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KB-Plugin: A Plug-and-play Framework for Large Language Models to Induce Programs over Low-resourced Knowledge Bases

1 code implementation2 Feb 2024 Jiajie Zhang, Shulin Cao, Linmei Hu, Ling Feng, Lei Hou, Juanzi Li

Secondly, KB-Plugin utilizes abundant annotated data from a rich-resourced KB to train another pluggable module, namely PI plugin, which can help the LLM extract question-relevant schema information from the schema plugin of any KB and utilize this information to induce programs over this KB.

Program induction Self-Supervised Learning

Probing Structured Semantics Understanding and Generation of Language Models via Question Answering

no code implementations11 Jan 2024 Jinxin Liu, Shulin Cao, Jiaxin Shi, Tingjian Zhang, Lei Hou, Juanzi Li

Extensive experiments with models of different sizes and in different formal languages show that today's state-of-the-art LLMs' understanding of the logical forms can approach human level overall, but there still are plenty of room in generating correct logical forms, which suggest that it is more effective to use LLMs to generate more natural language training data to reinforce a small model than directly answering questions with LLMs.

In-Context Learning Question Answering

Probabilistic Tree-of-thought Reasoning for Answering Knowledge-intensive Complex Questions

1 code implementation23 Nov 2023 Shulin Cao, Jiajie Zhang, Jiaxin Shi, Xin Lv, Zijun Yao, Qi Tian, Juanzi Li, Lei Hou

During reasoning, for leaf nodes, LLMs choose a more confident answer from Closed-book QA that employs parametric knowledge and Open-book QA that employs retrieved external knowledge, thus eliminating the negative retrieval problem.


VisKoP: Visual Knowledge oriented Programming for Interactive Knowledge Base Question Answering

no code implementations6 Jul 2023 Zijun Yao, Yuanyong Chen, Xin Lv, Shulin Cao, Amy Xin, Jifan Yu, Hailong Jin, Jianjun Xu, Peng Zhang, Lei Hou, Juanzi Li

We present Visual Knowledge oriented Programming platform (VisKoP), a knowledge base question answering (KBQA) system that integrates human into the loop to edit and debug the knowledge base (KB) queries.

Knowledge Base Question Answering Program induction +2

Reasoning over Hierarchical Question Decomposition Tree for Explainable Question Answering

no code implementations24 May 2023 Jiajie Zhang, Shulin Cao, Tingjia Zhang, Xin Lv, Jiaxin Shi, Qi Tian, Juanzi Li, Lei Hou

To facilitate reasoning, we propose a novel two-stage XQA framework, Reasoning over Hierarchical Question Decomposition Tree (RoHT).

Question Answering

GraphQ IR: Unifying the Semantic Parsing of Graph Query Languages with One Intermediate Representation

1 code implementation24 May 2022 Lunyiu Nie, Shulin Cao, Jiaxin Shi, Jiuding Sun, Qi Tian, Lei Hou, Juanzi Li, Jidong Zhai

Subject to the huge semantic gap between natural and formal languages, neural semantic parsing is typically bottlenecked by its complexity of dealing with both input semantics and output syntax.

Few-Shot Learning Semantic Parsing

Schema-Free Dependency Parsing via Sequence Generation

no code implementations28 Jan 2022 Boda Lin, Zijun Yao, Jiaxin Shi, Shulin Cao, Binghao Tang, Si Li, Yong Luo, Juanzi Li, Lei Hou

To remedy these drawbacks, we propose to achieve universal and schema-free Dependency Parsing (DP) via Sequence Generation (SG) DPSG by utilizing only the pre-trained language model (PLM) without any auxiliary structures or parsing algorithms.

Dependency Parsing Language Modelling

Program Transfer for Answering Complex Questions over Knowledge Bases

1 code implementation ACL 2022 Shulin Cao, Jiaxin Shi, Zijun Yao, Xin Lv, Jifan Yu, Lei Hou, Juanzi Li, Zhiyuan Liu, Jinghui Xiao

In this paper, we propose the approach of program transfer, which aims to leverage the valuable program annotations on the rich-resourced KBs as external supervision signals to aid program induction for the low-resourced KBs that lack program annotations.

Program induction Semantic Parsing

OpenKE: An Open Toolkit for Knowledge Embedding

1 code implementation EMNLP 2018 Xu Han, Shulin Cao, Xin Lv, Yankai Lin, Zhiyuan Liu, Maosong Sun, Juanzi Li

We release an open toolkit for knowledge embedding (OpenKE), which provides a unified framework and various fundamental models to embed knowledge graphs into a continuous low-dimensional space.

Information Retrieval Knowledge Graphs +3

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