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先秦词网构建及梵汉对比研究(The Construction of Pre-Qin Ancient Chinese WordNet and Cross Language Comparative Study between Ancient Sanskrit WordNet and Pre-Qin Ancient Chinese WordNet)

no code implementations CCL 2021 Xuehui Lu, Huidan Xu, Siyu Chen, Bin Li

“先秦汉语在汉语史研究上具有重要地位, 然而以往的研究始终没有形成结构化的先秦词汇资源, 难以满足古汉语信息处理和跨语言对比的研究需要。国际上以英文词网(WordNet)的义类架构为基础, 已经建立了数十种语言的词网, 已经成为多语言自然语言处理和跨语言对比的基础资源。本文综述了国内外各种词网的构建情况, 特别是古代语言的词网和汉语词网, 然后详细介绍了先秦词网的构建和校正过程, 构建起了涵盖43591个词语、61227个义项、17975个义类的先秦汉语词网。本文还通过与古梵语词网的跨语言对比, 尝试分析这两种古老语言在词汇上的共性和差异, 初步验证先秦词网的有效性。”

Few-shot Forgery Detection via Guided Adversarial Interpolation

no code implementations12 Apr 2022 Haonan Qiu, Siyu Chen, Bei Gan, Kun Wang, Huafeng Shi, Jing Shao, Ziwei Liu

Realistic visual media synthesis is becoming a critical societal issue with the surge of face manipulation models; new forgery approaches emerge at an unprecedented pace.

X-Learner: Learning Cross Sources and Tasks for Universal Visual Representation

no code implementations16 Mar 2022 Yinan He, Gengshi Huang, Siyu Chen, Jianing Teng, Wang Kun, Zhenfei Yin, Lu Sheng, Ziwei Liu, Yu Qiao, Jing Shao

2) Squeeze Stage: X-Learner condenses the model to a reasonable size and learns the universal and generalizable representation for various tasks transferring.

Object Detection Representation Learning +1

Wasserstein Flow Meets Replicator Dynamics: A Mean-Field Analysis of Representation Learning in Actor-Critic

no code implementations NeurIPS 2021 Yufeng Zhang, Siyu Chen, Zhuoran Yang, Michael I. Jordan, Zhaoran Wang

Specifically, we consider a version of AC where the actor and critic are represented by overparameterized two-layer neural networks and are updated with two-timescale learning rates.

Representation Learning

INTERN: A New Learning Paradigm Towards General Vision

no code implementations16 Nov 2021 Jing Shao, Siyu Chen, Yangguang Li, Kun Wang, Zhenfei Yin, Yinan He, Jianing Teng, Qinghong Sun, Mengya Gao, Jihao Liu, Gengshi Huang, Guanglu Song, Yichao Wu, Yuming Huang, Fenggang Liu, Huan Peng, Shuo Qin, Chengyu Wang, Yujie Wang, Conghui He, Ding Liang, Yu Liu, Fengwei Yu, Junjie Yan, Dahua Lin, Xiaogang Wang, Yu Qiao

Enormous waves of technological innovations over the past several years, marked by the advances in AI technologies, are profoundly reshaping the industry and the society.

ForgeryNet: A Versatile Benchmark for Comprehensive Forgery Analysis

1 code implementation CVPR 2021 Yinan He, Bei Gan, Siyu Chen, Yichun Zhou, Guojun Yin, Luchuan Song, Lu Sheng, Jing Shao, Ziwei Liu

To counter this emerging threat, we construct the ForgeryNet dataset, an extremely large face forgery dataset with unified annotations in image- and video-level data across four tasks: 1) Image Forgery Classification, including two-way (real / fake), three-way (real / fake with identity-replaced forgery approaches / fake with identity-remained forgery approaches), and n-way (real and 15 respective forgery approaches) classification.

Classification General Classification

Probing $μ$eV ALPs with future LHAASO observation of AGN $γ$-ray spectra

no code implementations25 Jan 2021 Guangbo Long, Siyu Chen, Shuo Xu, Hong-Hao Zhang

For $g_{a\gamma}\gtrsim 2\times$$10^{-11} \rm GeV^{-1}$ with $m_{a}\lesssim0. 5\,\mu$eV, the flux at around 100\, TeV predicted by the ALP model can be enhanced more than an order of magnitude than that from the standard absorption, and could be detected by LHAASO.

High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics High Energy Physics - Phenomenology

1st place solution for AVA-Kinetics Crossover in AcitivityNet Challenge 2020

1 code implementation16 Jun 2020 Siyu Chen, Junting Pan, Guanglu Song, Manyuan Zhang, Hao Shao, Ziyi Lin, Jing Shao, Hongsheng Li, Yu Liu

This technical report introduces our winning solution to the spatio-temporal action localization track, AVA-Kinetics Crossover, in ActivityNet Challenge 2020.

Spatio-Temporal Action Localization Temporal Action Localization

Actor-Context-Actor Relation Network for Spatio-Temporal Action Localization

3 code implementations CVPR 2021 Junting Pan, Siyu Chen, Mike Zheng Shou, Yu Liu, Jing Shao, Hongsheng Li

We propose to explicitly model the Actor-Context-Actor Relation, which is the relation between two actors based on their interactions with the context.

Action Detection Action Recognition +2

Defective Convolutional Networks

1 code implementation19 Nov 2019 Tiange Luo, Tianle Cai, Mengxiao Zhang, Siyu Chen, Di He, Li-Wei Wang

Robustness of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) has gained in importance on account of adversarial examples, i. e., inputs added as well-designed perturbations that are imperceptible to humans but can cause the model to predict incorrectly.

Defective Convolutional Layers Learn Robust CNNs

no code implementations25 Sep 2019 Tiange Luo, Tianle Cai, Xiaomeng Zhang, Siyu Chen, Di He, LiWei Wang

We first show that predictions made by the defective CNN are less dependent on textural information, but more on shape information, and further find that adversarial examples generated by the defective CNN appear to have semantic shapes.

Gram-Gauss-Newton Method: Learning Overparameterized Neural Networks for Regression Problems

no code implementations28 May 2019 Tianle Cai, Ruiqi Gao, Jikai Hou, Siyu Chen, Dong Wang, Di He, Zhihua Zhang, Li-Wei Wang

First-order methods such as stochastic gradient descent (SGD) are currently the standard algorithm for training deep neural networks.

Second-order methods

Deep Neural Network Based Hyperspectral Pixel Classification With Factorized Spectral-Spatial Feature Representation

no code implementations16 Apr 2019 Jingzhou Chen, Siyu Chen, Peilin Zhou, Yuntao Qian

Secondly, in order to utilize the local spatial correlation among pixels, we share the previous subnetwork as a spectral feature extractor for each pixel in a patch of image, after which the spectral features of all pixels in a patch are combined and feeded into the subsequent classification subnetwork.

Classification General Classification +1

A Deep Optimization Approach for Image Deconvolution

no code implementations16 Apr 2019 Zhijian Luo, Siyu Chen, Yuntao Qian

In blind image deconvolution, priors are often leveraged to constrain the solution space, so as to alleviate the under-determinacy.

Image Deconvolution

Spectral Image Visualization Using Generative Adversarial Networks

no code implementations7 Feb 2018 Siyu Chen, Danping Liao, Yuntao Qian

The adversarial loss pushes our solution to the natural image distribution using a discriminator network that is trained to differentiate between false-color images and natural-color images.

Visualization of Hyperspectral Images Using Moving Least Squares

no code implementations20 Jan 2018 Danping Liao, Siyu Chen, Yuntao Qian

The matching pixels between a pair of HSI and RGB image can be reused to display other HSIs captured b the same imaging sensor with natural colors.

Predicting Aesthetic Score Distribution through Cumulative Jensen-Shannon Divergence

2 code implementations23 Aug 2017 Xin Jin, Le Wu, Xiao-Dong Li, Siyu Chen, Siwei Peng, Jingying Chi, Shiming Ge, Chenggen Song, Geng Zhao

Thus, a novel CNN based on the Cumulative distribution with Jensen-Shannon divergence (CJS-CNN) is presented to predict the aesthetic score distribution of human ratings, with a new reliability-sensitive learning method based on the kurtosis of the score distribution, which eliminates the requirement of the original full data of human ratings (without normalization).

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