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Select and Calibrate the Low-confidence: Dual-Channel Consistency based Graph Convolutional Networks

no code implementations8 May 2022 Shuhao Shi, Jian Chen, Kai Qiao, Shuai Yang, Linyuan Wang, Bin Yan

The Graph Convolutional Networks (GCNs) have achieved excellent results in node classification tasks, but the model's performance at low label rates is still unsatisfactory.

Node Classification

Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation with Generative Prior

1 code implementation7 Apr 2022 Shuai Yang, Liming Jiang, Ziwei Liu, Chen Change Loy

In this work, we present a novel framework, Generative Prior-guided UNsupervised Image-to-image Translation (GP-UNIT), to improve the overall quality and applicability of the translation algorithm.

Translation Unsupervised Image-To-Image Translation

Pastiche Master: Exemplar-Based High-Resolution Portrait Style Transfer

1 code implementation24 Mar 2022 Shuai Yang, Liming Jiang, Ziwei Liu, Chen Change Loy

Recent studies on StyleGAN show high performance on artistic portrait generation by transfer learning with limited data.

Style Transfer Transfer Learning

ShapeEditer: a StyleGAN Encoder for Face Swapping

no code implementations26 Jun 2021 Shuai Yang, Kai Qiao

In this paper, we propose a novel encoder, called ShapeEditor, for high-resolution, realistic and high-fidelity face exchange.

Face Swapping

Boosting-GNN: Boosting Algorithm for Graph Networks on Imbalanced Node Classification

no code implementations25 May 2021 S. Shi, Kai Qiao, Shuai Yang, L. Wang, J. Chen, Bin Yan

Traditional methods such as resampling, reweighting, and synthetic samples that deal with imbalanced datasets are no longer applicable in GNN.

Ensemble Learning Node Classification +1

Towards Efficient Local Causal Structure Learning

no code implementations28 Feb 2021 Shuai Yang, Hao Wang, Kui Yu, Fuyuan Cao, Xindong Wu

Local causal structure learning aims to discover and distinguish direct causes (parents) and direct effects (children) of a variable of interest from data.

Learning causal representations for robust domain adaptation

no code implementations12 Nov 2020 Shuai Yang, Kui Yu, Fuyuan Cao, Lin Liu, Hao Wang, Jiuyong Li

In this paper, we study the cases where at the training phase the target domain data is unavailable and only well-labeled source domain data is available, called robust domain adaptation.

Domain Adaptation

Consistent Video Style Transfer via Relaxation and Regularization

1 code implementation23 Sep 2020 Wenjing Wang, Shuai Yang, Jizheng Xu, Jiaying Liu

In this article, we address the problem by jointly considering the intrinsic properties of stylization and temporal consistency.

Frame Style Transfer +1

Open Benchmarking for Click-Through Rate Prediction

1 code implementation12 Sep 2020 Jieming Zhu, Jinyang Liu, Shuai Yang, Qi Zhang, Xiuqiang He

We have publicly released the benchmarking code, evaluation protocols, and experimental settings of our work to promote reproducible research in this field.

Click-Through Rate Prediction Recommendation Systems

New opportunities at the photon energy frontier

no code implementations8 Sep 2020 Jaroslav Adam, Christine Aidala, Aaron Angerami, Benjamin Audurier, Carlos Bertulani, Christian Bierlich, Boris Blok, James Daniel Brandenburg, Stanley Brodsky, Aleksandr Bylinkin, Veronica Canoa Roman, Francesco Giovanni Celiberto, Jan Cepila, Grigorios Chachamis, Brian Cole, Guillermo Contreras, David d'Enterria, Adrian Dumitru, Arturo Fernández Téllez, Leonid Frankfurt, Maria Beatriz Gay Ducati, Frank Geurts, Gustavo Gil da Silveira, Francesco Giuli, Victor P. Goncalves, Iwona Grabowska-Bold, Vadim Guzey, Lucian Harland-Lang, Martin Hentschinski, Timothy J. Hobbs, Jamal Jalilian-Marian, Valery A. Khoze, Yongsun Kim, Spencer R. Klein, Simon Knapen, Mariola Kłusek-Gawenda, Michal Krelina, Evgeny Kryshen, Tuomas Lappi, Constantin Loizides, Agnieszka Luszczak, Magno Machado, Heikki Mäntysaari, Daniel Martins, Ronan McNulty, Michael Murray, Jan Nemchik, Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler, Joakim Nystrand, Alessandro Papa, Bernard Pire, Mateusz Ploskon, Marius Przybycien, John P. Ralston, Patricia Rebello Teles, Christophe Royon, Björn Schenke, William Schmidke, Janet Seger, Anna Stasto, Peter Steinberg, Mark Strikman, Antoni Szczurek, Lech Szymanowski, Daniel Tapia Takaki, Ralf Ulrich, Orlando Villalobos Baillie, Ramona Vogt, Samuel Wallon, Michael Winn, Keping Xie, Zhangbu Xu, Shuai Yang, Mikhail Zhalov, Jian Zhou

Ultra-peripheral collisions (UPCs) involving heavy ions and protons are the energy frontier for photon-mediated interactions.

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology High Energy Physics - Experiment Nuclear Experiment

From Design Draft to Real Attire: Unaligned Fashion Image Translation

no code implementations3 Aug 2020 Yu Han, Shuai Yang, Wenjing Wang, Jiaying Liu

Moreover, built upon the sampling network, we present design draft to real fashion item translation network (D2RNet), where two separate translation streams that focus on texture and shape, respectively, are combined tactfully to get both benefits.


Towards Coding for Human and Machine Vision: A Scalable Image Coding Approach

no code implementations9 Jan 2020 Yueyu Hu, Shuai Yang, Wenhan Yang, Ling-Yu Duan, Jiaying Liu

In this paper, we come up with a novel image coding framework by leveraging both the compressive and the generative models, to support machine vision and human perception tasks jointly.

Facial Landmark Detection Image Reconstruction

Deep Plastic Surgery: Robust and Controllable Image Editing with Human-Drawn Sketches

1 code implementation ECCV 2020 Shuai Yang, Zhangyang Wang, Jiaying Liu, Zongming Guo

We present a sketch refinement strategy, as inspired by the coarse-to-fine drawing process of the artists, which we show can help our model well adapt to casual and varied sketches without the need for real sketch training data.

Sparse-Dense Subspace Clustering

no code implementations20 Oct 2019 Shuai Yang, Wenqi Zhu, Yuesheng Zhu

In the first stage, an affinity matrix is generated from data.

Residual Encoder-Decoder Network for Deep Subspace Clustering

no code implementations12 Oct 2019 Shuai Yang, Wenqi Zhu, Yuesheng Zhu

Subspace clustering aims to cluster unlabeled data that lies in a union of low-dimensional linear subspaces.

Towards Efficient Local Causal Structure Learning

1 code implementation3 Oct 2019 Shuai Yang, Hao Wang, Kui Yu, Fuyuan Cao, Xindong Wu

To tackle this issue, we propose a novel Efficient Local Causal Structure learning algorithm, named ELCS.

Causal Discovery

Semi-supervised representation learning via dual autoencoders for domain adaptation

1 code implementation4 Aug 2019 Shuai Yang, Hao Wang, Yuhong Zhang, Pei-Pei Li, Yi Zhu, Xuegang Hu

Domain adaptation aims to exploit the knowledge in source domain to promote the learning tasks in target domain, which plays a critical role in real-world applications.

Denoising Representation Learning +1

TE141K: Artistic Text Benchmark for Text Effect Transfer

no code implementations8 May 2019 Shuai Yang, Wenjing Wang, Jiaying Liu

To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest dataset for text effect transfer to date.

14 Style Transfer +1

Controllable Artistic Text Style Transfer via Shape-Matching GAN

1 code implementation ICCV 2019 Shuai Yang, Zhangyang Wang, Zhaowen Wang, Ning Xu, Jiaying Liu, Zongming Guo

In this paper, we present the first text style transfer network that allows for real-time control of the crucial stylistic degree of the glyph through an adjustable parameter.

Style Transfer Text Style Transfer

Three-Stage Subspace Clustering Framework with Graph-Based Transformation and Optimization

no code implementations2 May 2019 Shuai Yang, Wenqi Zhu, Yuesheng Zhu

The affinity matrix is obtained in the first stage, then it goes through the second stage, where the proposed GBTO is applied to generate a reconstructed affinity matrix with more authentic similarity between data points.

Restricted Connection Orthogonal Matching Pursuit For Sparse Subspace Clustering

no code implementations1 May 2019 Wenqi Zhu, Yuesheng Zhu, Li Zhong, Shuai Yang

In this paper, we propose a noise-robust algorithm, Restricted Connection Orthogonal Matching Pursuit for Sparse Subspace Clustering (RCOMP-SSC), to improve the clustering accuracy and maintain the low computational time by restricting the number of connections of each data point during the iteration of OMP.

TET-GAN: Text Effects Transfer via Stylization and Destylization

no code implementations16 Dec 2018 Shuai Yang, Jiaying Liu, Wenjing Wang, Zongming Guo

The key idea is to train our network to accomplish both the objective of style transfer and style removal, so that it can learn to disentangle and recombine the content and style features of text effects images.

One-Shot Learning Style Transfer +1

Context-Aware Text-Based Binary Image Stylization and Synthesis

no code implementations9 Oct 2018 Shuai Yang, Jiaying Liu, Wenhan Yang, Zongming Guo

The stylization is then followed by a context-aware layout design algorithm, where cues for both seamlessness and aesthetics are employed to determine the optimal layout of the shape in the background.

Image Inpainting Image Stylization +1

Awesome Typography: Statistics-Based Text Effects Transfer

1 code implementation CVPR 2017 Shuai Yang, Jiaying Liu, Zhouhui Lian, Zongming Guo

It allows our algorithm to produce artistic typography that fits for both local texture patterns and the global spatial distribution in the example.

Style Transfer Text Effects Transfer +1

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