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Optimizing time-shifts for reservoir computing using a rank-revealing QR algorithm

no code implementations29 Nov 2022 Joseph D. Hart, Francesco Sorrentino, Thomas L. Carroll

Reservoir computing is a recurrent neural network paradigm in which only the output layer is trained.

Creating New Chaotic Signals with Reservoir Computers

no code implementations9 Sep 2022 Thomas L. Carroll

While there have been many publications on potential applications of chaos to fields such as communications, radar, sonar, random signal generation, channel equalization and others, designing continuous chaotic systems is still an unsolved problem.

Time Shifts to Reduce the Size of Reservoir Computers

no code implementations3 May 2022 Thomas L. Carroll, Joseph D. Hart

Additionally, the need to create and connect large numbers of nonlinear nodes makes it difficult to design and build analog reservoir computers that can be faster and consume less power than digital reservoir computers.

Optimizing Memory in Reservoir Computers

no code implementations5 Jan 2022 Thomas L. Carroll

A reservoir computer is a way of using a high dimensional dynamical system for computation.

Do Reservoir Computers Work Best at the Edge of Chaos?

no code implementations2 Dec 2020 Thomas L. Carroll

It has been demonstrated that cellular automata had the highest computational capacity at the edge of chaos, the parameter at which their behavior transitioned from ordered to chaotic.

Adding Filters to Improve Reservoir Computer Performance

no code implementations24 Aug 2020 Thomas L. Carroll

Reservoir computers are a type of neuromorphic computer that may be built a an analog system, potentially creating powerful computers that are small, light and consume little power.

Dimension of Reservoir Computers

no code implementations10 Dec 2019 Thomas L. Carroll

A reservoir computer is a complex dynamical system, often created by coupling nonlinear nodes in a network.

Mutual Information and the Edge of Chaos in Reservoir Computers

no code implementations6 Jun 2019 Thomas L. Carroll

A reservoir computer is a dynamical system that may be used to perform computations.

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