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Language technology tools and resources for the analysis of multimodal communication

no code implementations WS 2016 L{\'a}szl{\'o} Hunyadi, Tam{\'a}s V{\'a}radi, Istv{\'a}n Szekr{\'e}nyes

In this paper we describe how the complexity of human communication can be analysed with the help of language technology.

Media monitoring and information extraction for the highly inflected agglutinative language Hungarian

no code implementations LREC 2014 J{\'u}lia Pajzs, Ralf Steinberger, Maud Ehrmann, Mohamed Ebrahim, Leonida della Rocca, Stefano Bucci, Eszter Simon, Tam{\'a}s V{\'a}radi

In this paper, we describe the effort of adding to EMM Hungarian text mining tools for news gathering; document categorisation; named entity recognition and classification for persons, organisations and locations; name lemmatisation; quotation recognition; and cross-lingual linking of related news clusters.

Information Retrieval Named Entity Recognition - Including Multimedia Language Resources to disseminate Knowledge and Create Educational Material on less-Resourced Languages

no code implementations LREC 2014 Dagmar Jung, Katarzyna Klessa, Zsuzsa Duray, Beatrix Oszk{\'o}, M{\'a}ria Sipos, S{\'a}ndor Szever{\'e}nyi, Zsuzsa V{\'a}rnai, Paul Trilsbeek, Tam{\'a}s V{\'a}radi

The present paper describes the development of the languagesindanger. eu interactive website as an example of including multimedia language resources to{\^A} disseminate knowledge and create educational material on{\^A} less-resourced languages.

The Hungarian Gigaword Corpus

no code implementations LREC 2014 Csaba Oravecz, Tam{\'a}s V{\'a}radi, B{\'a}lint Sass

The paper reports on the development of the Hungarian Gigaword Corpus (HGC), an extended new edition of the Hungarian National Corpus, with upgraded and redesigned linguistic annotation and an increased size of 1. 5 billion tokens.

Morphological Analysis

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