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Word Sense Disambiguation with Knowledge-Enhanced and Local Self-Attention-based Extractive Sense Comprehension

no code implementations COLING 2022 Guobiao Zhang, Wenpeng Lu, Xueping Peng, Shoujin Wang, Baoshuo Kan, Rui Yu

Word sense disambiguation (WSD), identifying the most suitable meaning of ambiguous words in the given contexts according to a predefined sense inventory, is one of the most classical and challenging tasks in natural language processing.

Word Sense Disambiguation

Tri-Attention: Explicit Context-Aware Attention Mechanism for Natural Language Processing

1 code implementation5 Nov 2022 Rui Yu, Yifeng Li, Wenpeng Lu, Longbing Cao

In natural language processing (NLP), the context of a word or sentence plays an essential role.

Towards Robust Human Trajectory Prediction in Raw Videos

no code implementations18 Aug 2021 Rui Yu, Zihan Zhou

Human trajectory prediction has received increased attention lately due to its importance in applications such as autonomous vehicles and indoor robots.

Autonomous Vehicles Trajectory Forecasting

Data-Driven Distributed State Estimation and Behavior Modeling in Sensor Networks

no code implementations22 Sep 2020 Rui Yu, Zhenyuan Yuan, Minghui Zhu, Zihan Zhou

Nowadays, the prevalence of sensor networks has enabled tracking of the states of dynamic objects for a wide spectrum of applications from autonomous driving to environmental monitoring and urban planning.

Autonomous Driving

Hidden-symmetry-enforced nexus points of nodal lines in layer-stacked dielectric photonic crystals

no code implementations14 Mar 2020 Zhongfei Xiong, Ruo-Yang Zhang, Rui Yu, C. T. Chan, Yuntian Chen

It was recently demonstrated that the connectivities of bands emerging from zero frequency in dielectric photonic crystals are distinct from their electronic counterparts with the same space groups.

Optics Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics

Hard-Aware Point-to-Set Deep Metric for Person Re-identification

1 code implementation ECCV 2018 Rui Yu, Zhiyong Dou, Song Bai, Zhao-Xiang Zhang, Yongchao Xu, Xiang Bai

Person re-identification (re-ID) is a highly challenging task due to large variations of pose, viewpoint, illumination, and occlusion.

Metric Learning Person Re-Identification

Deep-Person: Learning Discriminative Deep Features for Person Re-Identification

1 code implementation29 Nov 2017 Xiang Bai, Mingkun Yang, Tengteng Huang, Zhiyong Dou, Rui Yu, Yongchao Xu

Recently, many methods of person re-identification (Re-ID) rely on part-based feature representation to learn a discriminative pedestrian descriptor.

Person Re-Identification Re-Ranking

Better Together: Joint Reasoning for Non-rigid 3D Reconstruction with Specularities and Shading

no code implementations4 Aug 2017 Qi Liu-Yin, Rui Yu, Lourdes Agapito, Andrew Fitzgibbon, Chris Russell

We demonstrate the use of shape-from-shading (SfS) to improve both the quality and the robustness of 3D reconstruction of dynamic objects captured by a single camera.

3D Reconstruction Object Tracking

Direct, Dense, and Deformable: Template-Based Non-Rigid 3D Reconstruction From RGB Video

no code implementations ICCV 2015 Rui Yu, Chris Russell, Neill D. F. Campbell, Lourdes Agapito

In contrast, our method makes use of a single RGB video as input; it can capture the deformations of generic shapes; and the depth estimation is dense, per-pixel and direct.

3D Reconstruction Depth Estimation +1

Solving Jigsaw Puzzles with Linear Programming

no code implementations13 Nov 2015 Rui Yu, Chris Russell, Lourdes Agapito

We propose a novel Linear Program (LP) based formula- tion for solving jigsaw puzzles.

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