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Advancements in 3D Lane Detection Using LiDAR Point Clouds: From Data Collection to Model Development

1 code implementation24 Sep 2023 Runkai Zhao, Yuwen Heng, Heng Wang, Yuanda Gao, Shilei Liu, Changhao Yao, Jiawen Chen, Weidong Cai

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) have successfully integrated learning-based techniques into vehicle perception and decision-making.

3D Lane Detection Decision Making

Binaural Rendering of Ambisonic Signals by Neural Networks

no code implementations4 Nov 2022 Yin Zhu, Qiuqiang Kong, Junjie Shi, Shilei Liu, Xuzhou Ye, Ju-Chiang Wang, Junping Zhang

Binaural rendering of ambisonic signals is of broad interest to virtual reality and immersive media.

An Understanding-Oriented Robust Machine Reading Comprehension Model

1 code implementation1 Jul 2022 Feiliang Ren, Yongkang Liu, Bochao Li, Shilei Liu, Bingchao Wang, Jiaqi Wang, Chunchao Liu, Qi Ma

In this paper, we propose an understanding-oriented machine reading comprehension model to address three kinds of robustness issues, which are over sensitivity, over stability and generalization.

Machine Reading Comprehension Multi-Task Learning +1

Deep Understanding based Multi-Document Machine Reading Comprehension

no code implementations25 Feb 2022 Feiliang Ren, Yongkang Liu, Bochao Li, Zhibo Wang, Yu Guo, Shilei Liu, Huimin Wu, Jiaqi Wang, Chunchao Liu, Bingchao Wang

Most existing multi-document machine reading comprehension models mainly focus on understanding the interactions between the input question and documents, but ignore following two kinds of understandings.

Machine Reading Comprehension TriviaQA

A Simple but Effective Bidirectional Framework for Relational Triple Extraction

1 code implementation9 Dec 2021 Feiliang Ren, Longhui Zhang, Xiaofeng Zhao, Shujuan Yin, Shilei Liu, Bochao Li

Moreover, experiments show that both the proposed bidirectional extraction framework and the share-aware learning mechanism have good adaptability and can be used to improve the performance of other tagging based methods.

A Three-Stage Learning Framework for Low-Resource Knowledge-Grounded Dialogue Generation

1 code implementation EMNLP 2021 Shilei Liu, Xiaofeng Zhao, Bochao Li, Feiliang Ren, Longhui Zhang, Shujuan Yin

Neural conversation models have shown great potentials towards generating fluent and informative responses by introducing external background knowledge.

Dialogue Generation Response Generation +1

Knowledge-Grounded Dialogue with Reward-Driven Knowledge Selection

no code implementations31 Aug 2021 Shilei Liu, Xiaofeng Zhao, Bochao Li, Feiliang Ren

Knowledge-grounded dialogue is a task of generating a fluent and informative response based on both conversation context and a collection of external knowledge, in which knowledge selection plays an important role and attracts more and more research interest.

Response Generation

A Conditional Cascade Model for Relational Triple Extraction

1 code implementation20 Aug 2021 Feiliang Ren, Longhui Zhang, Shujuan Yin, Xiaofeng Zhao, Shilei Liu, Bochao Li

Tagging based methods are one of the mainstream methods in relational triple extraction.

A Model for Medical Diagnosis Based on Plantar Pressure

no code implementations28 Feb 2018 Guoxiong Xu, Zhengfei Wang, Hongshi Huang, Wenxin Li, Can Liu, Shilei Liu

Here, we propose a model using convolutional neural network based on plantar pressure for medical diagnosis.

Medical Diagnosis

A Fusion Method Based on Decision Reliability Ratio for Finger Vein Verification

no code implementations17 Dec 2016 Liao Ni, Yi Zhang, He Zheng, Shilei Liu, Houjun Huang, Wenxin Li

Our work is first to define decision reliability ratio to quantify this confidence, and then propose the Maximum Decision Reliability Ratio (MDRR) fusion method incorporating Weighted Voting.

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