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Meta Internal Learning

1 code implementation NeurIPS 2021 Raphael Bensadoun, Shir Gur, Tomer Galanti, Lior Wolf

Internal learning for single-image generation is a framework, where a generator is trained to produce novel images based on a single image.

Image Generation Meta-Learning

Cross-Modal Retrieval Augmentation for Multi-Modal Classification

no code implementations Findings (EMNLP) 2021 Shir Gur, Natalia Neverova, Chris Stauffer, Ser-Nam Lim, Douwe Kiela, Austin Reiter

Recent advances in using retrieval components over external knowledge sources have shown impressive results for a variety of downstream tasks in natural language processing.

Cross-Modal Retrieval General Classification +3

Generic Attention-model Explainability for Interpreting Bi-Modal and Encoder-Decoder Transformers

1 code implementation ICCV 2021 Hila Chefer, Shir Gur, Lior Wolf

Transformers are increasingly dominating multi-modal reasoning tasks, such as visual question answering, achieving state-of-the-art results thanks to their ability to contextualize information using the self-attention and co-attention mechanisms.

Object Detection Question Answering +2

Transformer Interpretability Beyond Attention Visualization

1 code implementation CVPR 2021 Hila Chefer, Shir Gur, Lior Wolf

Self-attention techniques, and specifically Transformers, are dominating the field of text processing and are becoming increasingly popular in computer vision classification tasks.

General Classification Text Classification

Visualization of Supervised and Self-Supervised Neural Networks via Attribution Guided Factorization

1 code implementation3 Dec 2020 Shir Gur, Ameen Ali, Lior Wolf

However, as we show, these methods are limited in their ability to identify the support for alternative classifications, an effect we name {\em the saliency bias} hypothesis.

Microvascular Dynamics from 4D Microscopy Using Temporal Segmentation

no code implementations14 Jan 2020 Shir Gur, Lior Wolf, Lior Golgher, Pablo Blinder

Recently developed methods for rapid continuous volumetric two-photon microscopy facilitate the observation of neuronal activity in hundreds of individual neurons and changes in blood flow in adjacent blood vessels across a large volume of living brain at unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution.

Single Image Depth Estimation Trained via Depth from Defocus Cues

1 code implementation CVPR 2019 Shir Gur, Lior Wolf

We evaluate our method on data derived from five common datasets for depth estimation and lightfield images, and present results that are on par with supervised methods on KITTI and Make3D datasets and outperform unsupervised learning approaches.

Lightfield Monocular Depth Estimation

Relative Attributing Propagation: Interpreting the Comparative Contributions of Individual Units in Deep Neural Networks

1 code implementation1 Apr 2019 Woo-Jeoung Nam, Shir Gur, Jaesik Choi, Lior Wolf, Seong-Whan Lee

As Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) have demonstrated superhuman performance in a variety of fields, there is an increasing interest in understanding the complex internal mechanisms of DNNs.

From Square Pieces to Brick Walls: The Next Challenge in Solving Jigsaw Puzzles

no code implementations ICCV 2017 Shir Gur, Ohad Ben-Shahar

Research into computational jigsaw puzzle solving, an emerging theoretical problem with numerous applications, has focused in recent years on puzzles that constitute square pieces only.

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