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Broad-band X-ray spectra and timing of the accretion-powered millisecond pulsar Swift J1756.9$-$2508 during its 2018 and 2019 outbursts

no code implementations23 Feb 2021 Z. S. Li, L. Kuiper, M. Falanga, J. Poutanen, S. S. Tsygankov, D. K. Galloway, E. Bozzo, Y. Y. Pan, Y. Huang, S. N. Zhang, S. Zhang

We investigated the temporal, timing and spectral properties of these two outbursts using data from NICER, XMM-Newton, NuSTAR, INTEGRAL, Swift and Insight-HXMT.

High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena

Insight-HXMT observations of Swift J0243.6+6124: the evolution of RMS pulse fractions at super-Eddington luminosity

no code implementations24 Dec 2020 P. J. Wang, L. D. Kong, S. Zhang, Y. P. Chen, S. N. Zhang, J. L. Qu, L. Ji, L. Tao, M. Y. Ge, F. J. Lu, L. Chen, L. M. Song, T. P. Li, Y. P. Xu, X. L. Cao, Y. Chen, C. Z. Liu, Q. C. Bu, C. Cai, Z. Chang, G. Chen, T. X. Chen, Y. B. Chen, W. Cui, W. W. Cui, J. K. Deng, Y. W. Dong, Y. Y. Du, M. X. Fu, G. H. Gao, H. Gao, M. Gao, Y. D. Gu, J. Guan, C. C. Guo, D. W. Han, Y. Huang, J. Huo, S. M. Jia, L. H. Jiang, W. C. Jiang, J. Jin, Y. J. Jin, B. Li, C. K. Li, G. Li, M. S. Li, W. Li, X. Li, X. B. Li, X. F. Li, Y. G. Li, Z. W. Li, X. H. Liang, J. Y. Liao, B. S. Liu, G. Q. Liu, H. W. Liu, X. J. Liu, Y. N. Liu, B. Lu, X. F. Lu, Q. Luo, T. Luo, X. Ma, B. Meng, Y. Nang, J. Y. Nie, G. Ou, N. Sai, R. C. Shang, X. Y. Song, L. Sun, Y. Tan, Y. L. Tuo, C. Wang, G. F. Wang, J. Wang, L. J. Wang, W. S. Wang, Y. S. Wang, X. Y. Wen, B. Y. Wu, B. B. Wu, M. Wu, G. C. Xiao, S. Xiao, S. L. Xiong, J. W. Yang, S. Yang, Yan Ji Yang, Yi Jung Yang, Q. B. Yi, Q. Q. Yin, Y. You, A. M. Zhang, C. M. Zhang, F. Zhang, H. M. Zhang, J. Zhang, T. Zhang, W. C. Zhang, W. Zhang, W. Z. Zhang, Y. F. Zhang, Y. J. Zhang, Y. Zhang, Zhao Zhang, Zhi Zhang, Z. L. Zhang, H. S. Zhao, X. F. Zhao, S. J. Zheng, Y. G. Zheng, D. K. Zhou, J. F. Zhou, Y. X. Zhu, Y. Zhu, R. L. Zhuang

The results show a general trend of the pulse fraction increasing with luminosity and energy at super-critical luminosity.

High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena

Study of CKM angle $γ$ sensitivity using flavor untagged $B^0_s\rightarrow \tilde{D}^{(*)0}φ$ decays

no code implementations3 Aug 2020 D. Ao, D. Decamp, W. B. Qian, S. Ricciardi, H. Sazak, S. T'Jampens, V. Tisserand, Z. R. Wang, Z. W. Yang, S. N. Zhang, X. K. Zhou

A statistical uncertainty of about $8-19^{\circ}$ can be achieved with the $pp$ collision data collected by the LHCb experiment from year 2011 to 2018.

High Energy Physics - Experiment

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