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Social Diversity Reduces the Complexity and Cost of Fostering Fairness

no code implementations18 Nov 2022 Theodor Cimpeanu, Alessandro Di Stefano, Cedric Perret, The Anh Han

Institutions and investors are constantly faced with the challenge of appropriately distributing endowments.


Understanding Emergent Behaviours in Multi-Agent Systems with Evolutionary Game Theory

no code implementations15 May 2022 The Anh Han

The mechanisms of emergence and evolution of collective behaviours in dynamical Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) of multiple interacting agents, with diverse behavioral strategies in co-presence, have been undergoing mathematical study via Evolutionary Game Theory (EGT).

Statistics of the number of equilibria in random social dilemma evolutionary games with mutation

no code implementations13 Jul 2021 Manh Hong Duong, The Anh Han

In this paper, we study analytically the statistics of the number of equilibria in pairwise social dilemma evolutionary games with mutation where a game's payoff entries are random variables.

Voluntary safety commitments provide an escape from over-regulation in AI development

no code implementations8 Apr 2021 The Anh Han, Tom Lenaerts, Francisco C. Santos, Luis Moniz Pereira

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies in our daily lives, fear and anxiety about their misuse as well as the hidden biases in their creation have led to a demand for regulation to address such issues.

Artificial Intelligence Development Races in Heterogeneous Settings

no code implementations30 Dec 2020 Theodor Cimpeanu, Francisco C. Santos, Luis Moniz Pereira, Tom Lenaerts, The Anh Han

Regulation of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly important, given the associated risks and apparent ethical issues.

Mediating Artificial Intelligence Developments through Negative and Positive Incentives

no code implementations1 Oct 2020 The Anh Han, Luis Moniz Pereira, Tom Lenaerts, Francisco C. Santos

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going through a period of great expectations, introducing a certain level of anxiety in research, business and also policy.

Evolution of Coordination in Pairwise and Multi-player Interactions via Prior Commitments

no code implementations24 Sep 2020 Ogbo Ndidi Bianca, Aiman Elgarig, The Anh Han

Our analysis, both analytically and via numerical simulations, shows that whether prior commitment would be a viable evolutionary mechanism for enhancing coordination and the overall population social welfare strongly depends on the collective benefit and severity of competition, and more importantly, how asymmetric benefits are resolved in a commitment deal.

Decision Making

When to (or not to) trust intelligent machines: Insights from an evolutionary game theory analysis of trust in repeated games

no code implementations22 Jul 2020 The Anh Han, Cedric Perret, Simon T. Powers

We argue that this cost is likely to be greater when the interaction is between people and intelligent agents, because of the reduced transparency of the agent.

Recommendation Systems

To regulate or not: a social dynamics analysis of the race for AI supremacy

no code implementations26 Jul 2019 The Anh Han, Luis Moniz Pereira, Francisco C. Santos, Tom Lenaerts

As a consequence, different actors are urging to consider both the normative and social impact of these technological advancements.

Exogenous Rewards for Promoting Cooperation in Scale-Free Networks

no code implementations13 May 2019 Theodor Cimpeanu, The Anh Han, Francisco C. Santos

The design of mechanisms that encourage pro-social behaviours in populations of self-regarding agents is recognised as a major theoretical challenge within several areas of social, life and engineering sciences.

Computer Science and Game Theory Multiagent Systems Social and Information Networks Theoretical Economics Physics and Society

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