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YOLO-World: Real-Time Open-Vocabulary Object Detection

1 code implementation30 Jan 2024 Tianheng Cheng, Lin Song, Yixiao Ge, Wenyu Liu, Xinggang Wang, Ying Shan

The You Only Look Once (YOLO) series of detectors have established themselves as efficient and practical tools.

Instance Segmentation Language Modelling +4

Symphonize 3D Semantic Scene Completion with Contextual Instance Queries

1 code implementation27 Jun 2023 Haoyi Jiang, Tianheng Cheng, Naiyu Gao, Haoyang Zhang, Tianwei Lin, Wenyu Liu, Xinggang Wang

`3D Semantic Scene Completion (SSC) has emerged as a nascent and pivotal undertaking in autonomous driving, aiming to predict voxel occupancy within volumetric scenes.

3D Semantic Scene Completion from a single RGB image Autonomous Driving

ProRes: Exploring Degradation-aware Visual Prompt for Universal Image Restoration

1 code implementation23 Jun 2023 Jiaqi Ma, Tianheng Cheng, Guoli Wang, Qian Zhang, Xinggang Wang, Lefei Zhang

We then leverage degradation-aware visual prompts to establish a controllable and universal model for image restoration, called ProRes, which is applicable to an extensive range of image restoration tasks.

Deblurring Denoising +1

VMA: Divide-and-Conquer Vectorized Map Annotation System for Large-Scale Driving Scene

2 code implementations19 Apr 2023 Shaoyu Chen, Yunchi Zhang, Bencheng Liao, Jiafeng Xie, Tianheng Cheng, Wei Sui, Qian Zhang, Chang Huang, Wenyu Liu, Xinggang Wang

We design a divide-and-conquer annotation scheme to solve the spatial extensibility problem of HD map generation, and abstract map elements with a variety of geometric patterns as unified point sequence representation, which can be extended to most map elements in the driving scene.

Autonomous Driving

TinyDet: Accurate Small Object Detection in Lightweight Generic Detectors

no code implementations7 Apr 2023 Shaoyu Chen, Tianheng Cheng, Jiemin Fang, Qian Zhang, Yuan Li, Wenyu Liu, Xinggang Wang

Small object detection requires the detection head to scan a large number of positions on image feature maps, which is extremely hard for computation- and energy-efficient lightweight generic detectors.

object-detection Small Object Detection

MobileInst: Video Instance Segmentation on the Mobile

no code implementations30 Mar 2023 Renhong Zhang, Tianheng Cheng, Shusheng Yang, Haoyi Jiang, Shuai Zhang, Jiancheng Lyu, Xin Li, Xiaowen Ying, Dashan Gao, Wenyu Liu, Xinggang Wang

To address those issues, we present MobileInst, a lightweight and mobile-friendly framework for video instance segmentation on mobile devices.

Instance Segmentation Segmentation +2

Lane Graph as Path: Continuity-preserving Path-wise Modeling for Online Lane Graph Construction

1 code implementation15 Mar 2023 Bencheng Liao, Shaoyu Chen, Bo Jiang, Tianheng Cheng, Qian Zhang, Wenyu Liu, Chang Huang, Xinggang Wang

We present a path-based online lane graph construction method, termed LaneGAP, which end-to-end learns the path and recovers the lane graph via a Path2Graph algorithm.

Autonomous Driving graph construction +1

MapTR: Structured Modeling and Learning for Online Vectorized HD Map Construction

1 code implementation30 Aug 2022 Bencheng Liao, Shaoyu Chen, Xinggang Wang, Tianheng Cheng, Qian Zhang, Wenyu Liu, Chang Huang

High-definition (HD) map provides abundant and precise environmental information of the driving scene, serving as a fundamental and indispensable component for planning in autonomous driving system.

3D Lane Detection Autonomous Driving

Polar Parametrization for Vision-based Surround-View 3D Detection

1 code implementation22 Jun 2022 Shaoyu Chen, Xinggang Wang, Tianheng Cheng, Qian Zhang, Chang Huang, Wenyu Liu

Based on Polar Parametrization, we propose a surround-view 3D DEtection TRansformer, named PolarDETR.

Inductive Bias Position

Featurized Query R-CNN

1 code implementation13 Jun 2022 Wenqiang Zhang, Tianheng Cheng, Xinggang Wang, Shaoyu Chen, Qian Zhang, Wenyu Liu

The query mechanism introduced in the DETR method is changing the paradigm of object detection and recently there are many query-based methods have obtained strong object detection performance.

Object object-detection +1

Efficient and Robust 2D-to-BEV Representation Learning via Geometry-guided Kernel Transformer

1 code implementation9 Jun 2022 Shaoyu Chen, Tianheng Cheng, Xinggang Wang, Wenming Meng, Qian Zhang, Wenyu Liu

GKT leverages the geometric priors to guide the transformer to focus on discriminative regions and unfolds kernel features to generate BEV representation.

Autonomous Driving Representation Learning

Boundary-preserving Mask R-CNN

1 code implementation ECCV 2020 Tianheng Cheng, Xinggang Wang, Lichao Huang, Wenyu Liu

Besides, it is not surprising to observe that BMask R-CNN obtains more obvious improvement when the evaluation criterion requires better localization (e. g., AP$_{75}$) as shown in Fig. 1.

Instance Segmentation Object +1

Deep High-Resolution Representation Learning for Visual Recognition

42 code implementations20 Aug 2019 Jingdong Wang, Ke Sun, Tianheng Cheng, Borui Jiang, Chaorui Deng, Yang Zhao, Dong Liu, Yadong Mu, Mingkui Tan, Xinggang Wang, Wenyu Liu, Bin Xiao

High-resolution representations are essential for position-sensitive vision problems, such as human pose estimation, semantic segmentation, and object detection.

 Ranked #1 on Object Detection on COCO test-dev (Hardware Burden metric)

Dichotomous Image Segmentation Face Alignment +7

Bayesian Cycle-Consistent Generative Adversarial Networks via Marginalizing Latent Sampling

1 code implementation19 Nov 2018 Haoran You, Yu Cheng, Tianheng Cheng, Chunliang Li, Pan Zhou

We evaluate the proposed Bayesian CycleGAN on multiple benchmark datasets, including Cityscapes, Maps, and Monet2photo.

Image-to-Image Translation Semantic Segmentation +1

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