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Pixel-Pair Occlusion Relationship Map (P2ORM): Formulation, Inference & Application

no code implementations ECCV 2020 Xuchong Qiu, Yang Xiao, Chaohui Wang, Renaud Marlet

Inference & Application","We formalize concepts around geometric occlusion in 2D images (i. e., ignoring semantics), and propose a novel unified formulation of both occlusion boundaries and occlusion orientations via a pixel-pair occlusion relation.

Monocular Depth Estimation

Take One Gram of Neural Features, Get Enhanced Group Robustness

no code implementations26 Aug 2022 Simon Roburin, Charles Corbière, Gilles Puy, Nicolas Thome, Matthieu Aubry, Renaud Marlet, Patrick Pérez

Predictive performance of machine learning models trained with empirical risk minimization (ERM) can degrade considerably under distribution shifts.

Deep Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds with Visibility Information

1 code implementation3 Feb 2022 Raphael Sulzer, Loic Landrieu, Alexandre Boulch, Renaud Marlet, Bruno Vallet

Most current neural networks for reconstructing surfaces from point clouds ignore sensor poses and only operate on raw point locations.

Surface Reconstruction

POCO: Point Convolution for Surface Reconstruction

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Alexandre Boulch, Renaud Marlet

To overcome this limitation, a few approaches infer latent vectors on a coarse regular 3D grid or on 3D patches, and interpolate them to answer occupancy queries.

3D Reconstruction Surface Reconstruction

PCAM: Product of Cross-Attention Matrices for Rigid Registration of Point Clouds

1 code implementation ICCV 2021 Anh-Quan Cao, Gilles Puy, Alexandre Boulch, Renaud Marlet

Rigid registration of point clouds with partial overlaps is a longstanding problem usually solved in two steps: (a) finding correspondences between the point clouds; (b) filtering these correspondences to keep only the most reliable ones to estimate the transformation.

Point Cloud Registration

Generative Zero-Shot Learning for Semantic Segmentation of 3D Point Cloud

1 code implementation13 Aug 2021 Björn Michele, Alexandre Boulch, Gilles Puy, Maxime Bucher, Renaud Marlet

While there has been a number of studies on Zero-Shot Learning (ZSL) for 2D images, its application to 3D data is still recent and scarce, with just a few methods limited to classification.

Classification Semantic Segmentation +1

Scalable Surface Reconstruction with Delaunay-Graph Neural Networks

1 code implementation13 Jul 2021 Raphael Sulzer, Loic Landrieu, Renaud Marlet, Bruno Vallet

We introduce a novel learning-based, visibility-aware, surface reconstruction method for large-scale, defect-laden point clouds.

Surface Reconstruction

Pixel-Pair Occlusion Relationship Map(P2ORM): Formulation, Inference & Application

1 code implementation23 Jul 2020 Xuchong Qiu, Yang Xiao, Chaohui Wang, Renaud Marlet

The former provides a way to generate large-scale accurate occlusion datasets while, based on the latter, we propose a novel method for task-independent pixel-level occlusion relationship estimation from single images.

Monocular Depth Estimation Occlusion Estimation

FLOT: Scene Flow on Point Clouds Guided by Optimal Transport

1 code implementation ECCV 2020 Gilles Puy, Alexandre Boulch, Renaud Marlet

Our main finding is that FLOT can perform as well as the best existing methods on synthetic and real-world datasets while requiring much less parameters and without using multiscale analysis.

Graph Matching Scene Flow Estimation

FKAConv: Feature-Kernel Alignment for Point Cloud Convolution

1 code implementation9 Apr 2020 Alexandre Boulch, Gilles Puy, Renaud Marlet

Recent state-of-the-art methods for point cloud processing are based on the notion of point convolution, for which several approaches have been proposed.

LIDAR Semantic Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

Surface Reconstruction from 3D Line Segments

1 code implementation1 Nov 2019 Pierre-Alain Langlois, Alexandre Boulch, Renaud Marlet

In man-made environments such as indoor scenes, when point-based 3D reconstruction fails due to the lack of texture, lines can still be detected and used to support surfaces.

3D Reconstruction Surface Reconstruction

Virtual Training for a Real Application: Accurate Object-Robot Relative Localization without Calibration

no code implementations7 Feb 2019 Vianney Loing, Renaud Marlet, Mathieu Aubry

Localizing an object accurately with respect to a robot is a key step for autonomous robotic manipulation.

Robust SfM with Little Image Overlap

1 code implementation23 Mar 2017 Yohann Salaun, Renaud Marlet, Pascal Monasse

Usual Structure-from-Motion (SfM) techniques require at least trifocal overlaps to calibrate cameras and reconstruct a scene.

Crafting a multi-task CNN for viewpoint estimation

no code implementations13 Sep 2016 Francisco Massa, Renaud Marlet, Mathieu Aubry

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) were recently shown to provide state-of-the-art results for object category viewpoint estimation.

General Classification Viewpoint Estimation

Efficient 2D and 3D Facade Segmentation using Auto-Context

no code implementations21 Jun 2016 Raghudeep Gadde, Varun Jampani, Renaud Marlet, Peter V. Gehler

This paper introduces a fast and efficient segmentation technique for 2D images and 3D point clouds of building facades.

Convolutional Neural Networks for joint object detection and pose estimation: A comparative study

no code implementations22 Dec 2014 Francisco Massa, Mathieu Aubry, Renaud Marlet

In this paper we study the application of convolutional neural networks for jointly detecting objects depicted in still images and estimating their 3D pose.

General Classification object-detection +2

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