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Learning Kernel-Smoothed Machine Translation with Retrieved Examples

1 code implementation21 Sep 2021 Qingnan Jiang, Mingxuan Wang, Jun Cao, Shanbo Cheng, ShuJian Huang, Lei LI

How to effectively adapt neural machine translation (NMT) models according to emerging cases without retraining?

Domain Adaptation Machine Translation

Non-Parametric Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Neural Machine Translation

1 code implementation14 Sep 2021 Xin Zheng, Zhirui Zhang, ShuJian Huang, Boxing Chen, Jun Xie, Weihua Luo, Jiajun Chen

Recently, $k$NN-MT has shown the promising capability of directly incorporating the pre-trained neural machine translation (NMT) model with domain-specific token-level $k$-nearest-neighbor ($k$NN) retrieval to achieve domain adaptation without retraining.

Machine Translation Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Energy-based Unknown Intent Detection with Data Manipulation

1 code implementation27 Jul 2021 Yawen Ouyang, Jiasheng Ye, Yu Chen, Xinyu Dai, ShuJian Huang, Jiajun Chen

Unknown intent detection aims to identify the out-of-distribution (OOD) utterance whose intent has never appeared in the training set.

Intent Detection

Adaptive Nearest Neighbor Machine Translation

1 code implementation ACL 2021 Xin Zheng, Zhirui Zhang, Junliang Guo, ShuJian Huang, Boxing Chen, Weihua Luo, Jiajun Chen

On four benchmark machine translation datasets, we demonstrate that the proposed method is able to effectively filter out the noises in retrieval results and significantly outperforms the vanilla kNN-MT model.

Machine Translation

DirectQE: Direct Pretraining for Machine Translation Quality Estimation

no code implementations15 May 2021 Qu Cui, ShuJian Huang, Jiahuan Li, Xiang Geng, Zaixiang Zheng, Guoping Huang, Jiajun Chen

However, we argue that there are gaps between the predictor and the estimator in both data quality and training objectives, which preclude QE models from benefiting from a large number of parallel corpora more directly.

Machine Translation

Duplex Sequence-to-Sequence Learning for Reversible Machine Translation

no code implementations7 May 2021 Zaixiang Zheng, Hao Zhou, ShuJian Huang, Jiajun Chen, Jingjing Xu, Lei LI

Sequence-to-sequence (seq2seq) problems such as machine translation are bidirectional, which naturally derive a pair of directional tasks and two directional learning signals.

Machine Translation

Dual Side Deep Context-aware Modulation for Social Recommendation

1 code implementation16 Mar 2021 Bairan Fu, Wenming Zhang, GuangNeng Hu, Xinyu Dai, ShuJian Huang, Jiajun Chen

Specifically, we first proposed a novel graph neural network to model the social relation and collaborative relation, and on top of high-order relations, a dual side deep context-aware modulation is introduced to capture the friends' information and item attraction.

FDMT: A Benchmark Dataset for Fine-grained Domain Adaptation in Machine Translation

no code implementations31 Dec 2020 Wenhao Zhu, ShuJian Huang, Tong Pu, Xu Zhang, Jian Yu, Wei Chen, Yanfeng Wang, Jiajun Chen

To motivate a wide investigation in such settings, we present a real-world fine-grained domain adaptation task in machine translation (FDMT).

Autonomous Vehicles Domain Adaptation +1

A Simple and Effective Approach to Robust Unsupervised Bilingual Dictionary Induction

no code implementations COLING 2020 Yanyang Li, Yingfeng Luo, Ye Lin, Quan Du, Huizhen Wang, ShuJian Huang, Tong Xiao, Jingbo Zhu

Our experiments show that this simple method does not hamper the performance of similar language pairs and achieves an accuracy of 13. 64~55. 53% between English and four distant languages, i. e., Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai.

Dimensionality Reduction

Opinion Transmission Network for Jointly Improving Aspect-oriented Opinion Words Extraction and Sentiment Classification

no code implementations1 Nov 2020 Chengcan Ying, Zhen Wu, Xinyu Dai, ShuJian Huang, Jiajun Chen

In this paper, we propose a novel joint model, Opinion Transmission Network (OTN), to exploit the potential bridge between ALSC and AOWE to achieve the goal of facilitating them simultaneously.

Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis General Classification

Transformer-based Multi-Aspect Modeling for Multi-Aspect Multi-Sentiment Analysis

no code implementations1 Nov 2020 Zhen Wu, Chengcan Ying, Xinyu Dai, ShuJian Huang, Jiajun Chen

To facilitate the research of ABSA, NLPCC 2020 Shared Task 2 releases a new large-scale Multi-Aspect Multi-Sentiment (MAMS) dataset.

Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

Capturing Longer Context for Document-level Neural Machine Translation: A Multi-resolutional Approach

1 code implementation18 Oct 2020 Zewei Sun, Mingxuan Wang, Hao Zhou, Chengqi Zhao, ShuJian Huang, Jiajun Chen, Lei LI

It is quite a challenge to incorporate long document context in the prevailing neural machine translation models such as Transformer.

Document-level Machine Translation

Non-linear Learning for Statistical Machine Translation

no code implementations IJCNLP 2015 Shujian Huang, Huadong Chen, Xin-yu Dai, Jia-Jun Chen

The linear combination assumes that all the features are in a linear relationship and constrains that each feature interacts with the rest features in an linear manner, which might limit the expressive power of the model and lead to a under-fit model on the current data.

Machine Translation

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