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GANmouflage: 3D Object Nondetection with Texture Fields

no code implementations18 Jan 2022 Rui Guo, Jasmine Collins, Oscar de Lima, Andrew Owens

Our model learns to camouflage a variety of object shapes from randomly sampled locations and viewpoints within the input scene, and is the first to address the problem of hiding complex object shapes.

Asynchronous Collaborative Localization by Integrating Spatiotemporal Graph Learning with Model-Based Estimation

no code implementations5 Nov 2021 Peng Gao, Brian Reily, Rui Guo, HongSheng Lu, Qingzhao Zhu, Hao Zhang

In this paper, we introduce a novel approach that integrates uncertainty-aware spatiotemporal graph learning and model-based state estimation for a team of robots to collaboratively localize objects.

Graph Learning Object Localization

Global Daily CO$_2$ emissions for the year 2020

no code implementations3 Mar 2021 Zhu Liu, Zhu Deng, Philippe Ciais, Jianguang Tan, Biqing Zhu, Steven J. Davis, Robbie Andrew, Olivier Boucher, Simon Ben Arous, Pep Canadel, Xinyu Dou, Pierre Friedlingstein, Pierre Gentine, Rui Guo, Chaopeng Hong, Robert B. Jackson, Daniel M. Kammen, Piyu Ke, Corinne Le Quere, Crippa Monica, Greet Janssens-Maenhout, Glen Peters, Katsumasa Tanaka, Yilong Wang, Bo Zheng, Haiwang Zhong, Taochun Sun, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

That even substantial world-wide lockdowns of activity led to a one-time decline in global CO$_2$ emissions of only 5. 4% in one year highlights the significant challenges for climate change mitigation that we face in the post-COVID era.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics General Economics Economics

Feature Sharing and Integration for Cooperative Cognition and Perception with Volumetric Sensors

no code implementations16 Nov 2020 Ehsan Emad Marvasti, Arash Raftari, Amir Emad Marvasti, Yaser P. Fallah, Rui Guo, HongSheng Lu

In this paper, we examine the requirements, limitations, and performance of different cooperative perception techniques, and present an in-depth analysis of the notion of Deep Feature Sharing (DFS).

object-detection Object Detection

Multi-view Sensor Fusion by Integrating Model-based Estimation and Graph Learning for Collaborative Object Localization

no code implementations16 Nov 2020 Peng Gao, Rui Guo, HongSheng Lu, Hao Zhang

Collaborative object localization aims to collaboratively estimate locations of objects observed from multiple views or perspectives, which is a critical ability for multi-agent systems such as connected vehicles.

Autonomous Driving Graph Learning +1

A variational autoencoder for music generation controlled by tonal tension

1 code implementation13 Oct 2020 Rui Guo, Ivor Simpson, Thor Magnusson, Chris Kiefer, Dorien Herremans

Many of the music generation systems based on neural networks are fully autonomous and do not offer control over the generation process.

Sound Symbolic Computation Audio and Speech Processing

Cooperative LIDAR Object Detection via Feature Sharing in Deep Networks

no code implementations19 Feb 2020 Ehsan Emad Marvasti, Arash Raftari, Amir Emad Marvasti, Yaser P. Fallah, Rui Guo, HongSheng Lu

The recent advancements in communication and computational systems has led to significant improvement of situational awareness in connected and autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicles object-detection +1

Graph Convolution Networks for Probabilistic Modeling of Driving Acceleration

no code implementations22 Nov 2019 Jianyu Su, Peter A. Beling, Rui Guo, Kyungtae Han

The ability to model and predict ego-vehicle's surrounding traffic is crucial for autonomous pilots and intelligent driver-assistance systems.

Traffic Prediction

Midi Miner -- A Python library for tonal tension and track classification

1 code implementation3 Oct 2019 Rui Guo, Dorien Herremans, Thor Magnusson

We present a Python library, called Midi Miner, that can calculate tonal tension and classify different tracks.

General Classification Music Generation

DV3+HED+: A DCNNs-based Framework to Monitor Temporary Works and ESAs in Railway Construction Project Using VHR Satellite Images

1 code implementation29 Aug 2019 Rui Guo, Ronghua Liu, Na Li, Wei Liu

Current VHR(Very High Resolution) satellite images enable the detailed monitoring of the earth and can capture the ongoing works of railway construction.

Edge Detection Semantic Segmentation

Multi-view Point Cloud Registration with Adaptive Convergence Threshold and its Application on 3D Model Retrieval

no code implementations25 Nov 2018 Yaochen Li, Ying Liu, Rui Sun, Rui Guo, Li Zhu, Yong Qi

In this paper, we propose a framework to reconstruct the 3D models by the multi-view point cloud registration algorithm with adaptive convergence threshold, and subsequently apply it to 3D model retrieval.

Point Cloud Registration

Spatio-Temporal Road Scene Reconstruction using Superpixel Markov Random Field

no code implementations24 Nov 2018 Yaochen Li, Yuehu Liu, Jihua Zhu, Shiqi Ma, Zhenning Niu, Rui Guo

The data fidelity term in the MRF's energy function is jointly computed according to the superpixel features of color, texture and location.


Driver Action Prediction Using Deep (Bidirectional) Recurrent Neural Network

no code implementations7 Jun 2017 Oluwatobi Olabiyi, Eric Martinson, Vijay Chintalapudi, Rui Guo

In this paper, we formulate driver action prediction as a timeseries anomaly prediction problem.

Weighted Motion Averaging for the Registration of Multi-View Range Scans

no code implementations21 Feb 2017 Rui Guo, Jihua Zhu, Yaochen Li, Dapeng Chen, Zhongyu Li, Yongqin Zhang

With the overlapping percentage available, it views the overlapping percentage as the corresponding weight of each scan pair and proposes the weight motion averaging algorithm, which can pay more attention to reliable and accurate relative motions.

3D Reconstruction

A Novel Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm for Pattern Recognition with Convex Optimization

no code implementations1 Dec 2016 Lei Shi, Rui Guo, Yuchen Ma

Among these parameters, visual and step are very significant in view of the fact that artificial fish basically move based on these parameters.

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