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KORSAL: Key-point Detection based Online Real-Time Spatio-Temporal Action Localization

no code implementations5 Nov 2021 Kalana Abeywardena, Shechem Sumanthiran, Sakuna Jayasundara, Sachira Karunasena, Ranga Rodrigo, Peshala Jayasekara

Despite the simplicity of our approach, our lightweight end-to-end architecture achieves state-of-the-art frame-mAP of 74. 7% on the challenging UCF101-24 dataset, demonstrating a performance gain of 6. 4% over the previous best online methods.

Optical Flow Estimation Spatio-Temporal Action Localization +1

SwiftLane: Towards Fast and Efficient Lane Detection

no code implementations22 Oct 2021 Oshada Jayasinghe, Damith Anhettigama, Sahan Hemachandra, Shenali Kariyawasam, Ranga Rodrigo, Peshala Jayasekara

Recent work done on lane detection has been able to detect lanes accurately in complex scenarios, yet many fail to deliver real-time performance specifically with limited computational resources.

Lane Detection

CeyMo: See More on Roads -- A Novel Benchmark Dataset for Road Marking Detection

no code implementations22 Oct 2021 Oshada Jayasinghe, Sahan Hemachandra, Damith Anhettigama, Shenali Kariyawasam, Ranga Rodrigo, Peshala Jayasekara

In this paper, we introduce a novel road marking benchmark dataset for road marking detection, addressing the limitations in the existing publicly available datasets such as lack of challenging scenarios, prominence given to lane markings, unavailability of an evaluation script, lack of annotation formats and lower resolutions.

Instance Segmentation Object Detection +1

End-To-End Data-Dependent Routing in Multi-Path Neural Networks

no code implementations6 Jul 2021 Dumindu Tissera, Kasun Vithanage, Rukshan Wijessinghe, Subha Fernando, Ranga Rodrigo

Having multiple parallel convolutional/dense operations in each layer solves this problem, but without any context-dependent allocation of resources among these operations: the parallel computations tend to learn similar features making the widening process less effective.

Diverse Single Image Generation with Controllable Global Structure through Self-Attention

no code implementations9 Feb 2021 Sutharsan Mahendren, Chamira Edussooriya, Ranga Rodrigo

Image generation from a single image using generative adversarial networks is quite interesting due to the realism of generated images.

Image Generation

DEVI: Open-source Human-Robot Interface for Interactive Receptionist Systems

1 code implementation2 Jan 2021 Ramesha Karunasena, Piumi Sandarenu, Madushi Pinto, Achala Athukorala, Ranga Rodrigo, Peshala Jayasekara

Humanoid robots that act as human-robot interfaces equipped with social skills can assist people in many of their daily activities.

Face Recognition Speech Recognition

Fast and Accurate Light Field Saliency Detection through Feature Extraction

no code implementations25 Oct 2020 Sahan Hemachandra, Ranga Rodrigo, Chamira Edussooriya

Our saliency detector takes $0. 4$ s to process a light field of size $9\times9\times512\times375$ in a CPU and is significantly faster than existing systems, with better or comparable accuracy.

Saliency Detection

Feature-Dependent Cross-Connections in Multi-Path Neural Networks

no code implementations24 Jun 2020 Dumindu Tissera, Kasun Vithanage, Rukshan Wijesinghe, Kumara Kahatapitiya, Subha Fernando, Ranga Rodrigo

As opposed to conventional network widening, multi-path architectures restrict the quadratic increment of complexity to a linear scale.

Exploiting the Redundancy in Convolutional Filters for Parameter Reduction

1 code implementation26 Jul 2019 Kumara Kahatapitiya, Ranga Rodrigo

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have achieved state-of-the-art performance in many computer vision tasks over the years.

Context-Aware Multipath Networks

no code implementations26 Jul 2019 Dumindu Tissera, Kumara Kahatapitiya, Rukshan Wijesinghe, Subha Fernando, Ranga Rodrigo

In view of this, networks which can allocate resources according to the context of the input and regulate flow of information across the network are effective.

Image Classification

Context-Aware Automatic Occlusion Removal

1 code implementation7 May 2019 Kumara Kahatapitiya, Dumindu Tissera, Ranga Rodrigo

Occlusion removal is an interesting application of image enhancement, for which, existing work suggests manually-annotated or domain-specific occlusion removal.

Image Enhancement

DeepCaps: Going Deeper with Capsule Networks

5 code implementations CVPR 2019 Jathushan Rajasegaran, Vinoj Jayasundara, Sandaru Jayasekara, Hirunima Jayasekara, Suranga Seneviratne, Ranga Rodrigo

Capsule Network is a promising concept in deep learning, yet its true potential is not fully realized thus far, providing sub-par performance on several key benchmark datasets with complex data.

TextCaps : Handwritten Character Recognition with Very Small Datasets

3 code implementations17 Apr 2019 Vinoj Jayasundara, Sandaru Jayasekara, Hirunima Jayasekara, Jathushan Rajasegaran, Suranga Seneviratne, Ranga Rodrigo

Our system is useful in character recognition for localized languages that lack much labeled training data and even in other related more general contexts such as object recognition.

Few-Shot Image Classification Image Generation

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