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Markov decision processes with maximum entropy rate for Surveillance Tasks

no code implementations23 Nov 2022 Yu Chen, ShaoYuan Li, Xiang Yin

We consider the problem of synthesizing optimal policies for Markov decision processes (MDP) for both utility objective and security constraint.

Model Predictive Control for Signal Temporal Logic Specifications with Time Interval Decomposition

1 code implementation15 Nov 2022 Xinyi Yu, Chuwei Wang, Dingran Yuan, ShaoYuan Li, Xiang Yin

However, instead of applying MPC directly for the entire task horizon, we decompose the STL formula into several sub-formulae with disjoint time horizons, and shrinking horizon MPC is applied for each short-horizon sub-formula iteratively.

Model Predictive Monitoring of Dynamic Systems for Signal Temporal Logic Specifications

1 code implementation26 Sep 2022 Xinyi Yu, Weijie Dong, Xiang Yin, ShaoYuan Li

To this end, effective approaches for the computation of feasible sets of STL formulae are provided.

A Unified Framework for Verification of Observational Properties for Partially-Observed Discrete-Event Systems

no code implementations3 May 2022 Jianing Zhao, Xiang Yin, ShaoYuan Li

However, in contrast to existing results, where different verification procedures are developed for different properties case-by-case, in this work, we provide a unified framework for verifying all these properties by reducing each of them as an instance of HyperLTL model checking.

A Uniform Framework for Diagnosis of Discrete-Event Systems with Unreliable Sensors using Linear Temporal Logic

no code implementations27 Apr 2022 Weijie Dong, Xiang Yin, ShaoYuan Li

In this work, we propose a novel \emph{uniform framework} for diagnosability of DES subject to, not only sensor failures, but also a very general class of unreliable sensors.

Fault Diagnosis of Discrete-Event Systems under Non-Deterministic Observations with Output Fairness

no code implementations6 Apr 2022 Weijie Dong, Shang Gao, Xiang Yin, ShaoYuan Li

Non-deterministic observation is a general observation model that includes the case of intermittent loss of observations.


To Explore or Not to Explore: Regret-Based LTL Planning in Partially-Known Environments

no code implementations1 Apr 2022 Jianing Zhao, Keyi Zhu, Xiang Yin, ShaoYuan Li

In contrast to the standard game-based approach that optimizes the worst-case cost, in the paper, we propose to use regret as a new metric for planning in such a partially-known environment.

You Don't Know What I Know: On Notion of High-Order Opacity in Discrete-Event Systems

no code implementations31 Mar 2022 Bohan Cui, Xiang Yin, ShaoYuan Li, Alessandro Giua

In this paper, we consider a new type of secret related to the knowledge of the system user.

Sensor Deception Attacks Against Initial-State Privacy in Supervisory Control Systems

no code implementations31 Mar 2022 Jingshi Yao, Xiang Yin, ShaoYuan Li

Specifically, we consider an active attacker that can tamper with the observations received by the supervisor by, e. g., hacking on the communication channel between the sensors and the supervisor.

Online Monitoring of Dynamic Systems for Signal Temporal Logic Specifications with Model Information

no code implementations30 Mar 2022 Xinyi Yu, Weijie Dong, Xiang Yin, ShaoYuan Li

We show that, by explicitly utilizing the model information of the dynamic system, the proposed online monitoring algorithm can falsify or certify of the specification in advance compared with existing algorithms, where no model information is used.

A Pricing Rule for Third-Party Platoon Coordination Service Provider

no code implementations21 Feb 2022 Ting Bai, Alexander Johansson, ShaoYuan Li, Jonas Mårtensson

To evaluate the effect of the pricing on the platooning system, we perform a simulation over the Swedish road network.

Optimal Synthesis of Opacity-Enforcing Supervisors for Qualitative and Quantitative Specifications

no code implementations2 Feb 2021 Yifan Xie, Xiang Yin, ShaoYuan Li

We assume that the system has a "secret" that does not want to be revealed to the intruder.

A Framework for Current-State Opacity under Dynamic Information Release Mechanism

no code implementations9 Dec 2020 Junyao Hou, Xiang Yin, ShaoYuan Li

In this paper, we investigate the verification of current-state opacity for discrete-event systems under Orwellian-type observations, i. e., the system is allowed to re-interpret the observation of an event based on its future suffix.

Opacity Enforcing Supervisory Control using Non-deterministic Supervisors

no code implementations20 Oct 2020 Yifan Xie, Xiang Yin, ShaoYuan Li

Compared with the standard deterministic control mechanism, such a non-deterministic control mechanism can enhance the plausible deniability of the controlled system as the online control decision is a random realization and cannot be implicitly inferred from the control policy.

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