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Image-Based Virtual Try-On: A Survey

1 code implementation8 Nov 2023 Dan Song, Xuanpu Zhang, Juan Zhou, Weizhi Nie, Ruofeng Tong, Mohan Kankanhalli, An-An Liu

Image-based virtual try-on aims to synthesize a naturally dressed person image with a clothing image, which revolutionizes online shopping and inspires related topics within image generation, showing both research significance and commercial potential.

Image Generation Virtual Try-on

CTSN: Predicting Cloth Deformation for Skeleton-based Characters with a Two-stream Skinning Network

no code implementations30 May 2023 Yudi Li, Min Tang, Yun Yang, Ruofeng Tong, Shuangcai Yang, Yao Li, Bailin An, Qilong Kou

We present a novel learning method to predict the cloth deformation for skeleton-based characters with a two-stream network.

Tailored Multi-Organ Segmentation with Model Adaptation and Ensemble

no code implementations14 Apr 2023 Jiahua Dong, Guohua Cheng, Yue Zhang, Chengtao Peng, Yu Song, Ruofeng Tong, Lanfen Lin, Yen-Wei Chen

Multi-organ segmentation, which identifies and separates different organs in medical images, is a fundamental task in medical image analysis.

Organ Segmentation Segmentation

StyleIPSB: Identity-Preserving Semantic Basis of StyleGAN for High Fidelity Face Swapping

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 Diqiong Jiang, Dan Song, Ruofeng Tong, Min Tang

StyleIPSB gives us a novel tool for high-fidelity face swapping, and we propose a three-stage framework for face swapping with StyleIPSB.

Attribute Face Swapping

SemiCVT: Semi-Supervised Convolutional Vision Transformer for Semantic Segmentation

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Huimin Huang, Shiao Xie, Lanfen Lin, Ruofeng Tong, Yen-Wei Chen, Yuexiang Li, Hong Wang, Yawen Huang, Yefeng Zheng

Semi-supervised learning improves data efficiency of deep models by leveraging unlabeled samples to alleviate the reliance on a large set of labeled samples.

Semantic Segmentation

Super-Resolution Based Patch-Free 3D Image Segmentation with High-Frequency Guidance

1 code implementation26 Oct 2022 Hongyi Wang, Lanfen Lin, Hongjie Hu, Qingqing Chen, Yinhao Li, Yutaro Iwamoto, Xian-Hua Han, Yen-Wei Chen, Ruofeng Tong

The framework contains two sub-tasks, of which semantic segmentation is the main task and super resolution is an auxiliary task aiding in rebuilding the high frequency information from the LR input.

Computed Tomography (CT) Image Segmentation +4

ScaleFormer: Revisiting the Transformer-based Backbones from a Scale-wise Perspective for Medical Image Segmentation

1 code implementation29 Jul 2022 Huimin Huang, Shiao Xie1, Lanfen Lin, Yutaro Iwamoto, Xianhua Han, Yen-Wei Chen, Ruofeng Tong

(2) A simple and effective spatial-aware inter-scale transformer is designed to interact among consensual regions in multiple scales, which can highlight the cross-scale dependency and resolve the complex scale variations.

Image Segmentation Medical Image Segmentation +2

Efficient and Accurate Hyperspectral Pansharpening Using 3D VolumeNet and 2.5D Texture Transfer

no code implementations8 Mar 2022 Yinao Li, Yutaro Iwamoto, Ryousuke Nakamura, Lanfen Lin, Ruofeng Tong, Yen-Wei Chen

Different from the texture transfer processing of RGB image, we use HR PAN images as the reference images and perform texture transfer for each frequency band of MS images, which is named 2. 5D texture transfer.

Image Reconstruction Pansharpening

Attention-based Cross-Layer Domain Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

no code implementations27 Feb 2022 Xu Ma, Junkun Yuan, Yen-Wei Chen, Ruofeng Tong, Lanfen Lin

To further boost model adaptation performance, we propose a novel method called Attention-based Cross-layer Domain Alignment (ACDA), which captures the semantic relationship between the source and target domains across model layers and calibrates each level of semantic information automatically through a dynamic attention mechanism.

Semantic Similarity Semantic Textual Similarity +1

N-Cloth: Predicting 3D Cloth Deformation with Mesh-Based Networks

no code implementations13 Dec 2021 Yudi Li, Min Tang, Yun Yang, Zi Huang, Ruofeng Tong, Shuangcai Yang, Yao Li, Dinesh Manocha

We present a novel mesh-based learning approach (N-Cloth) for plausible 3D cloth deformation prediction.

Sphere Face Model:A 3D Morphable Model with Hypersphere Manifold Latent Space

no code implementations4 Dec 2021 Diqiong Jiang, Yiwei Jin, FangLue Zhang, Zhe Zhu, Yun Zhang, Ruofeng Tong, Min Tang

However, the shape parameters of traditional 3DMMs satisfy the multivariate Gaussian distribution while the identity embeddings satisfy the hypersphere distribution, and this conflict makes it challenging for face reconstruction models to preserve the faithfulness and the shape consistency simultaneously.

Face Model Face Reconstruction

Mixed Transformer U-Net For Medical Image Segmentation

1 code implementation8 Nov 2021 Hongyi Wang, Shiao Xie, Lanfen Lin, Yutaro Iwamoto, Xian-Hua Han, Yen-Wei Chen, Ruofeng Tong

Therefore, Vision Transformers have emerged as alternative segmentation structures recently, for their innate ability of capturing long-range correlations through Self-Attention (SA).

Image Segmentation Medical Image Segmentation +2

Reconstructing Recognizable 3D Face Shapes based on 3D Morphable Models

no code implementations8 Apr 2021 Diqiong Jiang, Yiwei Jin, FangLue Zhang, Yukun Yai, Risheng Deng, Ruofeng Tong, Min Tang

We compare our method with existing methods in terms of the reconstruction error, visual distinguishability, and face recognition accuracy of the shape parameters.

Face Recognition

PA-ResSeg: A Phase Attention Residual Network for Liver Tumor Segmentation from Multi-phase CT Images

no code implementations27 Feb 2021 Yingying Xu, Ming Cai, Lanfen Lin, Yue Zhang, Hongjie Hu, Zhiyi Peng, Qiaowei Zhang, Qingqing Chen, Xiongwei Mao, Yutaro Iwamoto, Xian-Hua Han, Yen-Wei Chen, Ruofeng Tong

In this paper, we propose a phase attention residual network (PA-ResSeg) to model multi-phase features for accurate liver tumor segmentation, in which a phase attention (PA) is newly proposed to additionally exploit the images of arterial (ART) phase to facilitate the segmentation of portal venous (PV) phase.

Tumor Segmentation

Graph-BAS3Net: Boundary-Aware Semi-Supervised Segmentation Network With Bilateral Graph Convolution

no code implementations ICCV 2021 Huimin Huang, Lanfen Lin, Yue Zhang, Yingying Xu, Jing Zheng, Xiongwei Mao, Xiaohan Qian, Zhiyi Peng, Jianying Zhou, Yen-Wei Chen, Ruofeng Tong

Semi-supervised learning (SSL) algorithms have attracted much attentions in medical image segmentation by leveraging unlabeled data, which challenge in acquiring massive pixel-wise annotated samples.

Boundary Detection Image Segmentation +5

Multispectral Pedestrian Detection via Simultaneous Detection and Segmentation

1 code implementation14 Aug 2018 Chengyang Li, Dan Song, Ruofeng Tong, Min Tang

To narrow this gap, we propose a network fusion architecture, which consists of a multispectral proposal network to generate pedestrian proposals, and a subsequent multispectral classification network to distinguish pedestrian instances from hard negatives.

Autonomous Driving Pedestrian Detection +1

Illumination-aware Faster R-CNN for Robust Multispectral Pedestrian Detection

no code implementations14 Mar 2018 Chengyang Li, Dan Song, Ruofeng Tong, Min Tang

Multispectral images of color-thermal pairs have shown more effective than a single color channel for pedestrian detection, especially under challenging illumination conditions.

Pedestrian Detection

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