2021 SimLocMatch Challenge

no code implementations10 Aug 2021 Xiaopeng Bi, Ran Yan, Zheng Chai, Haotian Zhang, Xiao Liu

This report describes Megvii-3D team's approach towards SimLocMatch Challenge @ CVPR 2021 Image Matching Workshop.

Method Towards CVPR 2021 Image Matching Challenge

no code implementations10 Aug 2021 Xiaopeng Bi, Yu Chen, Xinyang Liu, Dehao Zhang, Ran Yan, Zheng Chai, Haotian Zhang, Xiao Liu

This report describes Megvii-3D team's approach towards CVPR 2021 Image Matching Workshop.

Operation management of green ports and shipping networks: overview and research opportunities

no code implementations Frontiers of Engineering Management 2019 Lu ZHEN, Dan ZHUGE, Liwen MURONG, Ran Yan, Shuaian W ANG

This study highlights the importance and necessity of investigating emergent research problems in the operation management of green ports and maritime shipping networks.


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