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Domain Adaptation of NMT models for English-Hindi Machine Translation Task : AdapMT Shared Task ICON 2020

no code implementations ICON 2020 Ramchandra Joshi, Rusbabh Karnavat, Kaustubh Jirapure, Raviraj Joshi

We train these models primarily using the out of domain data and employ simple domain adaptation techniques based on the characteristics of the in-domain dataset.

Domain Adaptation Machine Translation +2

L3Cube-HindBERT and DevBERT: Pre-Trained BERT Transformer models for Devanagari based Hindi and Marathi Languages

no code implementations21 Nov 2022 Raviraj Joshi

The monolingual Hindi BERT models currently available on the model hub do not perform better than the multi-lingual models on downstream tasks.

named-entity-recognition Named Entity Recognition +2

L3Cube-MahaSBERT and HindSBERT: Sentence BERT Models and Benchmarking BERT Sentence Representations for Hindi and Marathi

no code implementations21 Nov 2022 Ananya Joshi, Aditi Kajale, Janhavi Gadre, Samruddhi Deode, Raviraj Joshi

We evaluate these models on real text classification datasets to show embeddings obtained from synthetic data training are generalizable to real datasets as well and thus represent an effective training strategy for low-resource languages.

Machine Translation Sentence Embedding +5

Spread Love Not Hate: Undermining the Importance of Hateful Pre-training for Hate Speech Detection

no code implementations9 Oct 2022 Omkar Gokhale, Aditya Kane, Shantanu Patankar, Tanmay Chavan, Raviraj Joshi

Pre-training large neural language models, such as BERT, has led to impressive gains on many natural language processing (NLP) tasks.

Hate Speech Detection

A Review of Challenges in Machine Learning based Automated Hate Speech Detection

no code implementations12 Sep 2022 Abhishek Velankar, Hrushikesh Patil, Raviraj Joshi

In this work, we deeply explore a wide range of challenges in automatic hate speech detection by presenting a hierarchical organization of these problems.

Hate Speech Detection

L3Cube-MahaNLP: Marathi Natural Language Processing Datasets, Models, and Library

1 code implementation29 May 2022 Raviraj Joshi

With L3Cube-MahaNLP, we aim to build resources and a library for Marathi natural language processing.

Hate Speech Detection Language Modelling +3

Mono vs Multilingual BERT for Hate Speech Detection and Text Classification: A Case Study in Marathi

no code implementations19 Apr 2022 Abhishek Velankar, Hrushikesh Patil, Raviraj Joshi

We focus on the Marathi language and evaluate the models on the datasets for hate speech detection, sentiment analysis and simple text classification in Marathi.

Classification Hate Speech Detection +4

Hierarchical Neural Network Approaches for Long Document Classification

no code implementations18 Jan 2022 Snehal Khandve, Vedangi Wagh, Apurva Wani, Isha Joshi, Raviraj Joshi

Along with the hierarchical approaches, this work also provides a comparison of different deep learning algorithms like USE, BERT, HAN, Longformer, and BigBird for long document classification.

Classification Document Classification +2

On Sensitivity of Deep Learning Based Text Classification Algorithms to Practical Input Perturbations

no code implementations2 Jan 2022 Aamir Miyajiwala, Arnav Ladkat, Samiksha Jagadale, Raviraj Joshi

In this work, we carry out a data-focused study evaluating the impact of systematic practical perturbations on the performance of the deep learning based text classification models like CNN, LSTM, and BERT-based algorithms.

text-classification Text Classification

Comparative Study of Long Document Classification

no code implementations1 Nov 2021 Vedangi Wagh, Snehal Khandve, Isha Joshi, Apurva Wani, Geetanjali Kale, Raviraj Joshi

We re-iterate that long document classification is a simpler task and even basic algorithms perform competitively with BERT-based approaches on most of the datasets.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Classification +2

SISA: Securing Images by Selective Alteration

no code implementations20 Jun 2021 Prutha Gaherwar, Shraddha Joshi, Raviraj Joshi, Rahul Khengare

While encryption is the best way to ensure image security, full encryption and decryption is a computationally-intensive process.

Object Recognition

ICodeNet -- A Hierarchical Neural Network Approach for Source Code Author Identification

no code implementations30 Jan 2021 Pranali Bora, Tulika Awalgaonkar, Himanshu Palve, Raviraj Joshi, Purvi Goel

We have also compared our image-based hierarchical neural network model with simple image-based CNN architecture and text-based CNN and LSTM models to highlight its novelty and efficiency.

Evaluation of Deep Learning Models for Hostility Detection in Hindi Text

no code implementations11 Jan 2021 Ramchandra Joshi, Rushabh Karnavat, Kaustubh Jirapure, Raviraj Joshi

The pre-trained Hindi fast text word embeddings by IndicNLP and Facebook are used in conjunction with CNN and LSTM models.

Multi-Label Classification Word Embeddings

Domain Adaptation of NMT models for English-Hindi Machine Translation Task at AdapMT ICON 2020

no code implementations22 Dec 2020 Ramchandra Joshi, Rushabh Karnavat, Kaustubh Jirapure, Raviraj Joshi

The shared task aims to build a translation system for Indian languages in specific domains like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chemistry using a small in-domain parallel corpus.

Domain Adaptation Machine Translation +2

Deep Learning for Hindi Text Classification: A Comparison

no code implementations19 Jan 2020 Ramchandra Joshi, Purvi Goel, Raviraj Joshi

Usage of deep learning in text processing has revolutionized the techniques for text processing and achieved remarkable results.

Classification General Classification +3

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