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Robust Ranking Explanations

no code implementations8 Jul 2023 Chao Chen, Chenghua Guo, Guixiang Ma, Ming Zeng, Xi Zhang, Sihong Xie

Robust explanations of machine learning models are critical to establish human trust in the models.

Provable Robust Saliency-based Explanations

no code implementations28 Dec 2022 Chao Chen, Chenghua Guo, Guixiang Ma, Ming Zeng, Xi Zhang, Sihong Xie

Robust explanations of machine learning models are critical to establishing human trust in the models.

Interpretable and Effective Reinforcement Learning for Attacking against Graph-based Rumor Detection

no code implementations15 Jan 2022 Yuefei Lyu, Xiaoyu Yang, Jiaxin Liu, Philip S. Yu, Sihong Xie, Xi Zhang

To discover subtle vulnerabilities, we design a powerful attacking algorithm to camouflage rumors in social networks based on reinforcement learning that can interact with and attack any black-box detectors.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Multi-objective Explanations of GNN Predictions

no code implementations29 Nov 2021 Yifei Liu, Chao Chen, Yazheng Liu, Xi Zhang, Sihong Xie

We design a user study to investigate such joint effects and use the findings to design a multi-objective optimization (MOO) algorithm to find Pareto optimal explanations that are well-balanced in simulatability and counterfactual.

Decision Making Fairness

Explaining GNN over Evolving Graphs using Information Flow

no code implementations19 Nov 2021 Yazheng Liu, Xi Zhang, Sihong Xie

We define the problem of explaining evolving GNN predictions and propose an axiomatic attribution method to uniquely decompose the change in a prediction to paths on computation graphs.

Knowledge Graphs

Self-learn to Explain Siamese Networks Robustly

no code implementations15 Sep 2021 Chao Chen, Yifan Shen, Guixiang Ma, Xiangnan Kong, Srinivas Rangarajan, Xi Zhang, Sihong Xie

Learning to compare two objects are essential in applications, such as digital forensics, face recognition, and brain network analysis, especially when labeled data is scarce and imbalanced.

Face Recognition Fairness +1

Truth Discovery in Sequence Labels from Crowds

1 code implementation9 Sep 2021 Nasim Sabetpour, Adithya Kulkarni, Sihong Xie, Qi Li

The proposed Aggregation method for Sequential Labels from Crowds ($AggSLC$) jointly considers the characteristics of sequential labeling tasks, workers' reliabilities, and advanced machine learning techniques.

named-entity-recognition Named Entity Recognition +2

Robust Spammer Detection by Nash Reinforcement Learning

1 code implementation10 Jun 2020 Yingtong Dou, Guixiang Ma, Philip S. Yu, Sihong Xie

We experiment on three large review datasets using various state-of-the-art spamming and detection strategies and show that the optimization algorithm can reliably find an equilibrial detector that can robustly and effectively prevent spammers with any mixed spamming strategies from attaining their practical goal.

Fraud Detection reinforcement-learning +1

Rigorous Explanation of Inference on Probabilistic Graphical Models

no code implementations21 Apr 2020 Yifei Liu, Chao Chen, Xi Zhang, Sihong Xie

There is no existing method to rigorously attribute the inference outcomes to the contributing factors of the graphical models.

Decision Making

Scalable Explanation of Inferences on Large Graphs

no code implementations13 Aug 2019 Chao Chen, Yifei Liu, Xi Zhang, Sihong Xie

Probabilistic inferences distill knowledge from graphs to aid human make important decisions.

Semi-supervised Deep Representation Learning for Multi-View Problems

no code implementations11 Nov 2018 Vahid Noroozi, Sara Bahaadini, Lei Zheng, Sihong Xie, Weixiang Shao, Philip S. Yu

While neural networks for learning representation of multi-view data have been previously proposed as one of the state-of-the-art multi-view dimension reduction techniques, how to make the representation discriminative with only a small amount of labeled data is not well-studied.

Dimensionality Reduction Learning Representation Of Multi-View Data

Securing Behavior-based Opinion Spam Detection

no code implementations9 Nov 2018 Shuaijun Ge, Guixiang Ma, Sihong Xie, Philip S. Yu

In terms of security, DETER is versatile enough to be vaccinated against diverse and unexpected evasions, is agnostic about evasion strategy and can be released without privacy concern.

Spam detection

Dual Attention Network for Product Compatibility and Function Satisfiability Analysis

no code implementations6 Dec 2017 Hu Xu, Sihong Xie, Lei Shu, Philip S. Yu

Product compatibility and their functionality are of utmost importance to customers when they purchase products, and to sellers and manufacturers when they sell products.

Product Function Need Recognition via Semi-supervised Attention Network

no code implementations6 Dec 2017 Hu Xu, Sihong Xie, Lei Shu, Philip S. Yu

Functionality is of utmost importance to customers when they purchase products.

CER: Complementary Entity Recognition via Knowledge Expansion on Large Unlabeled Product Reviews

no code implementations4 Dec 2016 Hu Xu, Sihong Xie, Lei Shu, Philip S. Yu

One important product feature is the complementary entity (products) that may potentially work together with the reviewed product.

Multi-source Hierarchical Prediction Consolidation

no code implementations11 Aug 2016 Chenwei Zhang, Sihong Xie, Yaliang Li, Jing Gao, Wei Fan, Philip S. Yu

We propose a novel multi-source hierarchical prediction consolidation method to effectively exploits the complicated hierarchical label structures to resolve the noisy and conflicting information that inherently originates from multiple imperfect sources.

Multilabel Consensus Classification

no code implementations16 Oct 2013 Sihong Xie, Xiangnan Kong, Jing Gao, Wei Fan, Philip S. Yu

Nonetheless, data nowadays are usually multilabeled, such that more than one label have to be predicted at the same time.

Classification General Classification

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