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Joint Multi-modal Aspect-Sentiment Analysis with Auxiliary Cross-modal Relation Detection

1 code implementation EMNLP 2021 Xincheng Ju, Dong Zhang, Rong Xiao, Junhui Li, Shoushan Li, Min Zhang, Guodong Zhou

Therefore, in this paper, we are the first to jointly perform multi-modal ATE (MATE) and multi-modal ASC (MASC), and we propose a multi-modal joint learning approach with auxiliary cross-modal relation detection for multi-modal aspect-level sentiment analysis (MALSA).

Sentiment Analysis Sentiment Classification

Using Global Land Cover Product as Prompt for Cropland Mapping via Visual Foundation Model

no code implementations16 Oct 2023 Chao Tao, Aoran Hu, Rong Xiao, Haifeng Li, Yuze Wang

This simplifies the domain adaption from generic to specific scenes during model reasoning processes.

Domain Adaptation

Continual Transfer Learning for Cross-Domain Click-Through Rate Prediction at Taobao

no code implementations11 Aug 2022 Lixin Liu, Yanling Wang, Tianming Wang, Dong Guan, Jiawei Wu, Jingxu Chen, Rong Xiao, Wenxiang Zhu, Fei Fang

Therefore, it is crucial to perform cross-domain CTR prediction to transfer knowledge from large domains to small domains to alleviate the data sparsity issue.

Click-Through Rate Prediction Recommendation Systems +1

1st Place Solution for ICDAR 2021 Competition on Mathematical Formula Detection

1 code implementation12 Jul 2021 Yuxiang Zhong, Xianbiao Qi, Shanjun Li, Dengyi Gu, Yihao Chen, Peiyang Ning, Rong Xiao

In this technical report, we present our 1st place solution for the ICDAR 2021 competition on mathematical formula detection (MFD).

Path-based Deep Network for Candidate Item Matching in Recommenders

no code implementations18 May 2021 Houyi Li, Zhihong Chen, Chenliang Li, Rong Xiao, Hongbo Deng, Peng Zhang, Yongchao Liu, Haihong Tang

PDN utilizes Trigger Net to capture the user's interest in each of his/her interacted item, and Similarity Net to evaluate the similarity between each interacted item and the target item based on these items' profile and CF information.

Recommendation Systems Retrieval

PingAn-VCGroup's Solution for ICDAR 2021 Competition on Scientific Literature Parsing Task B: Table Recognition to HTML

2 code implementations5 May 2021 Jiaquan Ye, Xianbiao Qi, Yelin He, Yihao Chen, Dengyi Gu, Peng Gao, Rong Xiao

In our method, we divide the table content recognition task into foursub-tasks: table structure recognition, text line detection, text line recognition, and box assignment. Our table structure recognition algorithm is customized based on MASTER [1], a robust image textrecognition algorithm.

Line Detection Table Recognition

Learning a Product Relevance Model from Click-Through Data in E-Commerce

no code implementations14 Feb 2021 Shaowei Yao, Jiwei Tan, Xi Chen, Keping Yang, Rong Xiao, Hongbo Deng, Xiaojun Wan

We propose a novel way to consider samples of different relevance confidence, and come up with a new training objective to learn a robust relevance model with desirable score distribution.

Click-Through Rate Prediction

Learning Graph Normalization for Graph Neural Networks

1 code implementation24 Sep 2020 Yihao Chen, Xin Tang, Xianbiao Qi, Chun-Guang Li, Rong Xiao

We conduct extensive experiments on benchmark datasets for different tasks, including node classification, link prediction, graph classification and graph regression, and confirm that the learned graph normalization leads to competitive results and that the learned weights suggest the appropriate normalization techniques for the specific task.

Graph Classification Graph Regression +2

CATN: Cross-Domain Recommendation for Cold-Start Users via Aspect Transfer Network

1 code implementation21 May 2020 Cheng Zhao, Chenliang Li, Rong Xiao, Hongbo Deng, Aixin Sun

Given two relevant domains (e. g., Book and Movie), users may have interactions with items in one domain but not in the other domain.

Recommendation Systems

ESAM: Discriminative Domain Adaptation with Non-Displayed Items to Improve Long-Tail Performance

1 code implementation21 May 2020 Zhihong Chen, Rong Xiao, Chenliang Li, Gangfeng Ye, Haochuan Sun, Hongbo Deng

Most of ranking models are trained only with displayed items (most are hot items), but they are utilized to retrieve items in the entire space which consists of both displayed and non-displayed items (most are long-tail items).

Clustering Domain Adaptation +1

PICK: Processing Key Information Extraction from Documents using Improved Graph Learning-Convolutional Networks

2 code implementations16 Apr 2020 Wenwen Yu, Ning Lu, Xianbiao Qi, Ping Gong, Rong Xiao

Computer vision with state-of-the-art deep learning models has achieved huge success in the field of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) including text detection and recognition tasks recently.

Graph Learning Key Information Extraction +3

Neural Mesh Refiner for 6-DoF Pose Estimation

no code implementations17 Mar 2020 Di Wu, Yihao Chen, Xianbiao Qi, Yongjian Yu, Weixuan Chen, Rong Xiao

We utilise the overlay between the accurate mask prediction and less accurate mesh prediction to iteratively optimise the direct regressed 6D pose information with a focus on translation estimation.

Autonomous Driving Instance Segmentation +4

MASTER: Multi-Aspect Non-local Network for Scene Text Recognition

7 code implementations7 Oct 2019 Ning Lu, Wenwen Yu, Xianbiao Qi, Yihao Chen, Ping Gong, Rong Xiao, Xiang Bai

Attention-based scene text recognizers have gained huge success, which leverages a more compact intermediate representation to learn 1d- or 2d- attention by a RNN-based encoder-decoder architecture.

Scene Text Recognition

Learning to Count Objects with Few Exemplar Annotations

no code implementations20 May 2019 Jianfeng Wang, Rong Xiao, Yandong Guo, Lei Zhang

In this paper, we study the problem of object counting with incomplete annotations.

Object Counting object-detection +1

High Frequency Residual Learning for Multi-Scale Image Classification

no code implementations7 May 2019 Bowen Cheng, Rong Xiao, Jian-Feng Wang, Thomas Huang, Lei Zhang

We present a novel high frequency residual learning framework, which leads to a highly efficient multi-scale network (MSNet) architecture for mobile and embedded vision problems.

Classifier calibration General Classification +2

Revisit Multinomial Logistic Regression in Deep Learning: Data Dependent Model Initialization for Image Recognition

no code implementations17 Sep 2018 Bowen Cheng, Rong Xiao, Yandong Guo, Yuxiao Hu, Jian-Feng Wang, Lei Zhang

We study in this paper how to initialize the parameters of multinomial logistic regression (a fully connected layer followed with softmax and cross entropy loss), which is widely used in deep neural network (DNN) models for classification problems.

General Classification Image Classification +4

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