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Tunnel Try-on: Excavating Spatial-temporal Tunnels for High-quality Virtual Try-on in Videos

no code implementations26 Apr 2024 Zhengze Xu, Mengting Chen, Zhao Wang, Linyu Xing, Zhonghua Zhai, Nong Sang, Jinsong Lan, Shuai Xiao, Changxin Gao

To generate coherent motions, we first leverage the Kalman filter to construct smooth crops in the focus tunnel and inject the position embedding of the tunnel into attention layers to improve the continuity of the generated videos.

Virtual Try-on

Cell Variational Information Bottleneck Network

no code implementations22 Mar 2024 Zhonghua Zhai, Chen Ju, Jinsong Lan, Shuai Xiao

In this work, we propose Cell Variational Information Bottleneck Network (cellVIB), a convolutional neural network using information bottleneck mechanism, which can be combined with the latest feedforward network architecture in an end-to-end training method.

Face Recognition Representation Learning

Turbo: Informativity-Driven Acceleration Plug-In for Vision-Language Models

no code implementations12 Dec 2023 Chen Ju, Haicheng Wang, Zeqian Li, Xu Chen, Zhonghua Zhai, Weilin Huang, Shuai Xiao

Vision-Language Large Models (VLMs) have become primary backbone of AI, due to the impressive performance.

Enhancing Cross-domain Click-Through Rate Prediction via Explicit Feature Augmentation

no code implementations30 Nov 2023 Xu Chen, Zida Cheng, Jiangchao Yao, Chen Ju, Weilin Huang, Jinsong Lan, Xiaoyi Zeng, Shuai Xiao

Later the augmentation network employs the explicit cross-domain knowledge as augmented information to boost the target domain CTR prediction.

Click-Through Rate Prediction Transfer Learning

Forgedit: Text Guided Image Editing via Learning and Forgetting

1 code implementation19 Sep 2023 Shiwen Zhang, Shuai Xiao, Weilin Huang

Text-guided image editing on real or synthetic images, given only the original image itself and the target text prompt as inputs, is a very general and challenging task.


Automatic Deduction Path Learning via Reinforcement Learning with Environmental Correction

no code implementations16 Jun 2023 Shuai Xiao, Chen Pan, Min Wang, Xinxin Zhu, Siqiao Xue, Jing Wang, Yunhua Hu, James Zhang, Jinghua Feng

To this end, we formulate the problem as a partially observable Markov decision problem (POMDP) and employ an environment correction algorithm based on the characteristics of the business.

Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning reinforcement-learning

Cross-domain Augmentation Networks for Click-Through Rate Prediction

no code implementations6 May 2023 Xu Chen, Zida Cheng, Shuai Xiao, Xiaoyi Zeng, Weilin Huang

The translation network is able to compute features from two domains with heterogeneous inputs separately by designing two independent branches, and then learn meaningful cross-domain knowledge using a designed cross-supervised feature translator.

Click-Through Rate Prediction Transfer Learning +1

Image to Multi-Modal Retrieval for Industrial Scenarios

no code implementations6 May 2023 Zida Cheng, Chen Ju, Xu Chen, Zhonghua Zhai, Shuai Xiao, Xiaoyi Zeng, Weilin Huang

We formally define a novel valuable information retrieval task: image-to-multi-modal-retrieval (IMMR), where the query is an image and the doc is an entity with both image and textual description.

Cross-Modal Retrieval Information Retrieval +2

Model-based Constrained MDP for Budget Allocation in Sequential Incentive Marketing

no code implementations2 Mar 2023 Shuai Xiao, Le Guo, Zaifan Jiang, Lei Lv, Yuanbo Chen, Jun Zhu, Shuang Yang

Furthermore, we show that the dual problem can be solved by policy learning, with the optimal dual variable being found efficiently via bisection search (i. e., by taking advantage of the monotonicity).

counterfactual Marketing

SJ-HD^2R: Selective Joint High Dynamic Range and Denoising Imaging for Dynamic Scenes

no code implementations20 Jun 2022 Wei Li, Shuai Xiao, Tianhong Dai, Shanxin Yuan, Tao Wang, Cheng Li, Fenglong Song

To further leverage these two paradigms, we propose a selective and joint HDR and denoising (SJ-HD$^2$R) imaging framework, utilizing scenario-specific priors to conduct the path selection with an accuracy of more than 93. 3$\%$.


Learning Temporal Point Processes via Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations NeurIPS 2018 Shuang Li, Shuai Xiao, Shixiang Zhu, Nan Du, Yao Xie, Le Song

Social goods, such as healthcare, smart city, and information networks, often produce ordered event data in continuous time.

Point Processes reinforcement-learning +1

Modeling The Intensity Function Of Point Process Via Recurrent Neural Networks

2 code implementations24 May 2017 Shuai Xiao, Junchi Yan, Stephen M. Chu, Xiaokang Yang, Hongyuan Zha

In this paper, we model the background by a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) with its units aligned with time series indexes while the history effect is modeled by another RNN whose units are aligned with asynchronous events to capture the long-range dynamics.

Point Processes Time Series +1

Wasserstein Learning of Deep Generative Point Process Models

1 code implementation NeurIPS 2017 Shuai Xiao, Mehrdad Farajtabar, Xiaojing Ye, Junchi Yan, Le Song, Hongyuan Zha

Point processes are becoming very popular in modeling asynchronous sequential data due to their sound mathematical foundation and strength in modeling a variety of real-world phenomena.

Point Processes

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