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Stochastic Compositional Optimization with Compositional Constraints

no code implementations9 Sep 2022 Shuoguang Yang, Zhe Zhang, Ethan X. Fang

Stochastic compositional optimization (SCO) has attracted considerable attention because of its broad applicability to important real-world problems.


Decentralized Gossip-Based Stochastic Bilevel Optimization over Communication Networks

no code implementations22 Jun 2022 Shuoguang Yang, Xuezhou Zhang, Mengdi Wang

This paper studies the problem of distributed bilevel optimization over a network where agents can only communicate with neighbors, including examples from multi-task, multi-agent learning and federated learning.

Bilevel Optimization Federated Learning +2

Optimality Conditions and Algorithms for Top-K Arm Identification

no code implementations24 May 2022 ZiHao Wang, Shuoguang Yang, Wei You

We consider the top-k arm identification problem for multi-armed bandits with rewards belonging to a one-parameter canonical exponential family.

Multi-Armed Bandits

Data-Driven Minimax Optimization with Expectation Constraints

no code implementations16 Feb 2022 Shuoguang Yang, Xudong Li, Guanghui Lan

We propose a class of efficient primal-dual algorithms to tackle the minimax expectation-constrained problem, and show that our algorithms converge at the optimal rate of $\mathcal{O}(\frac{1}{\sqrt{N}})$.

Bridging Adversarial and Nonstationary Multi-armed Bandit

no code implementations5 Jan 2022 Ningyuan Chen, Shuoguang Yang

In the multi-armed bandit framework, there are two formulations that are commonly employed to handle time-varying reward distributions: adversarial bandit and nonstationary bandit.

Online Learning of Independent Cascade Models with Node-level Feedback

no code implementations6 Sep 2021 Shuoguang Yang, Van-Anh Truong

We propose a detailed analysis of the online-learning problem for Independent Cascade (IC) models under node-level feedback.

online learning

Revenue Maximization and Learning in Products Ranking

no code implementations7 Dec 2020 Ningyuan Chen, Anran Li, Shuoguang Yang

We show a nested structure of the optimal product ranking as a function of the attention span when the attention span is fixed and design a $1/e$-approximation algorithm accordingly for the random attention spans.

online learning

Online Learning and Optimization Under a New Linear-Threshold Model with Negative Influence

no code implementations8 Nov 2019 Shuoguang Yang, Shatian Wang, Van-Anh Truong

We show that in these models, the expected positive influence spread is a monotone submodular function of the seed set.

online learning

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