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Diffusion Model-Based Image Editing: A Survey

1 code implementation27 Feb 2024 Yi Huang, Jiancheng Huang, Yifan Liu, Mingfu Yan, Jiaxi Lv, Jianzhuang Liu, Wei Xiong, He Zhang, Shifeng Chen, Liangliang Cao

In this survey, we provide an exhaustive overview of existing methods using diffusion models for image editing, covering both theoretical and practical aspects in the field.

Denoising Image Inpainting +1

GPT4Motion: Scripting Physical Motions in Text-to-Video Generation via Blender-Oriented GPT Planning

no code implementations21 Nov 2023 Jiaxi Lv, Yi Huang, Mingfu Yan, Jiancheng Huang, Jianzhuang Liu, Yifan Liu, Yafei Wen, Xiaoxin Chen, Shifeng Chen

To tackle these issues, we propose GPT4Motion, a training-free framework that leverages the planning capability of large language models such as GPT, the physical simulation strength of Blender, and the excellent image generation ability of text-to-image diffusion models to enhance the quality of video synthesis.

Image Generation Text-to-Video Generation +1

Seal2Real: Prompt Prior Learning on Diffusion Model for Unsupervised Document Seal Data Generation and Realisation

no code implementations1 Oct 2023 Jiancheng Huang, Yifan Liu, Yi Huang, Shifeng Chen

To address the lack of labelled datasets for these seal-related tasks, we propose Seal2Real, a generative method that generates a large amount of labelled document seal data, and construct a Seal-DB dataset containing 20K images with labels.

IFAST: Weakly Supervised Interpretable Face Anti-spoofing from Single-shot Binocular NIR Images

no code implementations29 Sep 2023 Jiancheng Huang, Donghao Zhou, Shifeng Chen

Single-shot face anti-spoofing (FAS) is a key technique for securing face recognition systems, and it requires only static images as input.

Depth Estimation Disparity Estimation +2

KV Inversion: KV Embeddings Learning for Text-Conditioned Real Image Action Editing

no code implementations28 Sep 2023 Jiancheng Huang, Yifan Liu, Jin Qin, Shifeng Chen

Text-conditioned image editing is a recently emerged and highly practical task, and its potential is immeasurable.

Bootstrap Diffusion Model Curve Estimation for High Resolution Low-Light Image Enhancement

no code implementations26 Sep 2023 Jiancheng Huang, Yifan Liu, Shifeng Chen

Learning-based methods have attracted a lot of research attention and led to significant improvements in low-light image enhancement.

Denoising Low-Light Image Enhancement

Graph Edit Distance Learning via Different Attention

no code implementations26 Aug 2023 Jiaxi Lv, Liang Zhang, Yi Huang, Jiancheng Huang, Shifeng Chen

To this end, DiffAtt uses the difference between two graph-level embeddings as an attentional mechanism to capture the graph structural difference of the two graphs.

Graph Similarity

WizardMath: Empowering Mathematical Reasoning for Large Language Models via Reinforced Evol-Instruct

1 code implementation18 Aug 2023 Haipeng Luo, Qingfeng Sun, Can Xu, Pu Zhao, JianGuang Lou, Chongyang Tao, Xiubo Geng, QIngwei Lin, Shifeng Chen, Dongmei Zhang

Through extensive experiments on two mathematical reasoning benchmarks, namely GSM8k and MATH, we reveal the extraordinary capabilities of our model.

Ranked #50 on Arithmetic Reasoning on GSM8K (using extra training data)

Arithmetic Reasoning GSM8K +2

WaveDM: Wavelet-Based Diffusion Models for Image Restoration

1 code implementation23 May 2023 Yi Huang, Jiancheng Huang, Jianzhuang Liu, Mingfu Yan, Yu Dong, Jiaxi Lv, Chaoqi Chen, Shifeng Chen

Latest diffusion-based methods for many image restoration tasks outperform traditional models, but they encounter the long-time inference problem.

Deblurring Denoising +2

V4D: Voxel for 4D Novel View Synthesis

1 code implementation28 May 2022 Wanshui Gan, Hongbin Xu, Yi Huang, Shifeng Chen, Naoto Yokoya

The proposed LUTs-based refinement module achieves the performance gain with little computational cost and could serve as the plug-and-play module in the novel view synthesis task.

Novel View Synthesis

ES6D: A Computation Efficient and Symmetry-Aware 6D Pose Regression Framework

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Ningkai Mo, Wanshui Gan, Naoto Yokoya, Shifeng Chen

In this paper, a computation efficient regression framework is presented for estimating the 6D pose of rigid objects from a single RGB-D image, which is applicable to handling symmetric objects.


Semi-Supervised Segmentation of Radiation-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis from Lung CT Scans with Multi-Scale Guided Dense Attention

1 code implementation29 Sep 2021 Guotai Wang, Shuwei Zhai, Giovanni Lasio, Baoshe Zhang, Byong Yi, Shifeng Chen, Thomas J. Macvittie, Dimitris Metaxas, Jinghao Zhou, Shaoting Zhang

Computed Tomography (CT) plays an important role in monitoring radiation-induced Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF), where accurate segmentation of the PF lesions is highly desired for diagnosis and treatment follow-up.

Computed Tomography (CT) Lesion Segmentation +1

New Perspective on Progressive GANs Distillation for One-class Novelty Detection

no code implementations15 Sep 2021 Zhiwei Zhang, Yu Dong, Hanyu Peng, Shifeng Chen

One-class novelty detection is conducted to identify anomalous instances, with different distributions from the expected normal instances.

Decoder Generative Adversarial Network +2

Good Practices and A Strong Baseline for Traffic Anomaly Detection

1 code implementation9 May 2021 Yuxiang Zhao, Wenhao Wu, Yue He, YingYing Li, Xiao Tan, Shifeng Chen

In this paper, we propose a straightforward and efficient framework that includes pre-processing, a dynamic track module, and post-processing.

Anomaly Detection Management +1

P-KDGAN: Progressive Knowledge Distillation with GANs for One-class Novelty Detection

no code implementations14 Jul 2020 Zhiwei Zhang, Shifeng Chen, Lei Sun

The progressive learning of knowledge distillation is a two-step approach that continuously improves the performance of the student GAN and achieves better performance than single step methods.

Decoder Knowledge Distillation +2

Dynamic Inference: A New Approach Toward Efficient Video Action Recognition

no code implementations9 Feb 2020 Wenhao Wu, Dongliang He, Xiao Tan, Shifeng Chen, Yi Yang, Shilei Wen

In a nutshell, we treat input frames and network depth of the computational graph as a 2-dimensional grid, and several checkpoints are placed on this grid in advance with a prediction module.

Action Recognition In Videos Temporal Action Localization

FD-GAN: Generative Adversarial Networks with Fusion-discriminator for Single Image Dehazing

no code implementations20 Jan 2020 Yu Dong, Yihao Liu, He Zhang, Shifeng Chen, Yu Qiao

With the proposed Fusion-discriminator which takes frequency information as additional priors, our model can generator more natural and realistic dehazed images with less color distortion and fewer artifacts.

Image Dehazing Single Image Dehazing

Deep Class-Wise Hashing: Semantics-Preserving Hashing via Class-wise Loss

1 code implementation12 Mar 2018 Xuefei Zhe, Shifeng Chen, Hong Yan

In this regard, we propose a novel deep supervised hashing model to learn more compact class-level similarity preserving binary codes.

Deep Hashing Image Retrieval +1

Directional Statistics-based Deep Metric Learning for Image Classification and Retrieval

1 code implementation27 Feb 2018 Xuefei Zhe, Shifeng Chen, Hong Yan

Deep distance metric learning (DDML), which is proposed to learn image similarity metrics in an end-to-end manner based on the convolution neural network, has achieved encouraging results in many computer vision tasks.$L2$-normalization in the embedding space has been used to improve the performance of several DDML methods.

General Classification Image Classification +2

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