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Adaptation of Distinct Semantics for Uncertain Areas in Polyp Segmentation

no code implementations13 May 2024 Quang Vinh Nguyen, Van Thong Huynh, Soo-Hyung Kim

This work presents a new novel architecture namely Adaptation of Distinct Semantics for Uncertain Areas in Polyp Segmentation (ADSNet), which modifies misclassified details and recovers weak features having the ability to vanish and not be detected at the final stage.

Decoder Image Segmentation +2

DCTM: Dilated Convolutional Transformer Model for Multimodal Engagement Estimation in Conversation

no code implementations31 Jul 2023 Vu Ngoc Tu, Van Thong Huynh, Hyung-Jeong Yang, M. Zaigham Zaheer, Shah Nawaz, Karthik Nandakumar, Soo-Hyung Kim

Conversational engagement estimation is posed as a regression problem, entailing the identification of the favorable attention and involvement of the participants in the conversation.


Multi-scale Transformer-based Network for Emotion Recognition from Multi Physiological Signals

1 code implementation1 May 2023 Tu Vu, Van Thong Huynh, Soo-Hyung Kim

This paper presents an efficient Multi-scale Transformer-based approach for the task of Emotion recognition from Physiological data, which has gained widespread attention in the research community due to the vast amount of information that can be extracted from these signals using modern sensors and machine learning techniques.

Emotion Recognition

CoNIC Challenge: Pushing the Frontiers of Nuclear Detection, Segmentation, Classification and Counting

1 code implementation11 Mar 2023 Simon Graham, Quoc Dang Vu, Mostafa Jahanifar, Martin Weigert, Uwe Schmidt, Wenhua Zhang, Jun Zhang, Sen yang, Jinxi Xiang, Xiyue Wang, Josef Lorenz Rumberger, Elias Baumann, Peter Hirsch, Lihao Liu, Chenyang Hong, Angelica I. Aviles-Rivero, Ayushi Jain, Heeyoung Ahn, Yiyu Hong, Hussam Azzuni, Min Xu, Mohammad Yaqub, Marie-Claire Blache, Benoît Piégu, Bertrand Vernay, Tim Scherr, Moritz Böhland, Katharina Löffler, Jiachen Li, Weiqin Ying, Chixin Wang, Dagmar Kainmueller, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Shuolin Liu, Dhairya Talsania, Yughender Meda, Prakash Mishra, Muhammad Ridzuan, Oliver Neumann, Marcel P. Schilling, Markus Reischl, Ralf Mikut, Banban Huang, Hsiang-Chin Chien, Ching-Ping Wang, Chia-Yen Lee, Hong-Kun Lin, Zaiyi Liu, Xipeng Pan, Chu Han, Jijun Cheng, Muhammad Dawood, Srijay Deshpande, Raja Muhammad Saad Bashir, Adam Shephard, Pedro Costa, João D. Nunes, Aurélio Campilho, Jaime S. Cardoso, Hrishikesh P S, Densen Puthussery, Devika R G, Jiji C V, Ye Zhang, Zijie Fang, Zhifan Lin, Yongbing Zhang, Chunhui Lin, Liukun Zhang, Lijian Mao, Min Wu, Vi Thi-Tuong Vo, Soo-Hyung Kim, Taebum Lee, Satoshi Kondo, Satoshi Kasai, Pranay Dumbhare, Vedant Phuse, Yash Dubey, Ankush Jamthikar, Trinh Thi Le Vuong, Jin Tae Kwak, Dorsa Ziaei, Hyun Jung, Tianyi Miao, David Snead, Shan E Ahmed Raza, Fayyaz Minhas, Nasir M. Rajpoot

Nuclear detection, segmentation and morphometric profiling are essential in helping us further understand the relationship between histology and patient outcome.

Nuclear Segmentation Segmentation +2

Generic Event Boundary Detection in Video with Pyramid Features

1 code implementation11 Jan 2023 Van Thong Huynh, Hyung-Jeong Yang, Guee-Sang Lee, Soo-Hyung Kim

In this study, we present an approach that considers the correlation between neighbor frames with pyramid feature maps in both spatial and temporal dimensions to construct a framework for localizing generic events in video.

Boundary Detection Decoder +1

An Ensemble Approach for Multiple Emotion Descriptors Estimation Using Multi-task Learning

1 code implementation22 Jul 2022 Irfan Haider, Minh-Trieu Tran, Soo-Hyung Kim, Hyung-Jeong Yang, Guee-Sang Lee

This paper illustrates our submission method to the fourth Affective Behavior Analysis in-the-Wild (ABAW) Competition.

Multi-Task Learning

A framework for model-assisted T x E x M exploration in maize

no code implementations6 Jun 2022 Jennifer Hsiao, Soo-Hyung Kim, Dennis J. Timlin, Nathaniel D. Mueller, Abigail L. S. Swann

Breeding for new crop characteristics and adjusting management practices are critical avenues to mitigate yield loss and maintain yield stability under a changing climate.


An Ensemble Approach for Facial Expression Analysis in Video

no code implementations24 Mar 2022 Hong-Hai Nguyen, Van-Thong Huynh, Soo-Hyung Kim

First, we make new features; the Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU) and Transformer are combined using a Regular Networks (RegNet) feature, which is extracted from the image.

Action Unit Detection Arousal Estimation

MF-Hovernet: An Extension of Hovernet for Colon Nuclei Identification and Counting (CoNiC) Challenge

no code implementations4 Mar 2022 Vi Thi-Tuong Vo, Soo-Hyung Kim, Taebum Lee

Nuclei Identification and Counting is the most important morphological feature of cancers, especially in the colon.

Emotion Recognition with Incomplete Labels Using Modified Multi-task Learning Technique

no code implementations9 Jul 2021 Phan Tran Dac Thinh, Hoang Manh Hung, Hyung-Jeong Yang, Soo-Hyung Kim, Guee-Sang Lee

In this study, we propose a method that utilizes the association between seven basic emotions and twelve action units from the AffWild2 dataset.

Emotion Recognition Multi-Task Learning

Variants of BERT, Random Forests and SVM approach for Multimodal Emotion-Target Sub-challenge

no code implementations28 Jul 2020 Hoang Manh Hung, Hyung-Jeong Yang, Soo-Hyung Kim, Guee-Sang Lee

Emotion recognition has become a major problem in computer vision in recent years that made a lot of effort by researchers to overcome the difficulties in this task.

Classification Emotion Recognition +3

Affective Expression Analysis in-the-wild using Multi-Task Temporal Statistical Deep Learning Model

1 code implementation21 Feb 2020 Nhu-Tai Do, Tram-Tran Nguyen-Quynh, Soo-Hyung Kim

Affective behavior analysis plays an important role in human-computer interaction, customer marketing, health monitoring.

Marketing regression

Eye Semantic Segmentation with a Lightweight Model

1 code implementation4 Nov 2019 Van Thong Huynh, Soo-Hyung Kim, Guee-Sang Lee, Hyung-Jeong Yang

In this paper, we present a multi-class eye segmentation method that can run the hardware limitations for real-time inference.

Decoder Semantic Segmentation

Maize yield under a changing climate: The hidden role of vapor pressure deficit

no code implementations7 Oct 2019 Jennifer Hsiao, Abigail L. S. Swann, Soo-Hyung Kim

We used a coupled process-based crop (MAIZSIM) and soil (2DSOIL) model to gain a mechanistic understanding of the independent roles temperature and VPD play in crop yield projections, as well as their interactions with rising CO2 levels and changing precipitation patterns.


Automatic Whole-body Bone Age Assessment Using Deep Hierarchical Features

no code implementations29 Jan 2019 Hai-Duong Nguyen, Soo-Hyung Kim

Bone age assessment gives us evidence to analyze the children growth status and the rejuvenation involved chronological and biological ages.

Ranking Based Locality Sensitive Hashing Enabled Cancelable Biometrics: Index-of-Max Hashing

no code implementations16 Mar 2017 Zhe Jin, Yen-Lung Lai, Jung-Yeon Hwang, Soo-Hyung Kim, Andrew Beng Jin Teoh

In this paper, we propose a ranking based locality sensitive hashing inspired two-factor cancelable biometrics, dubbed "Index-of-Max" (IoM) hashing for biometric template protection.

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