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ShadowNav: Crater-Based Localization for Nighttime and Permanently Shadowed Region Lunar Navigation

no code implementations11 Jan 2023 Abhishek Cauligi, R. Michael Swan, Hiro Ono, Shreyansh Daftry, John Elliott, Larry Matthies, Deegan Atha

This GITL operation limits the distance that can be driven in a day to a few hundred meters, which is the distance that the rover can maintain acceptable localization error via relative methods.

Autonomous Driving Edge Detection

Lunar Rover Localization Using Craters as Landmarks

no code implementations18 Mar 2022 Larry Matthies, Shreyansh Daftry, Scott Tepsuporn, Yang Cheng, Deegan Atha, R. Michael Swan, Sanjna Ravichandar, Masahiro Ono

At the end of each drive, a ground-in-the-loop (GITL) interaction is used to get a position update from human operators in a more global reference frame, by matching images or local maps from onboard the rover to orbital reconnaissance images or maps of a large region around the rover's current position.

Visual Odometry

MLNav: Learning to Safely Navigate on Martian Terrains

no code implementations9 Mar 2022 Shreyansh Daftry, Neil Abcouwer, Tyler del Sesto, Siddarth Venkatraman, Jialin Song, Lucas Igel, Amos Byon, Ugo Rosolia, Yisong Yue, Masahiro Ono

We present MLNav, a learning-enhanced path planning framework for safety-critical and resource-limited systems operating in complex environments, such as rovers navigating on Mars.


NeBula: Quest for Robotic Autonomy in Challenging Environments; TEAM CoSTAR at the DARPA Subterranean Challenge

no code implementations21 Mar 2021 Ali Agha, Kyohei Otsu, Benjamin Morrell, David D. Fan, Rohan Thakker, Angel Santamaria-Navarro, Sung-Kyun Kim, Amanda Bouman, Xianmei Lei, Jeffrey Edlund, Muhammad Fadhil Ginting, Kamak Ebadi, Matthew Anderson, Torkom Pailevanian, Edward Terry, Michael Wolf, Andrea Tagliabue, Tiago Stegun Vaquero, Matteo Palieri, Scott Tepsuporn, Yun Chang, Arash Kalantari, Fernando Chavez, Brett Lopez, Nobuhiro Funabiki, Gregory Miles, Thomas Touma, Alessandro Buscicchio, Jesus Tordesillas, Nikhilesh Alatur, Jeremy Nash, William Walsh, Sunggoo Jung, Hanseob Lee, Christoforos Kanellakis, John Mayo, Scott Harper, Marcel Kaufmann, Anushri Dixit, Gustavo Correa, Carlyn Lee, Jay Gao, Gene Merewether, Jairo Maldonado-Contreras, Gautam Salhotra, Maira Saboia Da Silva, Benjamin Ramtoula, Yuki Kubo, Seyed Fakoorian, Alexander Hatteland, Taeyeon Kim, Tara Bartlett, Alex Stephens, Leon Kim, Chuck Bergh, Eric Heiden, Thomas Lew, Abhishek Cauligi, Tristan Heywood, Andrew Kramer, Henry A. Leopold, Chris Choi, Shreyansh Daftry, Olivier Toupet, Inhwan Wee, Abhishek Thakur, Micah Feras, Giovanni Beltrame, George Nikolakopoulos, David Shim, Luca Carlone, Joel Burdick

This paper presents and discusses algorithms, hardware, and software architecture developed by the TEAM CoSTAR (Collaborative SubTerranean Autonomous Robots), competing in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge.

Decision Making Motion Planning

Rover Relocalization for Mars Sample Return by Virtual Template Synthesis and Matching

no code implementations5 Mar 2021 Tu-Hoa Pham, William Seto, Shreyansh Daftry, Barry Ridge, Johanna Hansen, Tristan Thrush, Mark Van der Merwe, Gerard Maggiolino, Alexander Brinkman, John Mayo, Yang Cheng, Curtis Padgett, Eric Kulczycki, Renaud Detry

This work informs the Mars Sample Return campaign on the choice of a site where Perseverance (R0) will place a set of sample tubes for future retrieval by another rover (R1).


Online Photometric Calibration of Automatic Gain Thermal Infrared Cameras

1 code implementation7 Dec 2020 Manash Pratim Das, Larry Matthies, Shreyansh Daftry

Thermal infrared cameras are increasingly being used in various applications such as robot vision, industrial inspection and medical imaging, thanks to their improved resolution and portability.

Camera Auto-Calibration Thermal Image Denoising +2

Machine Learning Based Path Planning for Improved Rover Navigation (Pre-Print Version)

no code implementations11 Nov 2020 Neil Abcouwer, Shreyansh Daftry, Siddarth Venkatraman, Tyler del Sesto, Olivier Toupet, Ravi Lanka, Jialin Song, Yisong Yue, Masahiro Ono

Enhanced AutoNav (ENav), the baseline surface navigation software for NASA's Perseverance rover, sorts a list of candidate paths for the rover to traverse, then uses the Approximate Clearance Evaluation (ACE) algorithm to evaluate whether the most highly ranked paths are safe.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

Online Self-supervised Scene Segmentation for Micro Aerial Vehicles

no code implementations13 Jun 2018 Shreyansh Daftry, Yashasvi Agrawal, Larry Matthies

Recently, there have been numerous advances in the development of payload and power constrained lightweight Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs).

Scene Segmentation Scene Understanding

Learning Transferable Policies for Monocular Reactive MAV Control

no code implementations1 Aug 2016 Shreyansh Daftry, J. Andrew Bagnell, Martial Hebert

The ability to transfer knowledge gained in previous tasks into new contexts is one of the most important mechanisms of human learning.

Introspective Perception: Learning to Predict Failures in Vision Systems

no code implementations28 Jul 2016 Shreyansh Daftry, Sam Zeng, J. Andrew Bagnell, Martial Hebert

As robots aspire for long-term autonomous operations in complex dynamic environments, the ability to reliably take mission-critical decisions in ambiguous situations becomes critical.

Building with Drones: Accurate 3D Facade Reconstruction using MAVs

no code implementations25 Feb 2015 Shreyansh Daftry, Christof Hoppe, Horst Bischof

Automatic reconstruction of 3D models from images using multi-view Structure-from-Motion methods has been one of the most fruitful outcomes of computer vision.

3D Reconstruction

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