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MeLFusion: Synthesizing Music from Image and Language Cues using Diffusion Models

no code implementations CVPR 2024 Sanjoy Chowdhury, Sayan Nag, K J Joseph, Balaji Vasan Srinivasan, Dinesh Manocha

MeLFusion is a text-to-music diffusion model with a novel "visual synapse", which effectively infuses the semantics from the visual modality into the generated music.


Jack of All Tasks Master of Many: Designing General-Purpose Coarse-to-Fine Vision-Language Model

no code implementations CVPR 2024 Shraman Pramanick, Guangxing Han, Rui Hou, Sayan Nag, Ser-Nam Lim, Nicolas Ballas, Qifan Wang, Rama Chellappa, Amjad Almahairi

In this work we introduce VistaLLM a powerful visual system that addresses coarse- and fine grained VL tasks over single and multiple input images using a unified framework.

Attribute Language Modelling +1

Jack of All Tasks, Master of Many: Designing General-purpose Coarse-to-Fine Vision-Language Model

no code implementations19 Dec 2023 Shraman Pramanick, Guangxing Han, Rui Hou, Sayan Nag, Ser-Nam Lim, Nicolas Ballas, Qifan Wang, Rama Chellappa, Amjad Almahairi

In this work, we introduce VistaLLM, a powerful visual system that addresses coarse- and fine-grained VL tasks over single and multiple input images using a unified framework.

Attribute Language Modelling +1

APoLLo: Unified Adapter and Prompt Learning for Vision Language Models

1 code implementation4 Dec 2023 Sanjoy Chowdhury, Sayan Nag, Dinesh Manocha

Our method is designed to substantially improve the generalization capabilities of VLP models when they are fine-tuned in a few-shot setting.

BeAts: Bengali Speech Acts Recognition using Multimodal Attention Fusion

no code implementations5 Jun 2023 Ahana Deb, Sayan Nag, Ayan Mahapatra, Soumitri Chattopadhyay, Aritra Marik, Pijush Kanti Gayen, Shankha Sanyal, Archi Banerjee, Samir Karmakar

Spoken languages often utilise intonation, rhythm, intensity, and structure, to communicate intention, which can be interpreted differently depending on the rhythm of speech of their utterance.

An Evaluation of Non-Contrastive Self-Supervised Learning for Federated Medical Image Analysis

no code implementations9 Mar 2023 Soumitri Chattopadhyay, Soham Ganguly, Sreejit Chaudhury, Sayan Nag, Samiran Chattopadhyay

In this paper, we seek to tackle these concerns head-on and systematically explore the applicability of non-contrastive self-supervised learning (SSL) algorithms under federated learning (FL) simulations for medical image analysis.

Contrastive Learning Federated Learning +1

IDEAL: Improved DEnse locAL Contrastive Learning for Semi-Supervised Medical Image Segmentation

1 code implementation26 Oct 2022 Hritam Basak, Soumitri Chattopadhyay, Rohit Kundu, Sayan Nag, Rammohan Mallipeddi

To this end, we extend the concept of metric learning to the segmentation task, using a dense (dis)similarity learning for pre-training a deep encoder network, and employing a semi-supervised paradigm to fine-tune for the downstream task.

Contrastive Learning Image Segmentation +6

VoLTA: Vision-Language Transformer with Weakly-Supervised Local-Feature Alignment

1 code implementation9 Oct 2022 Shraman Pramanick, Li Jing, Sayan Nag, Jiachen Zhu, Hardik Shah, Yann Lecun, Rama Chellappa

Extensive experiments on a wide range of vision- and vision-language downstream tasks demonstrate the effectiveness of VoLTA on fine-grained applications without compromising the coarse-grained downstream performance, often outperforming methods using significantly more caption and box annotations.

object-detection Object Detection +2

Deciphering Environmental Air Pollution with Large Scale City Data

1 code implementation9 Sep 2021 Mayukh Bhattacharyya, Sayan Nag, Udita Ghosh

Air pollution poses a serious threat to sustainable environmental conditions in the 21st century.

Air Pollution Prediction

GraphVICRegHSIC: Towards improved self-supervised representation learning for graphs with a hyrbid loss function

1 code implementation25 May 2021 Sayan Nag

Self-supervised learning and pre-training strategieshave developed over the last few years especiallyfor Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs).

Data Augmentation Representation Learning +1

Lookahead optimizer improves the performance of Convolutional Autoencoders for reconstruction of natural images

no code implementations3 Dec 2020 Sayan Nag

Recently, an optimizer was introduced which is known as lookahead optimizer which significantly enhances the performances of Adam as well as SGD.

Data Compression Decoder +1

Image Registration Techniques: A Survey

no code implementations28 Nov 2017 Sayan Nag

Image Registration is the process of aligning two or more images of the same scene with reference to a particular image.

Image Registration

An Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Solving N-Queens Problem

1 code implementation1 Nov 2017 Uddalok Sarkar, Sayan Nag

In this paper a Metaheuristic approach for solving the N-Queens Problem is introduced to find the best possible solution in a reasonable amount of time.

Vector Quantization using the Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm for Image Compression

no code implementations15 Oct 2017 Sayan Nag

LindeBuzoGray, LBG is a traditional method of generation of VQ Codebook which results in lower PSNR value.

Efficient Exploration Image Compression +1

A Type II Fuzzy Entropy Based Multi-Level Image Thresholding Using Adaptive Plant Propagation Algorithm

no code implementations23 Aug 2017 Sayan Nag

Thresholding based Image Segmentation using fuzzy entropy combined with intelligent optimization approaches are commonly used direct methods to properly identify the thresholds so that they can be used to segment an Image accurately.

Image Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

Adaptive Plant Propagation Algorithm for Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problem

no code implementations4 Aug 2017 Sayan Nag

Optimization problems in design engineering are complex by nature, often because of the involvement of critical objective functions accompanied by a number of rigid constraints associated with the products involved.

Metaheuristic Optimization

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