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EgoBlur: Responsible Innovation in Aria

no code implementations24 Aug 2023 Nikhil Raina, Guruprasad Somasundaram, Kang Zheng, Sagar Miglani, Steve Saarinen, Jeff Meissner, Mark Schwesinger, Luis Pesqueira, Ishita Prasad, Edward Miller, Prince Gupta, Mingfei Yan, Richard Newcombe, Carl Ren, Omkar M Parkhi

Project Aria pushes the frontiers of Egocentric AI with large-scale real-world data collection using purposely designed glasses with privacy first approach.

Project Aria: A New Tool for Egocentric Multi-Modal AI Research

no code implementations24 Aug 2023 Kiran Somasundaram, Jing Dong, Huixuan Tang, Julian Straub, Mingfei Yan, Michael Goesele, Jakob Julian Engel, Renzo De Nardi, Richard Newcombe

Egocentric, multi-modal data as available on future augmented reality (AR) devices provides unique challenges and opportunities for machine perception.

Aria Digital Twin: A New Benchmark Dataset for Egocentric 3D Machine Perception

1 code implementation10 Jun 2023 Xiaqing Pan, Nicholas Charron, Yongqian Yang, Scott Peters, Thomas Whelan, Chen Kong, Omkar Parkhi, Richard Newcombe, Carl Yuheng Ren

We introduce the Aria Digital Twin (ADT) - an egocentric dataset captured using Aria glasses with extensive object, environment, and human level ground truth.

3D Object Detection Benchmarking +2

EgoHumans: An Egocentric 3D Multi-Human Benchmark

no code implementations25 May 2023 Rawal Khirodkar, Aayush Bansal, Lingni Ma, Richard Newcombe, Minh Vo, Kris Kitani

We present EgoHumans, a new multi-view multi-human video benchmark to advance the state-of-the-art of egocentric human 3D pose estimation and tracking.

3D Pose Estimation Human Detection

OrienterNet: Visual Localization in 2D Public Maps with Neural Matching

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Paul-Edouard Sarlin, Daniel DeTone, Tsun-Yi Yang, Armen Avetisyan, Julian Straub, Tomasz Malisiewicz, Samuel Rota Bulo, Richard Newcombe, Peter Kontschieder, Vasileios Balntas

We bridge this gap by introducing OrienterNet, the first deep neural network that can localize an image with sub-meter accuracy using the same 2D semantic maps that humans use.

Visual Localization

Nerfels: Renderable Neural Codes for Improved Camera Pose Estimation

no code implementations4 Jun 2022 Gil Avraham, Julian Straub, Tianwei Shen, Tsun-Yi Yang, Hugo Germain, Chris Sweeney, Vasileios Balntas, David Novotny, Daniel DeTone, Richard Newcombe

This paper presents a framework that combines traditional keypoint-based camera pose optimization with an invertible neural rendering mechanism.

Neural Rendering Pose Estimation

Self-supervised Neural Articulated Shape and Appearance Models

no code implementations CVPR 2022 Fangyin Wei, Rohan Chabra, Lingni Ma, Christoph Lassner, Michael Zollhöfer, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Chris Sweeney, Richard Newcombe, Mira Slavcheva

In addition, our representation enables a large variety of applications, such as few-shot reconstruction, the generation of novel articulations, and novel view-synthesis.

Novel View Synthesis

ERF: Explicit Radiance Field Reconstruction From Scratch

no code implementations28 Feb 2022 Samir Aroudj, Steven Lovegrove, Eddy Ilg, Tanner Schmidt, Michael Goesele, Richard Newcombe

Robustly reconstructing such a volumetric scene model with millions of unknown variables from registered scene images only is a highly non-convex and complex optimization problem.

3D Reconstruction

Ego4D: Around the World in 3,000 Hours of Egocentric Video

3 code implementations CVPR 2022 Kristen Grauman, Andrew Westbury, Eugene Byrne, Zachary Chavis, Antonino Furnari, Rohit Girdhar, Jackson Hamburger, Hao Jiang, Miao Liu, Xingyu Liu, Miguel Martin, Tushar Nagarajan, Ilija Radosavovic, Santhosh Kumar Ramakrishnan, Fiona Ryan, Jayant Sharma, Michael Wray, Mengmeng Xu, Eric Zhongcong Xu, Chen Zhao, Siddhant Bansal, Dhruv Batra, Vincent Cartillier, Sean Crane, Tien Do, Morrie Doulaty, Akshay Erapalli, Christoph Feichtenhofer, Adriano Fragomeni, Qichen Fu, Abrham Gebreselasie, Cristina Gonzalez, James Hillis, Xuhua Huang, Yifei HUANG, Wenqi Jia, Weslie Khoo, Jachym Kolar, Satwik Kottur, Anurag Kumar, Federico Landini, Chao Li, Yanghao Li, Zhenqiang Li, Karttikeya Mangalam, Raghava Modhugu, Jonathan Munro, Tullie Murrell, Takumi Nishiyasu, Will Price, Paola Ruiz Puentes, Merey Ramazanova, Leda Sari, Kiran Somasundaram, Audrey Southerland, Yusuke Sugano, Ruijie Tao, Minh Vo, Yuchen Wang, Xindi Wu, Takuma Yagi, Ziwei Zhao, Yunyi Zhu, Pablo Arbelaez, David Crandall, Dima Damen, Giovanni Maria Farinella, Christian Fuegen, Bernard Ghanem, Vamsi Krishna Ithapu, C. V. Jawahar, Hanbyul Joo, Kris Kitani, Haizhou Li, Richard Newcombe, Aude Oliva, Hyun Soo Park, James M. Rehg, Yoichi Sato, Jianbo Shi, Mike Zheng Shou, Antonio Torralba, Lorenzo Torresani, Mingfei Yan, Jitendra Malik

We introduce Ego4D, a massive-scale egocentric video dataset and benchmark suite.

De-identification Ethics

ODAM: Object Detection, Association, and Mapping using Posed RGB Video

1 code implementation ICCV 2021 Kejie Li, Daniel DeTone, Steven Chen, Minh Vo, Ian Reid, Hamid Rezatofighi, Chris Sweeney, Julian Straub, Richard Newcombe

Localizing objects and estimating their extent in 3D is an important step towards high-level 3D scene understanding, which has many applications in Augmented Reality and Robotics.

3D Object Detection object-detection +1

Neural 3D Video Synthesis from Multi-view Video

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Tianye Li, Mira Slavcheva, Michael Zollhoefer, Simon Green, Christoph Lassner, Changil Kim, Tanner Schmidt, Steven Lovegrove, Michael Goesele, Richard Newcombe, Zhaoyang Lv

We propose a novel approach for 3D video synthesis that is able to represent multi-view video recordings of a dynamic real-world scene in a compact, yet expressive representation that enables high-quality view synthesis and motion interpolation.

Motion Interpolation

FroDO: From Detections to 3D Objects

no code implementations11 May 2020 Kejie Li, Martin Rünz, Meng Tang, Lingni Ma, Chen Kong, Tanner Schmidt, Ian Reid, Lourdes Agapito, Julian Straub, Steven Lovegrove, Richard Newcombe

We introduce FroDO, a method for accurate 3D reconstruction of object instances from RGB video that infers object location, pose and shape in a coarse-to-fine manner.

3D Reconstruction Object Reconstruction +1

StereoDRNet: Dilated Residual Stereo Net

no code implementations3 Apr 2019 Rohan Chabra, Julian Straub, Chris Sweeney, Richard Newcombe, Henry Fuchs

We propose a system that uses a convolution neural network (CNN) to estimate depth from a stereo pair followed by volumetric fusion of the predicted depth maps to produce a 3D reconstruction of a scene.

3D Reconstruction

DeepSDF: Learning Continuous Signed Distance Functions for Shape Representation

5 code implementations CVPR 2019 Jeong Joon Park, Peter Florence, Julian Straub, Richard Newcombe, Steven Lovegrove

In this work, we introduce DeepSDF, a learned continuous Signed Distance Function (SDF) representation of a class of shapes that enables high quality shape representation, interpolation and completion from partial and noisy 3D input data.

3D Reconstruction 3D Shape Representation

Surface Light Field Fusion

no code implementations6 Sep 2018 Jeong Joon Park, Richard Newcombe, Steve Seitz

We present an approach for interactively scanning highly reflective objects with a commodity RGBD sensor.

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