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XFT: Unlocking the Power of Code Instruction Tuning by Simply Merging Upcycled Mixture-of-Experts

1 code implementation23 Apr 2024 Yifeng Ding, Jiawei Liu, Yuxiang Wei, Terry Yue Zhuo, Lingming Zhang

We introduce XFT, a simple yet powerful training scheme, by simply merging upcycled Mixture-of-Experts (MoE) to unleash the performance limit of instruction-tuned code Large Language Models (LLMs).

Astraios: Parameter-Efficient Instruction Tuning Code Large Language Models

2 code implementations1 Jan 2024 Terry Yue Zhuo, Armel Zebaze, Nitchakarn Suppattarachai, Leandro von Werra, Harm de Vries, Qian Liu, Niklas Muennighoff

Through investigations across 5 tasks and 8 different datasets encompassing both code comprehension and code generation tasks, we find that FFT generally leads to the best downstream performance across all scales, and PEFT methods differ significantly in their efficacy based on the model scale.

Code Generation

Can ChatGPT Perform Reasoning Using the IRAC Method in Analyzing Legal Scenarios Like a Lawyer?

1 code implementation23 Oct 2023 Xiaoxi Kang, Lizhen Qu, Lay-Ki Soon, Adnan Trakic, Terry Yue Zhuo, Patrick Charles Emerton, Genevieve Grant

Each scenario in the corpus is annotated with a complete IRAC analysis in a semi-structured format so that both machines and legal professionals are able to interpret and understand the annotations.

Legal Reasoning

Fake News Detectors are Biased against Texts Generated by Large Language Models

no code implementations15 Sep 2023 Jinyan Su, Terry Yue Zhuo, Jonibek Mansurov, Di Wang, Preslav Nakov

The spread of fake news has emerged as a critical challenge, undermining trust and posing threats to society.


Pop Quiz! Do Pre-trained Code Models Possess Knowledge of Correct API Names?

no code implementations14 Sep 2023 Terry Yue Zhuo, Xiaoning Du, Zhenchang Xing, Jiamou Sun, Haowei Quan, Li Li, Liming Zhu

The correctness and unambiguity of API usage among these code models are crucial for achieving desirable program functionalities, requiring them to learn various API fully qualified names structurally and semantically.

Code Generation Knowledge Probing

OctoPack: Instruction Tuning Code Large Language Models

2 code implementations14 Aug 2023 Niklas Muennighoff, Qian Liu, Armel Zebaze, Qinkai Zheng, Binyuan Hui, Terry Yue Zhuo, Swayam Singh, Xiangru Tang, Leandro von Werra, Shayne Longpre

We benchmark CommitPack against other natural and synthetic code instructions (xP3x, Self-Instruct, OASST) on the 16B parameter StarCoder model, and achieve state-of-the-art performance among models not trained on OpenAI outputs, on the HumanEval Python benchmark (46. 2% pass@1).

Code Generation Code Repair

Source Code Data Augmentation for Deep Learning: A Survey

1 code implementation31 May 2023 Terry Yue Zhuo, Zhou Yang, Zhensu Sun, YuFei Wang, Li Li, Xiaoning Du, Zhenchang Xing, David Lo

This paper fills this gap by conducting a comprehensive and integrative survey of data augmentation for source code, wherein we systematically compile and encapsulate existing literature to provide a comprehensive overview of the field.

Data Augmentation

FACTUAL: A Benchmark for Faithful and Consistent Textual Scene Graph Parsing

1 code implementation27 May 2023 Zhuang Li, Yuyang Chai, Terry Yue Zhuo, Lizhen Qu, Gholamreza Haffari, Fei Li, Donghong Ji, Quan Hung Tran

Textual scene graph parsing has become increasingly important in various vision-language applications, including image caption evaluation and image retrieval.

Graph Similarity Human Judgment Correlation +4

DetectLLM: Leveraging Log Rank Information for Zero-Shot Detection of Machine-Generated Text

1 code implementation23 May 2023 Jinyan Su, Terry Yue Zhuo, Di Wang, Preslav Nakov

One is called DetectLLM-LRR, which is fast and efficient, and the other is called DetectLLM-NPR, which is more accurate, but slower due to the need for perturbations.


StarCoder: may the source be with you!

4 code implementations9 May 2023 Raymond Li, Loubna Ben allal, Yangtian Zi, Niklas Muennighoff, Denis Kocetkov, Chenghao Mou, Marc Marone, Christopher Akiki, Jia Li, Jenny Chim, Qian Liu, Evgenii Zheltonozhskii, Terry Yue Zhuo, Thomas Wang, Olivier Dehaene, Mishig Davaadorj, Joel Lamy-Poirier, João Monteiro, Oleh Shliazhko, Nicolas Gontier, Nicholas Meade, Armel Zebaze, Ming-Ho Yee, Logesh Kumar Umapathi, Jian Zhu, Benjamin Lipkin, Muhtasham Oblokulov, Zhiruo Wang, Rudra Murthy, Jason Stillerman, Siva Sankalp Patel, Dmitry Abulkhanov, Marco Zocca, Manan Dey, Zhihan Zhang, Nour Fahmy, Urvashi Bhattacharyya, Wenhao Yu, Swayam Singh, Sasha Luccioni, Paulo Villegas, Maxim Kunakov, Fedor Zhdanov, Manuel Romero, Tony Lee, Nadav Timor, Jennifer Ding, Claire Schlesinger, Hailey Schoelkopf, Jan Ebert, Tri Dao, Mayank Mishra, Alex Gu, Jennifer Robinson, Carolyn Jane Anderson, Brendan Dolan-Gavitt, Danish Contractor, Siva Reddy, Daniel Fried, Dzmitry Bahdanau, Yacine Jernite, Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis, Sean Hughes, Thomas Wolf, Arjun Guha, Leandro von Werra, Harm de Vries

The BigCode community, an open-scientific collaboration working on the responsible development of Large Language Models for Code (Code LLMs), introduces StarCoder and StarCoderBase: 15. 5B parameter models with 8K context length, infilling capabilities and fast large-batch inference enabled by multi-query attention.

8k Code Generation

ICE-Score: Instructing Large Language Models to Evaluate Code

2 code implementations27 Apr 2023 Terry Yue Zhuo

Token-matching-based metrics, such as BLEU, have demonstrated weak correlations with human practitioners in code intelligence tasks.

Code Generation Machine Translation +1

Training-free Lexical Backdoor Attacks on Language Models

1 code implementation8 Feb 2023 Yujin Huang, Terry Yue Zhuo, Qiongkai Xu, Han Hu, Xingliang Yuan, Chunyang Chen

In this work, we propose Training-Free Lexical Backdoor Attack (TFLexAttack) as the first training-free backdoor attack on language models.

Backdoor Attack Data Poisoning +1

Red teaming ChatGPT via Jailbreaking: Bias, Robustness, Reliability and Toxicity

no code implementations30 Jan 2023 Terry Yue Zhuo, Yujin Huang, Chunyang Chen, Zhenchang Xing

We believe that our findings may give light on future efforts to determine and mitigate the ethical hazards posed by machines in LLM applications.

Ethics Language Modelling

Rethinking Round-Trip Translation for Machine Translation Evaluation

1 code implementation15 Sep 2022 Terry Yue Zhuo, Qiongkai Xu, Xuanli He, Trevor Cohn

Round-trip translation could be served as a clever and straightforward technique to alleviate the requirement of the parallel evaluation corpus.

Machine Translation Translation

Paraphrasing Techniques for Maritime QA system

no code implementations21 Mar 2022 Fatemeh Shiri, Terry Yue Zhuo, Zhuang Li, Van Nguyen, Shirui Pan, Weiqing Wang, Reza Haffari, Yuan-Fang Li

In this paper, we investigate how to exploit paraphrasing methods for the automated generation of large-scale training datasets (in the form of paraphrased utterances and their corresponding logical forms in SQL format) and present our experimental results using real-world data in the maritime domain.

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