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DeepSpeed-FastGen: High-throughput Text Generation for LLMs via MII and DeepSpeed-Inference

2 code implementations9 Jan 2024 Connor Holmes, Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Wyatt, Ammar Ahmad Awan, Jeff Rasley, Samyam Rajbhandari, Reza Yazdani Aminabadi, Heyang Qin, Arash Bakhtiari, Lev Kurilenko, Yuxiong He

The deployment and scaling of large language models (LLMs) have become critical as they permeate various applications, demanding high-throughput and low-latency serving systems.

Benchmarking Text Generation

Understanding INT4 Quantization for Transformer Models: Latency Speedup, Composability, and Failure Cases

1 code implementation27 Jan 2023 Xiaoxia Wu, Cheng Li, Reza Yazdani Aminabadi, Zhewei Yao, Yuxiong He

Improving the deployment efficiency of transformer-based language models has been challenging given their high computation and memory cost.


DeepSpeed Inference: Enabling Efficient Inference of Transformer Models at Unprecedented Scale

2 code implementations30 Jun 2022 Reza Yazdani Aminabadi, Samyam Rajbhandari, Minjia Zhang, Ammar Ahmad Awan, Cheng Li, Du Li, Elton Zheng, Jeff Rasley, Shaden Smith, Olatunji Ruwase, Yuxiong He

DeepSpeed Inference reduces latency by up to 7. 3X over the state-of-the-art for latency-oriented scenarios and increases throughput by over 1. 5x for throughput-oriented scenarios.

ZeroQuant: Efficient and Affordable Post-Training Quantization for Large-Scale Transformers

3 code implementations4 Jun 2022 Zhewei Yao, Reza Yazdani Aminabadi, Minjia Zhang, Xiaoxia Wu, Conglong Li, Yuxiong He

How to efficiently serve ever-larger trained natural language models in practice has become exceptionally challenging even for powerful cloud servers due to their prohibitive memory/computation requirements.

Knowledge Distillation Quantization

DeepSpeed-MoE: Advancing Mixture-of-Experts Inference and Training to Power Next-Generation AI Scale

3 code implementations14 Jan 2022 Samyam Rajbhandari, Conglong Li, Zhewei Yao, Minjia Zhang, Reza Yazdani Aminabadi, Ammar Ahmad Awan, Jeff Rasley, Yuxiong He

As the training of giant dense models hits the boundary on the availability and capability of the hardware resources today, Mixture-of-Experts (MoE) models become one of the most promising model architectures due to their significant training cost reduction compared to a quality-equivalent dense model.

Model Compression

ZeRO-Offload: Democratizing Billion-Scale Model Training

3 code implementations18 Jan 2021 Jie Ren, Samyam Rajbhandari, Reza Yazdani Aminabadi, Olatunji Ruwase, Shuangyan Yang, Minjia Zhang, Dong Li, Yuxiong He

By combining compute and memory efficiency with ease-of-use, ZeRO-Offload democratizes large-scale model training making it accessible to even data scientists with access to just a single GPU.

Computational Efficiency

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