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Hierarchical Masked 3D Diffusion Model for Video Outpainting

no code implementations5 Sep 2023 Fanda Fan, Chaoxu Guo, Litong Gong, Biao Wang, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Chunjie Luo, Jianfeng Zhan

Our pipeline benefits from bidirectional learning of the mask modeling and thus can employ a hybrid strategy of infilling and interpolation when generating sparse frames.

Image Outpainting

Deep Task-specific Bottom Representation Network for Multi-Task Recommendation

no code implementations11 Aug 2023 Qi Liu, Zhilong Zhou, Gangwei Jiang, Tiezheng Ge, Defu Lian

In this paper, we focus on the bottom representation learning of MTL in RS and propose the Deep Task-specific Bottom Representation Network (DTRN) to alleviate the negative transfer problem.

Multi-Task Learning Recommendation Systems +1

AutoPoster: A Highly Automatic and Content-aware Design System for Advertising Poster Generation

no code implementations2 Aug 2023 Jinpeng Lin, Min Zhou, Ye Ma, Yifan Gao, Chenxi Fei, Yangjian Chen, Zhang Yu, Tiezheng Ge

Meanwhile, to our knowledge, we propose the first poster generation dataset that includes visual attribute annotations for over 76k posters.

Visual Captioning at Will: Describing Images and Videos Guided by a Few Stylized Sentences

no code implementations31 Jul 2023 Dingyi Yang, Hongyu Chen, Xinglin Hou, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Qin Jin

To address these limitations, we explore the problem of Few-Shot Stylized Visual Captioning, which aims to generate captions in any desired style, using only a few examples as guidance during inference, without requiring further training.

Image Captioning Language Modelling

Edit As You Wish: Video Description Editing with Multi-grained Commands

no code implementations15 May 2023 Linli Yao, Yuanmeng Zhang, Ziheng Wang, Xinglin Hou, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Qin Jin

In this paper, we propose a novel Video Description Editing (VDEdit) task to automatically revise an existing video description guided by flexible user requests.

Video Alignment Video Captioning +1

Unsupervised Domain Adaption with Pixel-level Discriminator for Image-aware Layout Generation

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Chenchen Xu, Min Zhou, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Weiwei Xu

This paper focuses on using the GAN-based model conditioned on image contents to generate advertising poster graphic layouts, which requires an advertising poster layout dataset with paired product images and graphic layouts.

Domain Adaptation

Video Object of Interest Segmentation

no code implementations6 Dec 2022 Siyuan Zhou, Chunru Zhan, Biao Wang, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Li Niu

Given a video and a target image of interest, our objective is to simultaneously segment and track all objects in the video that are relevant to the target image.

Semantic Segmentation Video Object Segmentation +1

Motion Transformer for Unsupervised Image Animation

1 code implementation28 Sep 2022 Jiale Tao, Biao Wang, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Wen Li, Lixin Duan

Image animation aims to animate a source image by using motion learned from a driving video.

Image Animation

Geometry Aligned Variational Transformer for Image-conditioned Layout Generation

no code implementations2 Sep 2022 Yunning Cao, Ye Ma, Min Zhou, Chuanbin Liu, Hongtao Xie, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang

First, self-attention mechanism is adopted to model the contextual relationship within layout elements, while cross-attention mechanism is used to fuse the visual information of conditional images.

Layout Design Object Localization

Attract me to Buy: Advertisement Copywriting Generation with Multimodal Multi-structured Information

no code implementations7 May 2022 Zhipeng Zhang, Xinglin Hou, Kai Niu, Zhongzhen Huang, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Qi Wu, Peng Wang

Therefore, we present a dataset, E-MMAD (e-commercial multimodal multi-structured advertisement copywriting), which requires, and supports much more detailed information in text generation.

Text Generation Video Captioning

Dual-Level Decoupled Transformer for Video Captioning

no code implementations6 May 2022 Yiqi Gao, Xinglin Hou, Wei Suo, Mengyang Sun, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Peng Wang

As for the latter, \textbf{\textit{"couple"}} means treating the generation of visual semantic and syntax-related words equally.

Descriptive Video Captioning

Composition-aware Graphic Layout GAN for Visual-textual Presentation Designs

no code implementations30 Apr 2022 Min Zhou, Chenchen Xu, Ye Ma, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Weiwei Xu

Through both quantitative and qualitative evaluations, we demonstrate that the proposed model can synthesize high-quality graphic layouts according to image compositions.

Self-Supervised Text Erasing with Controllable Image Synthesis

no code implementations27 Apr 2022 Gangwei Jiang, Shiyao Wang, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Ying WEI, Defu Lian

The synthetic training images with erasure ground-truth are then fed to train a coarse-to-fine erasing network.

Image Generation

CapOnImage: Context-driven Dense-Captioning on Image

no code implementations27 Apr 2022 Yiqi Gao, Xinglin Hou, Yuanmeng Zhang, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Peng Wang

Existing image captioning systems are dedicated to generating narrative captions for images, which are spatially detached from the image in presentation.

Dense Captioning Image Captioning

Estimation of Reliable Proposal Quality for Temporal Action Detection

1 code implementation25 Apr 2022 Junshan Hu, Chaoxu Guo, Liansheng Zhuang, Biao Wang, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Houqiang Li

For the region perspective, we introduce Region Evaluate Module (REM) which uses a new and efficient sampling method for proposal feature representation containing more contextual information compared with point feature to refine category score and proposal boundary.

Action Detection

Structure-Aware Motion Transfer with Deformable Anchor Model

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Jiale Tao, Biao Wang, Borun Xu, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Wen Li, Lixin Duan

Specifically, inspired by the known deformable part model (DPM), our DAM introduces two types of anchors or keypoints: i) a number of motion anchors that capture both appearance and motion information from the source image and driving video; ii) a latent root anchor, which is linked to the motion anchors to facilitate better learning of the representations of the object structure information.

Move As You Like: Image Animation in E-Commerce Scenario

1 code implementation19 Dec 2021 Borun Xu, Biao Wang, Jiale Tao, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Wen Li, Lixin Duan

Creative image animations are attractive in e-commerce applications, where motion transfer is one of the import ways to generate animations from static images.

Image Animation

Boosting Image Outpainting with Semantic Layout Prediction

no code implementations18 Oct 2021 Ye Ma, Jin Ma, Min Zhou, Quan Chen, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Tong Lin

Secondly, another GAN model is trained to synthesize real images based on the extended semantic layouts.

Image Outpainting Semantic Segmentation

Efficient Optimal Selection for Composited Advertising Creatives with Tree Structure

1 code implementation2 Mar 2021 Jin Chen, Tiezheng Ge, Gangwei Jiang, Zhiqiang Zhang, Defu Lian, Kai Zheng

Based on the tree structure, Thompson sampling is adapted with dynamic programming, leading to efficient exploration for potential ad creatives with the largest CTR.

Efficient Exploration Thompson Sampling

Automated Creative Optimization for E-Commerce Advertising

1 code implementation28 Feb 2021 Jin Chen, Ju Xu, Gangwei Jiang, Tiezheng Ge, Zhiqiang Zhang, Defu Lian, Kai Zheng

However, interactions between creative elements may be more complex than the inner product, and the FM-estimated CTR may be of high variance due to limited feedback.

AutoML Click-Through Rate Prediction +2

Semantic Human Matting

2 code implementations5 Sep 2018 Quan Chen, Tiezheng Ge, Yanyu Xu, Zhiqiang Zhang, Xinxin Yang, Kun Gai

SHM is the first algorithm that learns to jointly fit both semantic information and high quality details with deep networks.

Image Matting

Product Sparse Coding

no code implementations CVPR 2014 Tiezheng Ge, Kaiming He, Jian Sun

In this paper, we study a special case of sparse coding in which the codebook is a Cartesian product of two subcodebooks.

General Classification Image Classification +2

Optimized Product Quantization for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search

no code implementations CVPR 2013 Tiezheng Ge, Kaiming He, Qifa Ke, Jian Sun

Product quantization is an effective vector quantization approach to compactly encode high-dimensional vectors for fast approximate nearest neighbor (ANN) search.


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