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Synchromesh: Reliable code generation from pre-trained language models

no code implementations ICLR 2022 Gabriel Poesia, Oleksandr Polozov, Vu Le, Ashish Tiwari, Gustavo Soares, Christopher Meek, Sumit Gulwani

Then, Synchromesh feeds the examples to a pre-trained language model and samples programs using Constrained Semantic Decoding (CSD): a general framework for constraining the output to a set of valid programs in the target language.

Code Generation Language Modelling

Multi-modal Program Inference: a Marriage of Pre-trainedLanguage Models and Component-based Synthesis

no code implementations3 Sep 2021 Kia Rahmani, Mohammad Raza, Sumit Gulwani, Vu Le, Daniel Morris, Arjun Radhakrishna, Gustavo Soares, Ashish Tiwari

Examples provide a precise but incomplete specification, and natural language provides an ambiguous but more "complete" task description.

Program Synthesis

Programming by Rewards

no code implementations14 Jul 2020 Nagarajan Natarajan, Ajaykrishna Karthikeyan, Prateek Jain, Ivan Radicek, Sriram Rajamani, Sumit Gulwani, Johannes Gehrke

The goal of the synthesizer is to synthesize a "decision function" $f$ which transforms the features to a decision value for the black-box component so as to maximize the expected reward $E[r \circ f (x)]$ for executing decisions $f(x)$ for various values of $x$.

Program Synthesis

Information-theoretic User Interaction: Significant Inputs for Program Synthesis

no code implementations22 Jun 2020 Ashish Tiwari, Arjun Radhakrishna, Sumit Gulwani, Daniel Perelman

In the context of interactive program synthesis, we use the above result to develop an {\em{active program learner}} that generates the significant inputs to pose as queries to the user in each iteration.

Program Synthesis

Quantitative Programming by Examples

no code implementations12 Sep 2019 Sumit Gulwani, Kunal Pathak, Arjun Radhakrishna, Ashish Tiwari, Abhishek Udupa

Programming-by-Example (PBE) systems synthesize an intended program in some (relatively constrained) domain-specific language from a small number of input-output examples provided by the user.

Neural-Guided Deductive Search for Real-Time Program Synthesis from Examples

no code implementations ICLR 2018 Ashwin Kalyan, Abhishek Mohta, Oleksandr Polozov, Dhruv Batra, Prateek Jain, Sumit Gulwani

In this work, we propose Neural Guided Deductive Search (NGDS), a hybrid synthesis technique that combines the best of both symbolic logic techniques and statistical models.

Program Synthesis

FlashProfile: A Framework for Synthesizing Data Profiles

no code implementations17 Sep 2017 Saswat Padhi, Prateek Jain, Daniel Perelman, Oleksandr Polozov, Sumit Gulwani, Todd Millstein

However, manual inspection of data to identify the different formats is infeasible in standard big-data scenarios.

Learning Syntactic Program Transformations from Examples

no code implementations31 Aug 2016 Reudismam Rolim, Gustavo Soares, Loris D'Antoni, Oleksandr Polozov, Sumit Gulwani, Rohit Gheyi, Ryo Suzuki, Bjoern Hartmann

In the second domain, we use repetitive edits applied by developers to the same project to synthesize a program transformation that applies these edits to other locations in the code.

Prutor: A System for Tutoring CS1 and Collecting Student Programs for Analysis

3 code implementations12 Aug 2016 Rajdeep Das, Umair Z. Ahmed, Amey Karkare, Sumit Gulwani

Apart from the code snapshots at regular intervals, Prutor also collects other valuable data such as the time taken by the students to solve the problems, the number of compile and execution events, and the errors made.

Computers and Society Programming Languages Software Engineering

Automated Clustering and Program Repair for Introductory Programming Assignments

1 code implementation10 Mar 2016 Sumit Gulwani, Ivan Radiček, Florian Zuleger

We obtain promising initial results (the average usefulness grade 3. 4 on a scale from 1 to 5), and conclude that our approach can be used in an interactive setting.

Programming Languages

Automatic Synthesis of Geometry Problems for an Intelligent Tutoring System

no code implementations29 Oct 2015 Chris Alvin, Sumit Gulwani, Rupak Majumdar, Supratik Mukhopadhyay

This paper presents an intelligent tutoring system, GeoTutor, for Euclidean Geometry that is automatically able to synthesize proof problems and their respective solutions given a geometric figure together with a set of properties true of it.

Automatic Generation of Alternative Starting Positions for Simple Traditional Board Games

no code implementations14 Nov 2014 Umair Z. Ahmed, Krishnendu Chatterjee, Sumit Gulwani

Simple board games, like Tic-Tac-Toe and CONNECT-4, play an important role not only in the development of mathematical and logical skills, but also in the emotional and social development.

Board Games

Automating string processing in spreadsheets using input-output examples

no code implementations POPL 2011 2011 Sumit Gulwani

We describe the design of a string programming/expression lan- guage that supports restricted forms of regular expressions, condi- tionals and loops.

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