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Disassemblable Fieldwork CT Scanner Using a 3D-printed Calibration Phantom

no code implementations12 Nov 2020 Florian Schiffers, Thomas Bochynek, Andre Aichert, Tobias Würfl, Michael Rubenstein, Oliver Cossairt

The use of computed tomography (CT) imaging has become of increasing interest to academic areas outside of the field of medical imaging and industrial inspection, e. g., to biology and cultural heritage research.

Computed Tomography (CT) Tomographic Reconstructions

Reconstruction of Voxels with Position- and Angle-Dependent Weightings

no code implementations27 Oct 2020 Lina Felsner, Tobias Würfl, Christopher Syben, Philipp Roser, Alexander Preuhs, Andreas Maier, Christian Riess

In this work we first formulate this reconstruction problem in terms of a system matrix and weighting part.

Deep Learning-based Pipeline for Module Power Prediction from EL Measurements

1 code implementation30 Sep 2020 Mathis Hoffmann, Claudia Buerhop-Lutz, Luca Reeb, Tobias Pickel, Thilo Winkler, Bernd Doll, Tobias Würfl, Ian Marius Peters, Christoph Brabec, Andreas Maier, Vincent Christlein

However, knowledge of the power at maximum power point is important as well, since drops in the power of a single module can affect the performance of an entire string.

Projection-to-Projection Translation for Hybrid X-ray and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

no code implementations19 Nov 2019 Bernhard Stimpel, Christopher Syben, Tobias Würfl, Katharina Breininger, Philipp Hoelter, Arnd Dörfler, Andreas Maier

Additionally, a weighting scheme in the loss computation that favors high-frequency structures is proposed to focus on the important details and contours in projection imaging.

Image Enhancement Translation

The TCGA Meta-Dataset Clinical Benchmark

1 code implementation18 Oct 2019 Mandana Samiei, Tobias Würfl, Tristan Deleu, Martin Weiss, Francis Dutil, Thomas Fevens, Geneviève Boucher, Sebastien Lemieux, Joseph Paul Cohen

Machine learning is bringing a paradigm shift to healthcare by changing the process of disease diagnosis and prognosis in clinics and hospitals.

Decision Making

Torchmeta: A Meta-Learning library for PyTorch

5 code implementations14 Sep 2019 Tristan Deleu, Tobias Würfl, Mandana Samiei, Joseph Paul Cohen, Yoshua Bengio

The constant introduction of standardized benchmarks in the literature has helped accelerating the recent advances in meta-learning research.


Learning with Known Operators reduces Maximum Training Error Bounds

no code implementations3 Jul 2019 Andreas K. Maier, Christopher Syben, Bernhard Stimpel, Tobias Würfl, Mathis Hoffmann, Frank Schebesch, Weilin Fu, Leonid Mill, Lasse Kling, Silke Christiansen

We assume that our analysis will support further investigation of known operators in other fields of physics, imaging, and signal processing.

Image Reconstruction

Deriving Neural Network Architectures using Precision Learning: Parallel-to-fan beam Conversion

no code implementations9 Jul 2018 Christopher Syben, Bernhard Stimpel, Jonathan Lommen, Tobias Würfl, Arnd Dörfler, Andreas Maier

The results demonstrate that the proposed method is superior to ray-by-ray interpolation and is able to deliver sharper images using the same amount of parallel-beam input projections which is crucial for interventional applications.

Adversarial and Perceptual Refinement for Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction

1 code implementation28 Jun 2018 Maximilian Seitzer, Guang Yang, Jo Schlemper, Ozan Oktay, Tobias Würfl, Vincent Christlein, Tom Wong, Raad Mohiaddin, David Firmin, Jennifer Keegan, Daniel Rueckert, Andreas Maier

In addition, we introduce a semantic interpretability score, measuring the visibility of the region of interest in both ground truth and reconstructed images, which allows us to objectively quantify the usefulness of the image quality for image post-processing and analysis.

MRI Reconstruction

Towards Arbitrary Noise Augmentation - Deep Learning for Sampling from Arbitrary Probability Distributions

no code implementations12 Jan 2018 Felix Horger, Tobias Würfl, Vincent Christlein, Andreas Maier

Our model has high sampling efficiency and is easily applied to any probability distribution, without the need of further analytical or numerical calculations.

Frangi-Net: A Neural Network Approach to Vessel Segmentation

no code implementations9 Nov 2017 Weilin Fu, Katharina Breininger, Tobias Würfl, Nishant Ravikumar, Roman Schaffert, Andreas Maier

In this paper, we reformulate the conventional 2-D Frangi vesselness measure into a pre-weighted neural network ("Frangi-Net"), and illustrate that the Frangi-Net is equivalent to the original Frangi filter.

MR to X-Ray Projection Image Synthesis

no code implementations20 Oct 2017 Bernhard Stimpel, Christopher Syben, Tobias Würfl, Katrin Mentl, Arnd Dörfler, Andreas Maier

The perceptual-loss showed to be able to preserve most of the high-frequency details in the projection images and, thus, is recommended for the underlying task and similar problems.

Image-to-Image Translation Translation

Precision Learning: Reconstruction Filter Kernel Discretization

no code implementations17 Oct 2017 Christopher Syben, Bernhard Stimpel, Katharina Breininger, Tobias Würfl, Rebecca Fahrig, Arnd Dörfler, Andreas Maier

In this paper, we present substantial evidence that a deep neural network will intrinsically learn the appropriate way to discretize the ideal continuous reconstruction filter.

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